kenzie - EXHALE (feat. Sia)

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EXHALE (feat. Sia) - Single Tracklist:


Kenzie is such a great singer but she is so underrated


Kenzie is such a great singer!!! Love this song!!!💗💗

rachel mael

Loved it as much as I love you


Definitely poppy but good

Doughnut Daydreams

It’s great that Sia was featured on this It’s a great catchy song


The song is kinda offbeat. Sia deserves to be featured on better than this.


Poppy and catchy. Love it!!♥️♥️♥️

Appropriate Version

I love this


God this is boring



The dancer/singer🩰🎼

When I herd this I started to dance. Congrats Kenzie!!!❤️❤️


I love this song!But it is true sometimes people to take a breath.Kenzie luv you! I hope u can meet me some day!= D


Best beats around....


So for a while I was so confused with McKenzies music because when I looked her up on iTunes I said Mackenzie Ziegler but I saw her music videos online and I didn’t know if they were real song that you just making music videos but that wouldn’t make sense and then I saw the XL music video and I really liked it but it wasn’t under Mackenzie Ziegler and then I was scrolling through like the new release on iTunes and I saw exhale buy candy in it all clicked and I looked at it and I looked at Kenzies music and I’m like oh my gosh they are the songs because her music went from Childish girly Mack z Then she changed Mackenzie Ziegler now it’s Kenzie Love it so much


I bought it and the merch as soon as it released and I definitely don’t regret it!! Great job Kenz. Keep up the good work! Love ya girly!! 🎶 💜

Fashion 12345

This song is so well written. It is impressive, especially being produced in quarantine! Incredible job by Kenzie, Sia, and her producers!


SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDD right after it went up live I bought it I’m in love yessssss kenz!!!!