Frankie Ballard - Sunshine & Whiskey

℗ 2011, 2013, 2014 Warner Records Inc.

Sunshine & Whiskey Tracklist:

texas chainsaw addict

So much energy in every song Frankie sings.cant help but feel it

Dee two

Can’t wait to see him in concert!


Nope I am not sure about it all I am very sick of being hurt in here

Music 💣

Great songs


These are some of my favorite songs ever. I love this artist. He is amazing and so are his songs. I'm giving him a shout out to some of the best songs ever also, for him being so considerate.😌

Paris Becker

I love your songs actually I am listening to one right now it is called Sun Shine And Whiskey💙❤


Solid album


I first heard you perform this on the Anything Goes Tour, and I've loved it ever since!


Love this album, love his voice and authinticity.


Sunshine and Whiskey is my happy song. It takes me to my happy place. Its one of my favorite songs


I love this album !! I swear young and crazy was wrote about me lol


Saw Frankie live at Tortuga Music Festival, Fort Lauderdale Florida. Frankie rocked the stage. Knew a few of his songs, ended up buying the whole album - love it!


Frankie is amazing and the best country artist!




So happy to hear you back! Such a catchy album with awesome songs!

Alexis Butts

I saw Frankie December 19th In Milwaukee. Ever since a couple days ago, all of his songs are stuck in my head! They're easy to get attached to, and completely relateable. I agree with the other comments, I see awards for him and his music in the near future! Keep up the great work, Frankie!!❤️


He is from my home town Battle Creek Michigan!!!! So Proud!!!

Fb hash

I love this whole album. Frankie Ballard is my new favorite country singer. Don't stop making albums please.


Captures feelings that are universal but flow from the heartland. Frankie has an seasoned tone to his voice but you can still feel the fire of youth. Not too sappy or poppy, just right for singing along and maybe a dance under the KC lights on a dirt road. I liked this album from first listen and it gets better with each spin.

Brianna Mckoy

Great album! Really proud. (:


I've been obsessed with Sunshine and Whiskey since the first time I heard it right after it was released. It's been my ringtone since before it was ever played on the radio. All of the other songs are really good too!

Hot baby daddy



He's absolutely perfect. And I love all of his songs. And he's fantastic in concert too! Went and saw him last night, I was not disappointed.


Love this album and love his sound. I don't care about genres, I hear a song and I like it or I don't.


And his music :-)

cat person5th

Love ❤️❤️❤️ Frankie Ballard is life!


Frankie is great a down to earth true country singer..His songs strike a cord..Love Love his music.


Saw Frank last night. Wow!! He is so freaking talented. I was more excited to hear him than the headliner. I'm pretty sure Frank will be the headliner really, really soon!!


This is one heck of an album, bought sunshine and whiskey and after listening to a couple other of the songs on this album I am buying the whole thing. I never buy an entire album! This album rocks! Every song is great! Keep it up Frankie you made me a huge fan!


It's cool having Frankie being from Battle Creek I live about 30 minutes from there it's super cool and he's an amazing artist gonna save country go Frankie

TJ Holt

I'm Thinking Country is great


I was looking for some new music and happened to come across Frankie...I instantly fell in love!!


We went to a venue in Arizona, winter 2013, and if you can believe it, weather forced the venue to move into a small cozy indoor area. We were so impressed with Frankie Ballard, and he actually took time after the show to talk to anyone, including my husband. Just acted like he was hanging out with a bunch of friends. He really left an impression on us, from his really great music to his really down to earth attitude. Love him!!

Gator girl221

I absolutely love this album. I able to meet and greet with him when he opened for Dierks Bentley, and he is just an awesome guy! I love him and his songs! This will be my main summer go-to playlist.

Shirley Mccutcheon

I've had the pleasure to meet Frankie and he truly is honored for people to love his music - and love it they do. His lyrics are heartfelt and honest, and the music is soulful and just plain real. I'd recommend this album to anyone, country fan or not. You just have to appreciate music and Frankie Ballard will be on your list.


Congrats Frankie! Way to represent Western Michigan University! Well done


LOVE Sunshine & Whiskey!! DWK...awesome!


First time hearing this guy and extremely impressed. Songs have a great vibe to them.

Garrett Bernard

I wake up to helluva life every morning. He's got big things coming his way! Congrats man


Frankie has 2014 summer music need and loaded. Frankie put some African American girls in your videos too would ya? ;-)


Wow this is a terrible album


I'm not a big country music fan and had never even heard of this guy until my friend dragged me out to see him for this album release in Orlando. Was more than thrilled, he was incredible live and had a glowing personality to boot. He took the time to talk to us and was so personalable you could just tell he was proud of where he was and that he loved his fans. I normally dont buy albums but I will support this man's talent anyday! Hope to see him as the opening act soon.

Jared and Stephan

Saw him back in 2010 with jake owen in lima,Ohio.. it was a hell of a show! Jake and Frankie closed out the show with "No you can't always get what you want"It was awesome!


I saw Frankie Ballard perform on the Trace Adkins cruise and fell in love with his voice. And he is as cute as can be. The entire album is great. I love every song on the album. I see a nomination for best new artist in this kid's future.


This guy is awesome and is about to hit it big! Love his music and his new album!.. and most of all he represents my homestate of Michigan! Keep it up Frankie! Big fan!


It's been an incredibly long wait for this album from Frankie, but as impatient as I was, it was so worth the wait!! I'm declaring "Young & Crazy" my new theme song! There's so many great songs on this album I can't chose a favorite. Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!


Love this!!!


fantastic album and great singer...can't wait to hear more from Frankie.


Frankie just keeps getting better and this album definitely doesn't disappoint! This album will be my summer anthem!


I got the chance to see & meet Frankie a few years ago before his name became big in Nashville and I couldn't be prouder & happier to call myself a fan! :)