Fun. - We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) [Alvin Risk Remix]

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We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe) [Alvin Risk Remix] - Single Tracklist:

DJ Derek R

Love it.




I love dubstep, so this and the we are young remix were great.


I know I'm gonna get a TON of hate because of this but, it's better than the original. Original= catchy, annoying, impossible to get out of your head, mainstream pop garbage. I mean you can't go anywhere where the original isn't playing. But the Alvin Risk remix adds melodic synths and beautiful drum build ups that make this song much more "fun." to listen to. Plus Janelle Monae's part isn't in this remix. I think she killed the original with her "Just carry me home tonight". If you like Alvin Risk and realize how much of a musical genious he is you'll love this. EDM makes all pop sound mediocre. Like this then you should give Bruno Mars- Locked out of heaven (The M Machine Remix) a listen. Don't listen to the haters and buy this. They are all just people who have been brainwashed into thinking pop is good. Pop, Pop go away because EDM is here to stay.

Cat in CT

I hate the original version of this song. It was so SLOW and boring. Then this absolutely BRILLIANT remix came and saved the day! I finally said that this song wasn't that bad, it just needed a good remix, like this one. It is fun and fast paced, while keeping the originality of the song. It is worth every cent of money you pay for this song. This remix saved the failure of the original and I highly recommend that you purchase this remix. Wonderful Just Wonderful.

Dark Gear

To talk about the other reviews wondering why this remix is popular....IT'S BECAUSE IT'S FANTASTIC ALVIN RISK IS GREAT and he was great enough to remix one of there songs so please don't listen to the one stars there dreary and pathetic attempts at reviews. Buy it if you love electronic dance music, and because this is where music is heading


Unoriginal, dreary, whining beep, beep, beep. The original was so much better. Hell, the Glee version was so much better.


Im sorry, but i hate this remix. We are young is a song that never gets old and is inspirational and AwesomeSauce, but this remix...just isnt, Fun. should leave their songs alone because they are AwesomeSauce just the way they are.




Four Tet seems to be the only project that can remix anymore. Remember the number one rule of remixing songs: either make the song better than it was, or at least add something edifying to the original. Anyone can remix. It takes an artist to improve on a song that is presumably already great. Alvin Risk should be an SNL "crunk" skit.


i am becoming more and more in love wit hAlvin Risk's music. this remix is so good! i like it so muc hmore then the original :D


Love this song better than the original and saw it performed live!! #Winning!


Haters listen to his part II on his soundcloud amazing

Sonic fan 1000


best song ever in history

really good song not waste of money but it


I love remixes this is just one of the worst I have ever heard!!


People need to stop making remixes to good songs. They all just ruin the song and are extremely dumb.


It's called a Remix for a reason! It has to sound nothing like the original! Great Remix, as a Dj myself this is has been in my library since it was released!


This remix is great


love the regular version the beat is just ugh alvin risk id suggest you try another song or none at all


We used part of this song in our dance finale! Our dance finale was like 5 different songs...the first four songs were all choreographed and the last song (we are young-remix) we could do whatever we wanted! So it was like a 30 second jam out session on stage to this song! LOVED IT! :)

Sterling Bourne

This is the remix that the Sirius|XM BPM plays. I like the original, but I love this remix. The sped-up vocals are quite nice and the pitch changes work quite nice as well! PS. I'm a pretty big EDM fan.


WOW. 1. Listen to this song on full volume. 2. Turn it off. 3. You will want to listen to it again.


I personally think its a lot better than the original, don't get me wrong I still like the other one but this is like dubstep which makes it a thousand times better 😊


If you can appreciate a good song with a new twist then this single is for you. I hope to see more like this in the iTunes store...phenomenal song! Can't wait to dance to it all summer!


and annoying.

Chase K. Jordan



Turns a great song into a great PARTY song


This is horrible. It ruins the brilliance of the song.


I like the remix because it allows me to hear a great song while dancing at the club lol

$$$$ & more $$$$$$$$ ;)

Just awful it's to fast and it doesn't sound good at all if you buy this you have to be out of your mind to waste your money :( :( :(


Yea its good he mixed it well enough i just wish it was a tad bit heavier? :p

its just.... fun

i love the original and this remix but there isn't a reel conection i love techno but that isn't techno ether i dont know what to call it

Speed racer guy

Alvin Risk probably knew the risk he was taking by doing this. The fans of this song (the original) most likely hate techno/electronic music, which has been proved by the ratings and comments bellow. Alvin Risk remixes dubstep/house music, and also produces his own. Give him a break. This is amazing, i love it. Im a dubstep/house person, and this is outstanding, i dont care who you are.


I think it's great. Sue me


this is by far the best sound to this song. Love the remix is such a great way to mix this slow song up.


I am a dedicated Fun. fan and I love the original. The person who wrote this obviously doesn't know what a beat is or how to structure music in a way that makes it not torture to my ear holes. You should market your sound to deaf people.


Uh...a little TOO fast! The 1st is betr by far. <3 THAT 1.


Omggg. LOVE IT. Why are people dissing this? Um, it's a REMIX... it's not supposed to sound the same as the orige, even though I love that one, too ;) We are young <3


Ok, I don't have the greatest of taste of music but this was good, REALLY good remix, the original was for people with a soothing slow taste this is a whole different flavor, this is a more exciting "hey get up and freaking dance" taste, definitely more exotic not the same as the original. The original is always good but this is as well so, it all depends on your taste...


What a way to completely ruin an amazing song!


Leave remixing songs to Madeon -.-


This will be a hit, golden.


This is not a remix - this is what someone thinks a remix should sound like, by someone who thinks that "techno" should all sound like a Casio keyboard falling down steps. Give this song to a professional DJ like Josh Harris or Jason Nevins or someone who's style matches the song.


Its awsome


Just sounds terrible.


The drop is SICK. The rest... You know... Meh.


Oops bought the remix first do not ilike it at all wasted money on it! LOVE the original so had to pay twice!