Hollywood Undead - Five

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Five Tracklist:


The highlights of this album are We Are The Night, California Dreaming, Renegade, Bad Moon, and Black Cadillac. The rest of the songs are either forgettable or really lazy (Whatever It Takes).


Was great miss Da Kurlzz though


I'd have to say that we own the night is my favorite other than that is have to say that this is best album sense swan songs and American tragedy

like i carr

So without Apple Music I can’t listen to this even though I already bought it????

I was here 25

Been listening to HU since middle school and I gotta say swan songs, American tragedy, and notes from the underground were their greatest albums hands down, I wish HU would go back to that. They definitely changed their style and that’s fine because it’s their band but I hope I’m not gonna have to drop them because of V and DOTD. We’ll see for now. 😢

Cuteie kitty 105



So good


Such a great gang of guys🤘🏻

Charlie Scene Fan

I wanna be like Charlie scene when I grow up


I’ve been a fan of HU for years, every since Everytime I Go. I love every new album more than the last and hearing the how they have evolved with Five is amazing. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


They bring it!


I hope iTunes makes a clean version of this album that would be lit pants




Same story as everyone else it seems. I couldn’t hold off anymore on this review. Had album since release and bought pre release. I felt they intentionally lured us in with the pre release songs being great and then took our $ and ran. I understand bands change over time but unlike Metallica they changed and sound terrible. I don’t understand how they put this album out. Makes me hate the band I loved for a decade.

Valerie Watson

absolutely bomb to blast in the car. One of their best albums yet




Same lyrics. Same rhymes. Same beats. Same trash Danny choruses. Grown men still rapping like angst riddled teenagers.


I am in love! So proud of how far they have come! They have always been my favorite band and will be forever and always!! Love them more and more every day!

Cool egg741

HU ❤️


Already bumping to these songs and I just can’t get enough of it


Lovin this new album


This is the Perfect Album!!

HU Fan4Lyfe

I listen to this album multiple times everyday and it never gets old! I love it!

Matt Kennison

I think this is there best album yet! It's a slightly different sound than they used to have but I really like almost every song on this album.

VOID Vortex

This is one of there best albums definitely recommended


This is my favorite band


Whole album is amazing! Back to the beginnings with a whole new record! Ghost Beach is a favorite but every track just screams HU! The world needs this album!!


Love the album!!, I don't think there is one song you guys have made that I dont like👌👌




I love this band and they have no bad songs this is just another amazing album


Danny’s voice is put on full display in this hard hitting album from heavy club songs like (Riot) to vocal songs like (Ghost beach) (Nobody watching) HU is here to stay

Zuka Z

What an album. Amazing. All great guys.


I'm not a fan of rap, but yet somehow these guys make it work for me. I've never really listened to them, but have to say I'm really enjoing their newest cd, and makes me want to go back and lsiten to their older stuff.


Great and showing what they can do


Loved every song

Samuel Aldrich

One of, if not their single best album yet!

Cruise dude

This record is awesome!!!!


Some of their best work !


I really love this album. I can’t really think of one song I don’t like. I always did love Hollywood Undead before but this got me really into them. If you like Hollywood Undead, check this out. You’re bound to like a couple of these songs.


Amazing album


I saw these 5 amazing hot men and met them this year 2 weeks before the album came out and when it came out, I put it on repeat! IT IS STILL ON REPEAT I LOVE IT SO MUCH! GREAT JOB BOYS LOVE YOU!!


to emo and poppy.....its ashame they do not lean more towards hardcore, and leave out the cheesy pop and wining!


This whole album is amazing! One of the best, although all their albums are great! Their sound never gets old! Classic HU!! 5️⃣😎👌🔥


Hollywood Undead is back! Danny has a great voice!


Way to dumb down the content a little more next time throw in back, track, oh were wack.

scoopski potatoes

Best album since swan songs


Tbh I’ve loved every one of their albums including DOTD but this whole album takes me back to the roots. HU4L!!!

Aka the jigsaw

Pretty sure you might as well call this a boy band if you listen to nobody’s watching. Swan song’s gave me goosebumps. This is unfortunately terrible except for a select few songs. Rushed and terrible.

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