Fun. - Some Nights

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Some Nights Tracklist:


WHY must you ruin a good song? No option for a clean version.

Oliver Reisenbichler

man listening to this in 2020 makes you realize how great 2012 was 😔

JP Heller

This album has aged like a fine wine. It brings back a lot of memories. I have a few of the songs on iTunes, but I also got the gatefold vinyl version which comes with a cd on the sleeve. Highly recommend all the songs.


I loved tracks 2 3 and 4 but other than that These guys are auto tuning has beens.

Frank Statham Martin

This band is terrible, the lyrics are idiotic, and the vocals are awful. It doesn’t help that two of the songs on here got way over played on the radio to the point I have a fiery hatred for this band.

Toby Teng 14

That’s amazing!

sushi wolf forever 🍣🐺

2019 is bringing them back


I love Fun.'s style. It's so magical and unique and so so good!! Highly recommend for anyone.


I loved it so Much I bought it So.... you should too.


I bought the album and loved it but then it disappeared off my music and it says purchased but won’t let me download it


A very odd collection of great songs. of course i reccomend the clean version.... Also, the autotune is used as EFFECT HATERS!


Is stellar. We Are Young, well I can sing all the words by heart. Carry On is pretty good.


I listened to these songs years ago when I was younger and they helped me though some though times. This band is genius and now at 14 I can see that, they need to have a reunion ever only for one night. You can just feel the passion in the music, love you all and goodnight.


Really good songs🍬🍪🍭🍥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Isaac 08636457

Anyone else listening in 2017 Also why does "why am I the one" only have 1 popularity it is my favorite song


I wish they would come back I'm probably the only 13 year old that loves fun. and Nate lol. Everyone that is a fan and thinks this album is bad, I think that you're just not paying attention to the lyrics and what they mean. They're important.

That Colombian Gal

So we set the world on fiyaaaa

Excessive Autotune

The first four songs on this album shine. They perfectly accent Nate's voice, and they're a joy to listen to. Once the album reaches "It Gets Better," however, it sharply declines into overly autotuned junk. Why would you autotune a perfect voice to the point where it sounds like a robot?? I feel like this album would have been much better if they let Nate's natural voice shine.

The Bobby Lover

BEST ALBUM EVEEEER I CAN'T OMGGGGG soooooo good I swear, I can't stop listening to it

TB Player99

I wrote an awesome review for the first album but this album simply doesn't make the cut for me. Aim and ignite brought a fresh feel to modern music but this album just sounds like a mother trend-following, autotuned mess


Ok for everyone that said The song "Some nights" needed to have a freaking explicit warning are so dumb. It's only one word. Two words. GROW UP. I would understand if it cursed throughout whole song but it's only ONE word. Plus before you buy a song go to YouTube and look it up, that's the most sensible thing to do. Next. This whole album was amazing!!! Fun is always and forever will be one of my favorite bands and my favorite song for this album is "Some Nights" good job guys!!


i'm gonna come right out amd say that i haven't even listened to every song on this album, but i'm convinced that "Some Nights - Intro" is the best song i've ever heard (like, by a longshot). so much emotion. :'). and call me mainstream all you want, but Some Nights, We Are Young, and Carry On are just phenominal. :) fav

<3<3 Andy Grammer <3<3

Literally, I can get drunk off this music. It is amazing. I'm in love. This is my favorite band.


Fun. has done it again. The legendary alternative trio has made another stunning album, just like Aim & Ignite. While this album may have a different feel to it, it still remains to be incredible. Nate (lead singer) still has that voice that is very pleasing to the ear. Many people complain that this album is worse than Aim & Ignite. In my opinion, that statement is false. Yes, this album is different, but it is still amazing. All of the songs contain some sort of trace to a depression or something among those lines that Nate faced. All songs start off upbeat, then the songs slow down to talk about something sad/depressing. I personally love this factor because I have suffered from a depression myself. The album brings a reminiscing feel to my mind every time I listen to it. The fact that Nate acknowledges the sad parts of his life and basically lets it blow over him gives me a wonderful feeling. Nate clearly says that he is better off now than what he was before, and in the songs he is thankful for all the things he has. The album hits on a personal level and actually sounds good, unlike today's modern pop genre. So I applaud Fun. for their incredible albums and the stories they tell. It is such a shame that Fun. had to disband, but the legend of Nate still lives as he is continuing to make more alternative music. Thank you for reading, and thank you Fun. for this amazing music -Cyrus Morton


One of my favorite bands




Best band. Good songs and best album of the year! Love Nate Ruess!

