(G)I-DLE - I burn - EP


I burn - EP Tracklist:


I just want to say... I am VERY picky in the music I listen to. But I am SO SO glad I gave this album a chance. Not a huge fan of (G)-idle (yet) but this album... it’s worth buying. Each song is unique and yet they all fit together so nicely to tell a story. Even if you donut like one individual song, you have to listen to it all together. Plus the lyrics, and the dramatic, moody concept... perfect. 10/10. I am seriously blown away. Good job Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi, who helped produce this album, and rest of the girls as well for their stunning vocals and hard work!!


HWAA sounds a lot like HANN ( Alone )




Sooooo goooood

ㅇㅇ '



Self made QUEENS 😍😍😍


These girls are extremely unique in the kpop world and never disappoint!


truly an amazing album!


Beautifully written, sung and produced. This is by far my favorite album I’ve listened to in a very long time. I recommend everyone to give it a listen.


This album is stylistically, musically, and thematically more cohesive than past albums and I think that’s one of its many strengths. The thematic progression of cold winter to blooming spring is not brand new, but (G)I-DLE hits every note so well that it feels refreshing all the same. Their vocal performances here have also seen growth and development and have exemplified that they ought not to be dismissed. Each member has really shown they are vocalists as well as performers. The lyrics also demonstrate true care for the message and the delivery that the group wants to convey for listeners which, for a self-producing group, feels more personal and intimate. Soyeon, Yuqi, and Minnie ought to be proud of the work they have done in producing this album. As a group that transcends genres, this comeback fits right in the pocket of what these girls do so well: provide their fans and new listeners alike a solid and immersive listening experience that bears multiple album repeats. And clocking in at 19 minutes, this album is three easy repeats within an hour. I Burn has placed itself quite easily at the top of (G)I-DLE’s already impressive discography and I look forward to seeing what they’ll do to reinvent themselves to top this.

Disappointed player 1111

GIDLE has always made great music, but they've truly reached a new level with I Burn. Many k-pop albums often feel like a loose collection of singles rather than a cohesive project. That doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable of course, but a focused vision with central themes makes for an incredible listening experience, and that's what we have with I Burn. Thematically and sonically, GIDLE take us on a journey. And with credits for lyrics, composition and/or arrangement on every track, they continue to prove they are more than skilled performers, but gifted artists as well, a rarity for the K-pop industry, especially for women.


Amazing album for the Winter


American Nevie here.. I am so, so proud of my babies. This album is phenomenal!! PHENOMENAL!! They have truly outdone themselves this time with this masterpiece. The lyrics, vocals, rhythm and beat.. it’s all on point. And I’m so proud of Shuhua, I just have to say that. Her vocals are great and did you see that music video and performance!? I’m so proud 🥲 of all of these girls.. SO. PROUD! I love being Neverland. Let’s stay together forever my loves! 🤍❤️🖤


HWAA is too similar to Hann/Alone, though. Still like it, but wish there was more variety from the girls. Always seems like they recycle the same songs.


These girls never disappoint!



Morgan T B

My faves really outdid themselves🥺so proud of them and these artistic bopsss💕💕


Beautiful album

lorin the seeker

Some may not like the moody vibes,but it is a winter album and feels appropriate.


Everything perfect !!!


10/10 self producing queens!


This whole ep is absolutely incredible! Honestly their best work in my opinion!!!


I love Idle! Their music is so original and off of the trend of normal kpop. They OWN dark concepts. This album is perfection, 3 of the members participated in writing and composing, all 6 slayed their vocals, loving everything about this!!!


The titles track is so pretty and a nice contradiction to the powerful song that Hann is. The b-sides are just the cherry on top to this album. They are all such pleasing songs to listen to!


If you don’t stan Gidle then you should because they’re songs and albums are a whole bop 🤩🤩


(G)I-DLE certainly outdid themselves with this album. With every listen I feel like I am listening to each song for the first time again. Soyeon, Minnie, and Yuqi worked hard producing this album and their hard work certainly paid off. 10/10. Loved it.


they seem to get better with every comeback. definitely worth checking out! you can listen to these tracks pretty much any where i think.. parties, graduations, weddings, during a breakup, etc. 10/10

Binie Cacho

Jeon Soyeon is a genius. (G)I-DLE are self producing queens with their 4th Mini Album i got chills listening to the album!


All the songs are so good from our GIDLE producers, HWAA first 4th generation to debut #1 on melon old chart 😭😭

A.R.M.Y bombz

Neverland if your debating on buying. Please do you won’t regret it


what can i say... hit after hit, smash after smash, it's just an album full of title track worthy songs


I love every single song in this EP 😍 HWAA is my favorite 🌹🔥