Journey - Frontiers (Remastered Bonus Tracks Version)


Frontiers (Remastered Bonus Tracks Version) Tracklist:


Bye bye for life


This is my favorite Journey album. The remastered and expanded version is a must have, as it adds two songs that were originally left off, Only The Young and Ask The Lonely, and would have made it a more commercially successful album. But I have no qualms about the original album at all. It is a very tough sounding album and maybe the coolest album done with Steve Perry. There are a lot of keyboards here but there is also plenty of guitars, bass and rock solid drumming. All of the hits are on the first half, while the heavier and almost progressive songs are on the second half...and Back Talk is all out heavy metal. This song is loathed by several Journey members but I love it, particularly the drum pattern. My favorite song here and also my all time favorite Journey song, is Rubicon. Great heavy riff to this tune, with one of Perry’s best vocal melodies during the verses. Frontiers is an album that will appeal to all Journey fans.


Journey will always be to me the greatest when Steve Perry was the lead singer. A Couple years ago the band was on the Toyota concert series on the Today Show. They were awful without Steve Perry as the lead singer. I grew up on Steve Perry. Being born in 1982 gave me the opportunity to enjoy 80s music which is some of the greatest. 90s music is just junk except for Country. Steve Perry made Journey Journey. When he left Journey just became a joke.


This is simply the best example of Journey's pure genius, not to mention that this is by far their best album. Can't say enough good things about this album.


Frontiers, we want the videos for both Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) and Send Her My Love! Could you please bringing those videos here?


This incredible album came out the year I met Julie. She was an eighteen year old dark haired, brown eyed Italian beauty, who could play the guitar and sing like nobody's business. She had a smile that could set the night in fire. It was our love for the music of Journey that brought us together. Sophia and I miss you Julsie Boo. We all miss you. See you soon... Julie Ann Montenegro 8/6/65 - 10-12-2007 RIP

DuBois Fatique Syndrome

That song makes me laugh! So does the video!


I will never forget when I bought this cd ,I fell in love with after the fall and its still my favorite


Journey is my a time favorite band and my favorite album is Frontiers, great band great album. P.S, Steve Perry is the Voice and no one else can replace him

bob bobblaw

hard to believe . . . . .


This album takes me back to my freshmen year of high school. I used to have this LP and I played it until it wore out. One of Journey;s classic album and a great follow up to Escape and it solidified Journey as a major player in Rock N Roll in the 80's. Only the Young, Ask the Lonely, Liberty and Only solutions were added tracks when the CD was released some years ago. The original LP version of the album had 10 tracks ending with Rubicon

Rock n' Roll Clown

Steve Perry hands down is the best singer who ever lived this album and all of the others prove it


This is my Favorite Journey album. Please give it a listen. Listening to each song in-full helps it to grow on you, like it did me. =) Crazy good album. Can't say it enough. ''Edge of the Blade'' is one of my favorite songs ever.


Escape was awesome. This was a great follow up to Escape. Edge Of The Blade is my favorite off the album. Man, this was one of the first rock albums I ever bought. I was not disappointed and you wont be either. I have it on wax. Original 80's listening. lt's the least mentioned Journey LP. However, they went it on this album......ENJOY!!!!

Drew Harris

It is very heavier then Escape. But, it is not weaker.


Loving my separate ways!!


One of their best albums, deff a favorite of mine!


Well this not that bad it has separate ways and chain reaction and faithfully a couple of hits


Could be their best album. A couple misses, but mostly hits. A wide variety of styles and Perry can sing them all. After the Fall is one of my favorites-Separate Ways is the perfect song to begin the album. Those who dismiss Journey should listen carefully to Frontiers.


This is the album that saved my life. I simply love Journey. Rock on Steve Perry!


This is the coolest album ever


The reviewer for iTunes for this CD must have still been in the womb when this was released to not know this was the age of synthesized sound. There was no better makeout or breakup than Journey Frontier. And I can still listen to this CD everyday and never grow tired of it. Although during it's time it did not have a #1 Hit but in my opinion this was one of their greatest production. If you want to go back in time just put this one and layback and remember all the great times you had when you first heard these songs

Journey #1 Fan

This is my favorite Journey album. if anyone thinks that theirs a better Journey album then tell me why 5 of the songs in this album made it to their Greatest Hits? Because this album is the best.


This album is one of my fave journey albums. I love every song on it. Steve's voice and Neal's guitar riffs blend so perfectly together. This is the true original journey at their best.


great album... great songs include separate ways, ask the lonely , only the young, send her my love, and two infectious deeper cuts chain reaction, and after the fall. NEAR PERFECT ALBUM.


I noticed most of the listeners comment on the main songs featured for airplay but the one song that actually hooked me on this album is Edge Of The Blade. It reminds me a bit of their late 70's releases and is a solid rocking tune. The one song that I think got overlooked on othis album.


This album is so good that it just blew me away! It's one of their best albums!


This has got to be Journeys most energetic album. Very well put together, and almost every song on this album is a hit or sounds very good. If you were looking for a good album from the 80s, your search stops at this album.


