Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

℗ 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

everything i wanted - Single Tracklist:


Fire! Love this song amazing!!!!

Mrs. Skarsgård

This song is amazing and so heartfelt!!! It hits home for me because I have felt the exact same way about ending my life, and it makes me cry every time, because I know the struggle


The answer to all u haters asking why some people like this music ? Well it’s because some people have problems and listening to this girls music helps calm us and feel better in a way, you know some people are blessed because some people grow up nicely and good and well minded and has no problems other than problems we can’t avoid, and I think there blessed in a way that they didn’t grow up with depression and bad parents or dead parents and such they grew up as what the world stereotypes as “ normal “

Robin Hood Reborn

YOU ARE AWESOME! Ignore mean people. Listen to people who build you up. Because if all you listen to are jerks, you can't truly appreciate yourself. We have the same personality type, so I know what you think when people talk to you. I'll always love you, Billie!


Its amazing, it is very similar to her first work, while also hitting as hard as her new work, thats a positive review for me👍


This makes me want to cry, scream, and laugh at the same time. Oh my god I love this!!!!!!!!

so glitchy!

Would give 5000 stars if possible


Billie your amazing I just wanna.. gshsjdhdgksjsvdkdudhdjdjdj ITS SO GOOOOOOOD


Every song sounds the same..


Billie Yes this song is very meaningful and i like the slow soft voice i love the whispery voice


You all need to chill. And also to all of the people saying her music is for “fake depressed teenagers” first of all NEVER say things like that. It only makes people that relate to her music feel worse. Seriously if that’s all that you came here to say you shouldn’t have even left a review. Also Billie your music is amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. ❤️


too boring, her singles just aren’t that good


It makes me cry every time I hear it and I love it.


5 star


I love this song. I downloaded it. I cried so hard when I first heard it. ALSO YOU HATERS ARE TRASH THIS IS REAL MUSIC. You people just don’t have good ears *whispers* karens


I think she keeps adding to improvement and development

Ava Barry

I love! Recommend 10/10!

occassional scanner

YAY, Billie! You rock!!!


The radio ruined it for me




The fact that people listen to this crap shows how stupid of a society we are


This song is nothing but interesting dreamy lyrics. I love this song. Instead of a boring techno song with annoying deadly lyrics, This song is about understanding why to deal with PTSD. The song is perfect. It’s melody, perfect!!!!


Do yourself a favor and listen to Pink Floyd. You'll thank me later when you realize that they have talent, and this person who goes low enough to rip off Plants Vs Zombies does not. I will never not hold that over this "artists" head.


I really love this song. It is beautiful, heartfelt, and the lyrics are really good.


This song makes me cry. Not in the sense that I feel sad, but happy because it touches me in such a deep way. It makes me feel like I’m not alone, and therefore 5 stars!


LOVE IT your are so cool 😎❤️🤯


AWESOMEEE all of my siblings and parents hate billie but i love her songs and voice! Idc what the haters say bc she doesn’t deserve to hear that kind of stuff from those idiots >:/ so STOP HATING ON HER BOIS and Billie plez make a new song you haven’t for a while i mean this one is new i have it but i kinda wanna hear your new ideas! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with next slap those haters and forget about them there just jealous that your so good at singing! Anyways bye bye!!!!


I don’t understand all the hate towards Billie and her content, I understand if you don’t like it, but it’s sad to see so many insult a young artist like her for no reason. :( imo her work is good!


Billie just get better ever time


What CRAP!!!!


That Voice

A RedHeaded weirdo that sings

She is like my queen 🥺 I love her sm this song is beautiful just like all of her other songs 10-10 recommend

Maestro Pokémon Francisco

This song makes me feel depressed, takes away any motivation to do anything.




I want a refund


This is a part of Ms Eilish’s Short Legacy! I feel we will be hearing from Billie for a spell!

manny heffley fan

👎 really garrrrabe

kaylee flower

This music is so calming and it soothes and it’s just so soft and it is so amazing. I really love this voice!


Pretty boring and almost all her songs sound the same.


She does have whisper singing but even Lorde did in one of her songs. I believe she has achieved a lot and hey haters will hate. the song has a powerful meaning behind it and It’s not “depressing” it’s just the melody they get out of it smh.


I have to be honest, I wasn't really a fan of Billie Eilish's last album, but "everything i wanted" is easily my favorite song by her and one of the best songs on the music charts right now. Lyrically, it's very powerful and emotional, but it's supplanted with lo-fi instrumentals and effects that are soothing and refreshing. This combination isn't very common in popular music, but I wish it were.


She’s just the best. Please get this song! It’s so good!!

Nott You :)

You haters should be ashamed just think about it your spreading negativity!!!😭 I loved the song soo soo soo much it’s beauty full and so is she I love Billie so much!!!!! I love you!!! Billie!!!

billie eilish fan lover

Best song ever not of her albums but love it


life’s too short to pretend you don’t like billie eilish


all i could think is what could lana have done with this song

Minecraft lover 2,000☮️

Me and my friend love this song a lot (I know in the title it says my second fav I’ll get to that) all the lyrics have a specific meaning like “it feels like yesterday was a year ago and I don’t want to let anybody know” the reason it’s my second fav is because the new song Billie made like two months ago (No Time To Die) that’s my first fav (I actually think it’s my friend’s first fav too) No Time To Die is my first fav because it all has very specific meaning like this song (everything I wanted) it’s really hard to explain why I like it a lot but I’m not going to get into that so everything I wanted is a very dreamy and after listening to it a lot maybe you will understand what the song actually means.