Florida Georgia Line - 6-Pack - EP

℗ 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

6-Pack - EP Tracklist:


I’ll listen to this if it comes on in the car but not going out of my way for it. They lost a step since the Anything Goes album.

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Love all the songs on this album a.k.a. six pack EP


Like so much of today’s pop country, just very watered down and tasteless. Are there any pop country songs nowadays that don’t contain lyrics about drinking cold ones and riding pickup trucks??

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Really theme is beer gosh I hate it. I hate them... I can’t it’s bad they’ve hit rock bottom


You guys will always be my fav country artists ever. But this new sound you guys are trying to do it’s not working. You’ve got a couple good ones but if you’re gonna come out with a full album sometime soon (everyone will agree with me here) I need y’all to bring back the “Here’s to the good times” and the “anything goes” album sound. God Bless


Leave it to FGL to always come through and keep country music on the forefront! Always comes through and keeps it fresh!! Love this one!!!


this is straight up GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!! i dunno why i get my hopes up when i see they released new music. TRASH


This is a joke right


I was excited at first and then listened. WTH! "Drink a beer out the can, liquor out the bottle. How the good Lord intended it, yes he did." Terrible "I Love My Country" lyrics. I'll pass....


I had higher hopes after the last album “Can’t say I ain’t Country” the songs aren’t absolute trash but they aren’t my favorite... their other albums are much better


Aw, come on crountry fans get a life!


basic music for basic chads.


I love them, but idk about these songs. Why is he saying yup in almost every song?

is you for real

Anyways stream nicki #barbz


Stop trying to take Yee Yee away from Granger Smith!!! It belongs to Granger Smith, not you!! FGL are city boys!


Great job on the new album I love how you guys made the album sound it is very catchy and it is just good overall


Not sure why everyone is hating on it. Beer30 is a great start the weekend song!! Also love US Stronger!


I liked the first two or three albums from FGL. Dirt is one of my favorite country songs. Their work has gone steadily downhill over the past few years, and this drivel is just the latest proof.


disappointed :/


If You Don’t like Florida Georgia Line then leave them alone. They make more Hits Than All of Us Combined🙏🏽💯🔥Vibesssss

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I like so much


If a country band uses programmed drums, find another band. Stop selling out to the Nashville machine and go back to playing music. I'm sure the young kids will love it but its not worth the money.


Beer:30 is absolutely awful, second guessing kinda good


What’s happened to these guys?


I wouldn’t even put this trash out on the lawn


For everyone who likes to think Nashville is country... STOP. I grew up in Nashville and currently live here... and there’s nothing country about it. Also, country fans are the most shallow, narrow minded fan base around. You can make more than one type of country music, not everyone wants to listen to music that only sounds good with a beer, truck and a beat up old hat. Let creativity thrive.... Y’all want everyone to sound the same... If anything they push the creativity and evolution of country music. Yall are so mad they don’t sound like they’ve sucked down 18,000 cans of tobacco! Chill and enjoy the EP. I promise country music won’t be compromised by one EP!! It sounds more like y’all hate the fact they experiment instead of sounding the same every project💀💀💀




Can’t believe the would release something like this. What a joke!

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Just not feeling this l. Absolutely love FGL but this doesn’t seem like them


Cool! More mindless redneck anthems with a pop twist that will be playing in every retail store next year


It is nice to hear new music from FGL. This EP is good. I would recommend it. Just listen to it at least.

Heeee's baaaacccckkk!

If you support old men who bully and harass young women for years then go ahead and buy it or stream lover instead for clear skin 🤷🏼‍♂️


Pathetic excuse for country! Nashville should be ashamed!! I’d vote “no stars” if I could!


We can share a 12 pack next time!!


The lyrics to “I Love My Country” make me want to puke.


Go ahead a retire already, music is absolutely terrible


First 4 songs are snap tracks, but I really do enjoy the last 2 songs.

GoldenT Baby

Great sixer for the summer!

I'm Not Sarcastic



FGL going back to their roots and I’m so excited!!. Beer 30 is the jam & I got goosebumps on second guessing. Can’t wait for the full album!

All bout guns

Only half of this album is not bad to listen to. Beer:30 is horrible Second Guessing is ok. It could be better U.S. Stronger is for sure something I’d bump to all day Countryside is a failure at a rap song practically. Just stick with your old music because this “rap” thing ain’t workin out I Love My Country is also one of the better ones on this list. Ain’t Worried About It is also pretty good I say FGL should just stick with the same type of music from “Here’s to the Good Times” instead of whatever this is.


Surprised this received primarily mediocre reviews. These guys are great! Always evolving and taking chances on mixing it up. Before I bought it I test listened to all the tracks. Two I had heard before, but the others were definitely hit worthy, no question!


I can't imagine anything being worse than this!? What's worse than awful?


This album is great!

Whoa Cuz

It’s like scratching the chalk board with a country twang...oh jeez please turn it off....


Lowest common denominator music. Literally designed for vapid people with no depth. This music is a shining example of everything wrong with the impoverished American South, their youth, and the ignorance that is passed down from generation to generation like pug noses and blue eyes. Ask me how I know.


These guys are great. Love 3 of the 6 songs. Countryside, second guessing, and I love my country are ear candy. Pretty sure beer 30 was wrote with crayons on the kids menu at a Red Robin. But since I’m not a hater 5 stars anyway!!. Keep up the good work y’all