Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits

℗ 1988 Warner Records Inc.

Greatest Hits Tracklist:


Thank you Nathan for reminding the world how great the music was in my era. Add Ocean Spray and a skateboard, everything gonna be alright....🙌🏽✊🏽👊🏽✌🏽🛹❤️


Some Vato on a skateboard drinking cranberry juice brought me here.


Literally not a bad song on this album. I’m so glad the younger generations are now discovering how amazing this band is. I listen to this compilation regularly and never get tired of it. Rumors is in my top 10 albums of all time. Legends !

James Del Rey



wasn’t rlly my thing


Fleetwood mac and dire straits are my favourite music not forgotten. Oasis and ub40


Definitely a classic I forgot about before dogface208 and now to get some Ocean Spray


Always a great album to listen to.



The Sockman

Dreams is #1! I’ve loved this song since forever. Just wow!


Fleetwood Mac NEVER disappoint ❤️


Don’t ask me, I just came here for dreams because of Doggface208



Bad one good two

I love love love love


Love them. Stevie Nicks is my hero and Fleetwood Mac is amazing.

Mickey Mack Mack

The best from the best.

Trust and Us




Go On A Journey

You never get all the best songs on the greatest hits album, so you have to buy an album with everything...get the Best of Fleetwood Mac. It's a double CD, and it's worth the money...


Where is landslide...


Stevie Nicks can ruin my life


Love every song!


Love them!😫

texas chainsaw addict

This is music at its best it can be never a mood it can’t fit

Gypsy Welsh Witch

An exceptional album full of songs that showcase the talents of the best band in history. It provides a great variety of songs that showcase the talents of each and every musician. Any Fleetwood Mac song could easily have made it onto this album, as each song is beautiful and transcending in its own particular way. (In my opinion, Landslide would have made an enormous contribution to this record.) Their music continues to inspire generations and will live on forever and always.

Furry buffalo

Much better than Madonna


I’m 15 and I love Fleetwood Mac so much. I’m going to see them in April. Their music is unlike any other, and I wish more music like this would be made today. Music from the 70s-80s is BY FAR better than most of today’s.


Calling this FW’s “Greatest Hits” is both deceptive and a bit insulting, in that it focuses on favorites from their top seller, “Rumors,” while largely ignoring almost all of their earlier work. In particular, it neglects the period when Danny Kirwan played guitar for the band, especially some excellent music from their “Bare Trees” album. That’s a shame. There are certainly some excellent songs in this collection, but don’t mistake it for a true “best of” in breadth or quality.

Eddie Gimeno

Greatest album EVER


I’m 34 and listen to Fleetwood Mac when I was little.


Love this album. To those who review the album for content - itunes did not make the album, they only sell it, so itunes has no way to control what songs Fleetwood Mac puts in the album. This is Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits released 1988. IMHO it is a great album.


Has it been remastered yet because other compilations and recent re releases sound better as far as Cd's go...hmmm?

Joanne's Friend

It’s one of the best albums ever❤️


Timeless piece of art 💖💖💖


Where is The Chain?


No Danny's Guitar, Oh Well, or Child of Mine tells me this isn't Peter Green, Danny Kirwan or Jeremy Spencer's Fleetwood Mac but Buckingham-Nicks version. Nice radio stuff but add the classic LPs, please--Then Play On, Kiln House, etc.


Legendary band and songs. Landslide, The Chain and Silver Springs should have been on this album!


I love Fleetwood mac and so grateful this album is present. These are hands down their best songs ever made! I will continue to listen to these!

Jolie Lives

Jolie Lives-11/14/16 Someone, anyone, just Please Tell Me That "HYPNOTIZED" was Not, One Of The Bands MOST AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL SONGS!!?! That it's "Not" (?) One of Their Greatest Hits! That their Harmonies on the Song, weren't Truly Magnificent! Because of more Group Bloody Drama, not only is the Album Not Available, we can buy the Song, But Not Sung By Fleetwood Mac! This is The Biggest Bunch of Bovine Effluence, Anyone has ever attempted, to shovel over something so Exquisite, it's Bloody Criminal! He wasn't satisfied with the Quality of Hypnotized, on the Album. Yet, he'll sell his own version of it. We're sure that his decision wasn't at all influence by his access to the beaucoup ($) Dollars or was it the Bloody Freaking (£) Pounds??!!!! Kids, ask your 'rents about the Song and the Album! It was, One of Their BEST AND IT'S JUST GONE! The Politics of Money And Ego just can't be beat! It's comparable to "Can't Find My Way Home", by Blind Faith, just disappearing! While the Group has many other Great Songs, Hypnotized literally saved my life. Literally and figuratively, in many, many ways! Growing up, surrounded by literal Monsters, Music became and is still an Integral Part of my Surviving, Thriving and the many Successes I've achieved to Date, in my Life! To be unable (Without becoming Sherlock Holmes!) to add the Original Version of Hypnotized to my iTunes Library, makes me really Sad and Angry! Not only have I realized that it's absence has turned me off to Buying Fleetwood Mac's Songs, there's Always Going To Be A Huge Gaping Hole in my Musical Library! 😢😩😭😵😷💩


You’ve come to the right place. If you want deeper album cuts that were played heavily on radio when these albums came out, get the 2-disc VERY BEST OF FLEETWOOD MAC instead. There you will find “Landslide”, “The Chain”, “Gold Dust Woman” and other great songs plus nearly all these songs featured here AND the great and underrated “Skies The Limit". If you want the original studio version of “Big Love” download it individually on this collection or from TANGO IN THE NIGHT.

some random old guy

Where is “Mystery to Me”? “Bare Trees”? etc. etc. All of the great music before they got coked-out and boringly popular. Must be legal issues. Do yourself a favor folks, check out the albums before Stevie Nicks and Buckingham joined, wherever you can find them.


These guys are up there with the Eagles and Led Zepplin and AC/DC - they are iconic and unfortunately they just don't create like they used to (musicians, I mean.. don't hate, I am one, have been for 23 years now, and professional - well, I was anyway...) - no matter who you are, or how old you are, this music is soul nectar. Buy it. But I agree - they dropped the ball not including Landslide \m/


Greatest Hits got me hooked on Fleetwood Mac. That said, there are notable omissions from this collection. 1975's breakthrough "Fleetwood Mac" and even their magnum opus "Rumours" are surprisingly underrepresented on this compilation. Here are some examples of the hits that don't appear here. Landslide World Turning Monday Morning Secondhand News Never Going Back Again The Chain Gold Dust Woman The tracks I just listed alone could be released as another "Greatest Hits" by itself. The two disc greatest hits collection that is available would be the way to go, but the pacing and track listing on this comp. is great, if incomplete.

A Amazing band

I love this band my dad got me into this


No words can describe the level of creativity, the beauty, the absolute greatness of Stevie Nix~Fleetwood Mac!!!!

Pancake 22

This music is so good and always speaks to me, it never fails to make me feel better. One question though: why no Landslide or Tango In The Night on this album?


This is, was and always will be - one of the best albums of that time.


I'm 14 and I grew up listening to fleetwood Mac!! I love them!! And I'm in love with Stevie Nicks😍

Brianna love 16

Really she knows how to get you in the moment and go somewhere in your mind. It's beautiful! Watching AHS:coven really made me really hear it again and get that good feeling 💕