Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In the End

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Everything Will Be Alright In the End Tracklist:



Trust and Us


Solomon of Kleptolia

Weezer might never make a great album again. As this album shows, Ocasek and Weezer were a really great matchup. Weezer’s guitar/bass/drum balance is always the best when Ocasek is producing. Also, the guitar sound on both the blue album and Everything Will Be Alright in the End is truly great. Distorted, but comfortable. Not loud for the sake of loud, but thick and harmonic. This album didn’t get a lot of radio play or attention, but it’s a really good album by Weezer. Probably overlooked because it’s more of an album than a collection of singles and B-sides, but that’s in fact what saves it from mediocrity. It’s $5.99. These days, you can spend a lot more for much worse. Also, Ric Ocasek was under-appreciated for how much he contributed to pop/rock music.


Idk y all the original reviews on all these weezer albums were wiped but this album is definitely a much higher rating than it is now


This was them coming back into greatness. Too bad they’d slid back to crap last 2 albums

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