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FREE URSELF - Single Tracklist:


not representative of any REAL prince singles; weak song with a horrible vocal performance. sorry.

speaks for prince

This song is the truth. If you show up and do your best always, we rise and the world heals. Do your part, love yourself and love 4 one another. Prince


Prince proved, once again, that he has never stopped making great music! He is in a category all by himself - #GOAT


The chosen one again has sent us the message... Just know he better be playin WITH Mr L. Grahm on this track? Or..... Giving many, many props to him.... Keep playin Prince, apprentice of perfection.. 'Im Yourz'... Those with real eyes will realize... 🙏🏾✌🏾️

Benjamin Virgo'

Huge Prince fan here but this is some cheap version of the cheesy "classic" Prince. I don't want classic Prince as far as a sound. I want classic Prince as an attitude and drive. I just wish he'd raise the bar.

As simple as that


This takes me back to The Prince of 1985-87! Reminiscent of "Strange Relationship." This single came out of nowhere and it's way better than anything on HITNRUN, which is still new itself. FREE URSELF sounds like Prince wanted to write a hit- and it's been a while since he has given us that feeling. Thank you, Prince!

Fins Up In Indiana

I can't figure Prince out anymore. He had been relatively idle since 20TEN. Then in the past year, he resurfaces with two great one off single release, 'Rock and Roll Love Affair' and 'Screwdriver'. And I think, dawg, Prince man is back. Then, a major disappointment when neither of those songs were included on ArtificalAge or Plectrumwhateverum - which were nightmares. Then he follows those two full length albums with HitNRun, which was the awfulest crappola I have ever heard. So, I had all but written off the Purple One. Then, here he comes, a short month later, and he pulls them gem out of the rabbit hat and releases it as a one off single. Three singles that are better than anything that made the albums. I've deduced that Prince should abandon albums altogether, and stick to releasing these one off-singles. Then in a year, release a CD of the one-offs he put out over the past year.

A.P.E. 777

It has an “Around the World In A Day” feel. Real catchy, funky, poppy song with a good message and that creative Prince edge like he used to somewhat. I hope he keeps going forward with this sound in future songs.


Prince has released a perfect song. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a black belt in Princeology- this song is top shelf across the board. Oh, and if you really dig ’85 era Prince, you are in for a real treat. This song is the get down. Everybody get up!


I love this jam! Good clean fun❤️❤️👍🏾👍🏾💋💋💋💋

Anonymous 1onE

Aye P you killing it right now!! Keep it comin. ItsUrWrld


Now all he has to do is change his hairstyle


Great song Prince! Keep it coming !!!!


This has to be a song that has to be reworked from the past. I absolutely love it. It reminds me of the old school prince of 1985. He could've put this song on the album around the world in a day. There are also a hints of earlier Prince.


Pure Prince. Pop fun. Have u had u're + sign today? So bright and uplifting, shadows disappear. More of this please! 5 sta....ars!


Prince can take a simple jam and make it powerful. Love it


Funky, organic and even a bit psychedelic. Sounds more like Prince than HitNRun (also good, just...different). Here's hoping this and Stare show up on another new album soon...he's been on fire the last few years. Great time to be a Prince fan.


This song is what Prince use to be about. Way better than anything on Hit N Run Phase 1. Prince fans should really like this one. It has a positive message and is funky.


For decades Prince has released many albums and songs that diversify his fan base. In recent releases fans have separated into either loving or hating his releases. It’s fair to say this single has freed all from the separation and united once again for the love of the music. This single is a breath of fresh air, pure Prince Genius and if it’s any indication of whats to come for ‘Hit N Run Phase 2’, Then take my money I’m on board for the ride.


Just another great Prince song. ( I do hear a tinge of “The One U Want 2 C” but what fan doesn’t dig that?)


Not sure what it is about it...but this song is very catchy. It is definitely geared more for us diehards but it is a fun track. Question though...why is it so hard to locate in iTunes? Enjoy!


It's catchy and has some of those quirky keyboard sounds that Prince used to feature. It also sounds like he played all the instruments. Here's hoping for an album of new work like this.

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