My name is volas

I usually don't write reviews and I usually don't have a favorite band, but these guys are awesome! Almost every song is amazing! Prolly the best vocals I've heard in a long while. I love CARRY ON! Very inspiring. Best music since MJ!! I love every song! Favorite band and favorite album of all time. First album I've ever bought!


It's such a great interesting song, great to play at parties and get togethers. This band is awesome!!


Love all of there songs! I lesson to them all the time 😝


This album was sort of a mixed bag for me. Aim and Ignite was a solid good album overall, whereas on Some Nights the title track, All Alone, We Are Young, Carry On, and Why Am I the One were good and the rest were pretty much awful. Though this is just my opinion, Some Nights is so all over the place it's hard for one person to like the entire thing. I recommend just picking and choosing the songs you like rather than buying the entire album. I'm not trying to blame them for experimenting and stuff, but the autotune is really off-putting for me. Hopefully their next album is more satisfying.

Constance Black

There's definitely a big difference in this album from the rest of Nate's work (Interventions + Lullabies, Dog Problems, and Aim & Ignite), but is it really that bad? I love all of the albums that I just mentioned, and this one could be great too. There's the really boring and repetitive songs (ex. All Alright, We Are Young), but there's some really good songs too that are worth listening to (ex. Some Nights (Intro), Stars). It's not that bad if you focus on the lyrics, you could even find some references to the old stuff!


I really love this album but that being said aim and ignite will always better. I think this gets a little too poppy. Nate has my favorite voice I have ever heard and I know they used the autotune for depth but i just wish there wasn't so much. Some of my favorite tracks are stars, some nights intro, and we are young but on aim and ignite every song is my favorite. All this being said this album definitely deserves 5 stars but aim and ignite is so good it deserves 100.

Troo Dat

Horrible voice.

De Madrid al Cielo

This is the second best album I have gotten. I've gotten hundreds 😊


This is just one of my favorite songs and I think it will get them to good places! Auto tune will take some getting used to, but this song is the best all the way!


Even the cover art is fantastic.

L.A boy 2203

I love fun the songs are new but classic themed,best idea ever love f.u.n. Songs

Ice Cream Lady



They need to make a comeback like now!


You know the song, and back when I bought this one it was #1. I still love it, FUN is the best!

Jillian Vicious

They played their songs so much, I got sick of hearing it...but I like them none-the-less. Fun is a cool band!


Terrible lyrics. The idea of kicking the crap out of a girlfriend is pathetic.


I know its a little out of date now, but I still play it all the time.

keep fighting

we are young will never get old.


This album got me into the alternative genre of music and helped me get through a lot. I love this so much ❤️


This album is incredible and never gets old, I highly reccomend it!


I love this album.There are many great songs. Some may say this album doesn’t live up to their first album,and in many ways it doesn’t. But why should a band keep making exact the same music CD after CD?Great Job on reinventing yourselves as well as staving true to your roots. FUN. does a great job on this album. We will love you FOREVER!!!!

love . ting

OMG! It's Explicit. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Is there a clean?


I am a HUGE fan of fun- so I will review the songs from 1-10 (1 being the worse, 10 being the best) in alphabetical order All Alone- 8. I like it, the piano part in the beginning, but it bores me, quite frankly. All Alright- 9.5 When I first heard it at my friends' house, I didn't like it much. Now, it is one of my favorite songs! Ruess really shows off his vocals in this one. Carry On- 7.5 I like it, very catchy, but I think fun. needn't have done the 'no one's ever gonna stop us now' bit at the very end. It Gets Better- 8 Another one of my favorites, for some reason, it reminds me of Blink 182, just slower. My only problem is the bridge after the drum solo. I found it unnessecary. One Foot- 4.7 I like the way Ruess' voice is autotuned, the music in the background. I don't really care for the lyrics. Out On The Town- 9 I like it, espically the bridge. Yet another one of my favorites. The only thing I really have against it is that the beginning and end is a bit too much like a certin boy band. Some Nights- 9.8 I love this one- it has appealing music and lyrics. It should be on air more. Some Nights Intro- 8 Great idea for an intro. A bit strange, but I like it. Stars- 1,000 As you can tell, this is my FAVORITE one. The music, his voice, ect. It is a beutiful and sad song. We Are Young- 9 The first song by fun. that I ever heard. It is a great song, I can't really say much more. Why Am I The One 10 My second favorite. It should be on air. When I first heard it, I didn't want it to end. The double bass goes great with his voice.