Prince - FALLINLOVE2NITE (feat. Zooey Deschanel)

℗ 2014 NPG Records

FALLINLOVE2NITE (feat. Zooey Deschanel) - Single Tracklist:


Awesomeness at its finest


I literally can’t get enough of this amazing song! Prince and Zooey made one catchy duet! 😁😃👏🏼👏🏼


My favorite prince song and zoey dechannel song!

randy sanchez

I wish I could see Prince in concert, i heard him when I was pre teen :) I cannot tell you how his music has influenced my life.


I love new girl, and the episode with prince is awesome. At the very end of the episode, prince sings it with Zooey(Jess) and I just can't help but dance! It is catchy and has a great tune!

Janet, Miss Jackson

Prince has done it again... What more can I say?


I Luv his old music and Luv his new song

Ms. DePrince

I LOVE Prince... <3 <3 <3


First song I ever heard by prince was little red corvette back on the day it was released. I've been hooked ever since. I love all of his new jams to. This is one amazing track. I love Zoey's voice. I love her movies to.


He's just great

Whistle Crowe

The Purple One Reigns Supreme!! Awesome Song Love It!!


Im a HUGE fan, but this song does not do it for ME. I think it was an attempt toward Electric Dance. It is different..just not feelin the vibe.


Love it!!!!


OMG I absolutely love this song!!!! When he performed this on "New Girl", I fell in love with it!!!! Prince is the best!!!!!!!


I love it!!!!!


I absolutely liked the song when I first heard it on the show. I tried looking for it on here right after but realized they hadn't released it. Glad they finally did though! 👍

Rich's Music World

Since the first time I heard it couldn’t wait for the release. Can’t stop playing it!!!!!


This is the best thing he has done in the last few years. And, I’m a huge fan!


Amazing tune!!! Zoey complements this track and makes it something else! I wasn’t expecting this at all. LOVE IT!!!


Never love prince song before but after watching new girl and buy this song! I changed my mind... I soft and electric a have a great vibe... Can't stop listening to it.


Prince fab


Prince and Zooey hot when i saw this episode i said i had to get this song funky and Zooey can blow.


I love prince


Zooey and prince are awesome together !!!

Bryan "Tymack" Alexander

This song is fueled with pure purple energy!! Makes me wanna fall in love 2 nite. Don’t U Wanna?


Great song to get you going!


One name says it all. Never you mind what you heard in the past, the future is now and Prince has laid down a new, powerful song that should be played everywhere.


Zooey and Prince, awesome combo


Has a Groovy Potential feel to it and it's nothing like Prince has done before which is why I like it! Follow me in Tumblr: herecomescamille

Ju Mono

I love this new song. 3rdeyegirl is ok but I love this. I have it on repeat in the car. Can't stop loving this song.


Not a big fan of the new Prince singles this past year. The rock stuff comes off as silly and boring. Prince needs to stick to the R&B jams. This is a descent song for Prince. It won't be a big hit, but it may sell well. Prince still may have a trick or two left in him, but I think the new album won't be a classic.


This song was featured on an episode of New Girl that premiered after the Super Bowl this year. Ever since I heard it performed then I have wanted to own this song.


That got me moving (period)


This song is so catchy, it's worth the buck! :-)


Have it on repeat!!


what a load of rubbish... prince really needs to get out of his 70's mode and move on...


Prince, doing what he does best, has once again mixed a dance beat with a funkadelified feel. Even though he has been around for years, perfecting his *own* style, this is fresh as anything you would hear in a club today.


Nice collabo wasn't epecting that


No way in hell I'm buying a song with Zooey Deschanel, not even with Prince. What the hell is going on?


The song is brings U 2 a new high! No other than Prince can put it down like this.


I love this song. You cannot help but to sing along when listening to this track.


I saved the New Girl episode just so I could play this song over and over! Glad it is finally available for purchase!!! This joint rocks hard!!! I want to dance and fall in love all over again!!! Thanks Prince and Zooey!!!


Cant stop playing it!!! I like this groove!!! Alright Prince!!!


This is embarrassing


Thank goodness this is out and is amazing!!!!! It's energy is palpable and modern Zooey's beautiful unexpected and exhilaratingly haunting tone was funky fresh in the hands of the Purple One!


Loved when he did this on New Girl, and was hoping he would eventually release it as a single! This is a great dance track!

Fins Up In Indiana

Another great new track from Prince. I think this makes 4 now without an album. I thought the internet was dead according to Mr. Purpleness though. But it seems he releases music no other way now. WTH. Dying to hear the whole CD with this new band.


After hearing this on New Girl I was looking everywhere for it and i am finally glad it is out. I also love that Zooey is still in it too I was afraid they were going to take her voice out of the song but I am more than happy that she is still in it.

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