Itunes you really dislike Journey apparantly who writes the reviews for the albums Cause it is really one side this Album is my Favorite Journey Album it is Amazing don't you every talk about my Band in a negative Way.


Alright, so in my opinion this is Journey's best album, well either this or Escape it's hard to say. Anyways my all time fav. Journey song is probably Ask the Lonely. I also love Faithfully, Send Her My Love, Seperate Ways, Chain Reaction, and Rubicon. The only song I dislike on this album is Back Talk. Other then that the whole thing is amazing.

Grand Illusionist

How could Journey follow up to Escape? Release Frontiers!!! One of the most exciting and best sounding records I have ever heard. Opening it up with Separate Ways really gets you ready for the rest of this record. The only problem I saw with this record, why didn't Only the Young make the first cut? We know that Only the Young, Ask the Lonely, Liberty, and Only Solutions were bonus tracks on the remastered version, but it confuses me on why it never made the cut. They did make soundtracks, which helped out a bunch. I would say that Side A is flawless, Side B doesn't get much of a spin from me but it's still worth a listen.


Although I have most of Journey's music on various media, this is still the only one I can pop in and listen to all the way through...

hulkbuster 16

This is, in my opinion, Journey's second best album next to their new album, Revelation. There is not a single bad song on this album. I highly recommend this album to rock fans.


As a seventeen year old Journey fanatic since age fourteen, this is the definitive album. All together, Escape might have a little more, but Faithfully is the best song ever written, and that itself makes this album amazing. Although they could have included Only The Young and Ask The Lonely as was originally planned for the 1983 release, the album is still one of the all time best. Faithfully is by far the best song, closely followed by Send Her My Love. The hidden gem in the CD would be Troubled Child. All in all, simply the best. Even today, Journey rocks the world.


While I am a fan of Journey, I see that this is the best album in its totality. Seperate Ways At the forefront a bone fide rocker, and ballads Send Her my love, Faithfully..get all of the women interested..But little known rockers Troubled Child, and Edge of the Blade stand out to a true rock fan, (listen to Edge's fantastic soloing!!!!!) but were not heard by just the radio get this album!


By this stage of their careers, commercial success had made them all wildly rich, famous beyond their dreams and respected throughout the industry. Year-after-year, from 1974 - 1981, in spite of metamorphic change and a near dissolution when Rollie left, Journey pumped out at least one album. However, the long wait between Escape and Frontiers (nearly 18 months) allowed the band members time to enjoy the fruits of their success and time to come to terms with their own individual artistic desires. Frontiers seems more radio-ready than their previous albums, and more pop than any of their previous albums. This is the album when it is clear that Schon and Valory no longer lead the artistic direction of the band - Perry is clearly in charge. As a result this album had little appeal for those who pined for the prog-rock sounds that Schon, Valory and Rollie founded the band upon. Nonetheless, it is a crisp and well-made album, featuring Perry's soaring vocals and Schon's searing guitar playing. For those who remember the 80's version of Journey, this is an excellent effort in the genre of pop-rock. For those who grew up with the 70's Journey, it feels a little like a sell-out album. But for all Journey fans alike, it continues their momentum as the premier pop band of the early 80's and keeps them on top of the charts. Nevertheless, one cannot help but sense the impending dissolution with this album. as the band trades artistic creativity for pop-idol success.


This album was Journey's edgiest album since Looking Into the Future. The second studio album with Jonathan Cain on keyboards and the third with Drummer Steve Smith, the band was still exploring the possibilities of a somewhat new line-up. Steve Perry's vocals are wonderful, though I sometimes wonder whether recording songs like Back Talk were painful to sing/screem. Schon's guitar work is great, though maybe less flashy than on earlier albums. I especially like the riffs on Edge of the Blade. This is Journey at their hardest and softest, with most of the R&B influences stripped out completely. Yes, it was a different Journey than Escape, but Escape wasn't Departure. Think about the titles of their albums (Evolution, Next, Look into the Future)-- Most of them bare titles about breaking away, changing, mixing it up-- and that is exactly what Journey did here, especially on side two (songs 6-10) of the original album. The reviewer that found Faithfully less beautiful than Open Arms should try to sing Faithfully-- many tenors actually find it more difficult than Open Arms. I think it is more a matter of taste-- Faithfully is less semetrical, more Romantic in its raw power and emotion. and its catchy leitmotiv is absolutely haunting. Two of the four bonus tracks are also very strong: Liberty is a stripped down Perry/Schon-fest, and Only the Young is a classic song from the incredible Vision Quest soundtrack. I've never been too sold on Ask the Lonely or Only Solutions-- they're too commercial for my taste. They would have been better off adding Little Girl (from Dream after Dream).


What a total tool! This reminds me of that February 2008 Maxim review of the Black Crowes Warpaint album where the reviewer never even heard the album. So, um, did you? Did you actually listen to this album? Frontiers is BY FAR Journey's best album. If you couldn't hear the guitar or Steve's voice, maybe you should check your speaker connections. This album rocks! Its has the best song writing, best melodies, best playing, best sound of any album in Journey's library. Hey, iTunes...Fire that reviewer. Total tool.

Child Of 80's Metal

One of the best 80's rock albums of all time!! This was the first band I ever listened to. I wore out many of their tapes!!


ok let me begin by saying this is journey's 2nd best album ..... that being said this is their most thoughtful album it's them at their best and steve rocks this 1 from top to bottom synths are off the charts neal is at his pinnacle .... this album is a total joy and should be in your collection forever . trust me


As a die-hard Journey fan, I believe Evolution and Frontiers were their best albums. The former showed off the band's soulful roots, while the latter showed what it was like to rock out (albiet in 1983). Anyway, you can't go wrong with either of those albums if you're looking to see what Journey was all about.


Man, I wish these guys would get back together. No doubt, Frontiers is Journey at their best sound, almost. The one cut I wasn't wild about was the title track, Frontiers. I thought there was too much going on in that one. It almost lost me entirely, but luckily the other tracks outweighed the metiocrity of Frontiers. I don't know what the All Music Guide reviewer was thnking when he said Faithfully falls just short of whatever. Are you on crack, dude? Faithfully is a stellar, and probably the greatest love ballad of the twentieth century, of course besides Journey's other platinum killer, When You love A Woman, from 1996's Trial By Fire. So the entire album is worth purchasing as a whole. I love Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart), I can see why/how it made them famous, and the tear-jerking sounds of Faithfully are gorgeous.

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Normally you would see me reviewing a metal core band but i grew up listening to journey and even though i listen to more metal type music now i still love journey and listnen to journey at least a million times a day i love journey and every thing about them xeptthat steve perry left but still this is a great classic and every one should listen to journey


I also disagree with the review. The keys add a depth to most songs, and do not ever bleed over Neals awesome guitar solos, or Perrys voice, (like that's possible). This album is a great triumph, and is following a stellar album in Escape. So many of the classic Journey sounds are here for your pleasure, and I would have to insist on you buying this album if you want to explore the real Journey at their finest. Steve Smith on, Neal Schon is a guitar GOD, Jonathan Cains keyboard chops are first rate, Ross Valory is the most underated bassist in Rock, and last but not least, Steve Perry is the Gold Standard in male rock singers. Buy it NOW!!


I have always been a huge Journey fan and with the talents of vocalist Steve Perry, keyboards Jonathan Cain and Guitarist Neal Schon who wouldn't! Frontiers however is somewhat sentimental for me since this is the first album I purchaced. And back in the day Journey ruled radio it seemed everyone had a Journey album. With their classics like Separate Ways,Send Her My Love, After the Fall the timeless Faithfully and Only the Young which featured on the movie Vision Quest in my opinion ranks on the top of their album releases.Journey may never be the same without Steve Perry however their music will live forever!

Moe Coffee

This was the first "tape" that I ever purchased, and it still is one of my most favorites. This album is not like most Journey albums it has a harder rock feel. Enjoy this complete album. ...and the pinball game was one of the best!


I DO NOT agree with the review given by itunes to this album when says that "Jonathan Cain's Keyboards took over Neil Schon's beauty Leads and Steve Perry's AWESOME voice! In fact, this is the album where Steve Sounds BEST! Frontiers is Journey's best sound quality work in the 80s, and of course, you hear more keyboards and synths than usual, that is because Journey was moving along the whole music culture and if you pay atention to that, you will notice that the 80s was the Keyboards and Lead guitar best era! of history.


It's about time iTunes put "Fronteirs" up here! This is my favorite Journey album ever! I love the rocking sounds of "Seperate Ways" and "Chain Reaction" as well as the tear-jerking sounds of "Faithfully" and "After the Fall". The addition of bonus tracks was pretty cool, especially "Ask the Lonely", but I think it would have made more sense to put "Only the Young" as a bonus track on "Raised on Radio", even though I still love the song. This has got to be in every collection for Journey fans!

Journey Lover

I just bought the album but not off itunes cause i didnt know it was on here. but w/e it is an Amazing album and the piano doent take over the guitar or vocals. best album of journey raised on the radio is also amazing.


While Journey’s ESCAPE may have wider public acclaim, FRONTIERS is my favorite Journey album of all time. Containing radio staples like “Separate Ways”, “Send Her My Love”, and “Faithfully”, FRONTIERS also explores less radio-friendly, harder-edged musical territory than previous or subsequent albums. Fan favorites “Chain Reaction” and “Edge of the Blade”, as well as the moody "Troubled Child" and the title track are all integral to FRONTIERS, and now Journey has finally added back originally-cut hits “Only the Young” and “Ask the Lonely” as bonus tracks. Also included are the Perry/Schon gem “Liberty” and a slightly different version of “Only Solutions”. An unbeatable song line-up, combined with new 2006 re-mastering, make Journey “FRONTIERS” the best re-release of 2006!