Sia - Everyday Is Christmas

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Everyday Is Christmas Tracklist:


I love this album! I think my favorite is candy cane lane.

Crystal Avril

🌨 felt like I was in the softest of all winter wonderlands ❄️

Michael I 77

By far, the best Christmas album I have ever heard! Released in 2017 Co-written with Greg Kurstin, the songs are unbelievable. I don’t typically listen to Christmas albums but I’ve listen to this one many times over. As usual Sia and her incredible vocals make Christmas a little bit better.


Snowman alone is worth it, let alone the rest of it.


So nice to finally have new and original Christmas music, so we don’t have to keep listening to Mariah Carey whine her heart out anymore. All the songs are amazing, catchy, and powerful!



Tony B P.

I’m in love with this album

yay me me me

I like candy canes they taste minty fresh But the song is better.

tik tok: Rainirodriguez4evs

OmGgGgG!!! Snowman is a tik tok trend sksksksksksksksksk


Until now I really never listened to sia. My cousin told me something about candy cane lane and as soon as I heard it I fell in love with it.😁😆😍


OMG Sia! I love these songs! I heard Ho ho ho on a ad on the tv. But these songs, are soo good! You are such a talented singer!


Love/Hate Christmas deeply on both sides at times. The season is beautiful and the times are hard. This album makes it all a lot easier. Merry Christmas 🎄 everyone! ❤️

Vanessa Almaki

love this ‼️

Mike and Molly Star102

This song Candy Cane Lane reminds me of the multi color candy canes. So cute.


The only Christmas songs I listen to-


Seriously. When I previewed some of the songs they growled. I'm glad I didn't like the songs either so I don't have to fear them hating me by playing the songs


I’m not really that huge a fan of Christmas songs but I still come back to this album even when it’s not Christmas! It makes me feel happy and fuzzy :3~


This record is a pure pleasure regardless of when you listen to it. Technically it's a Christmas album, but really it isn't - it's just great song after great song. As an artist Sia makes many of her contemporaries sound like dinosaurs, musically. Has a bit in common with Pink as far as being able to craft an iincredibly catchy song & lyric, but with a slightly more dynamic voice. Sample "Sunshine" and you'll hear what I mean. This is pop music and modern songwriting at it's very, very best. Sure would like to see her live in concert.


I got it this year at Target on Black Friday. BOO-Ya!


So happy and gets me in the spirit with a Sia twist!


This is such a fun Christmas album! I always thought Sia is weird, and maybe she still is, but I love this album for Christmas!


SIA is coming for us on candy cane lane with puppies who are forever I’m so amazed that SIA made her song better than all I want for Christmas is you SIA please love me we can build a snowman just SIA and me

Bucking Broncos

Oh my goodness you are a terrible singer! Your music is straight loud and obnoxious


SO GOOD! ♥️😍


Nice Christmas album to listen all year long :)




Really enjoy this album. Fresh songs that aren’t cheesy and just another remake.


Congratulations to sia for an amazing album 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 my favorite is snowman ⛄️⛄️⛄️

Coach PJ

It is February and I am still listening to this album. Absolutely LOVE IT!

Nosa 😻🤑

I'm alwaya speechless in front of SIA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Guille not cool

I can see myself listening to this in the summer because of how good this is 😂


This is a great album. There are so many standout tracks, and they are truly infectious. You will be singing them throughout the day. Great job Sia. I'll be enjoying these all year long, not just at the holidays.

James Walnut

Voice and musical arrangements is just prestige. Excellent for all the years not only Christmas time but for every day listening. Sia Music is like the Beatles, is a precious diamond Gold Music to collect, mostly this times when there’s not too much high quality composers and singers like SIA. Thanks God for her talents.


I wish there was more of faith base to this album, but awesome Christmas-y vibe! 🎄


I am one of those grinches that doesn't enjoy Christmas carols. The saccharine melodies blaring from every store front makes my head feel like it's splitting open. Thank you Sia for making such a pleasurable, joyful album of holiday music. Fantastic melodies, charming lyrics - not only do I actually listen to this on my headphones - I may be listening to it all year round.

Jatar Joseph

This is better

D Mattachine

Want some new Christmas music? I like secular holiday songs a lot, but they can get repetitive. When this album came out, I was a bit skeptical, since Sia wrote all new songs, and didn't do any classics . . . but wowzers! This album is amazing. Santa's Coming For Us, Ho Ho Ho, and Sunshine are instant classics for me, and the album includes some more understated songs, too, like Snowman and Underneath the Mistletoe. I've listened to the entire album over a dozen times since getting it the day after Thanksgiving, and many of my friends love the songs, too.


I love Sia's new album! I listened to the album on repeat, because I enjoyed the euphoric, holiday feeling throughout the album. I like the sixth track the most, "Puppies are Forever". Sia tells about how puppies need to be loved when they age. If anyone plans to buy a puppy for Christmas, know that good memories and a long-term responsibility will follow as the puppies age.


Kind of (well very) tired of her not opening her mouth when she sings!! Can't understand half of what she's singing...


I give this 5 stars....because I cannot give it FIFTY!!!!!! The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. Loving on every song practically but what really grabbed me was the “Snowman” song. Right away. Just a beautiful song that makes you feel like dancing a waltz with the one you love. It’s so wonderful. Grab it. You’ll love it. ❤️

Good by:Julia

love it it is the best album i listen to it everyday


Felt like Sia got lost for a bit musically with the many collaborations the last few years ('Pictures' & 'Breathe Me' era Sia fan here), but this album is every bit the Sia I've loved over the years: Whimsical, heatfelt, gives no forks; and just good, solid tunes. Not too often an xmas album is actually THIS good!

The Miracle Squeeze-Box

I've always admired the emotional & introspective 🎶 of 🇰🇾 born singer/songwriter Sia but I was pleasantly amazed to discover that she's always loved🎄so much The only problem was that she wanted her 1st holiday album to be different from the rest; thankfully "Everyday is Christmas" delivers on that reservation because she cowrote all 12 songs on it & longtime collaborator Greg Kurstin helped her get into the spirit gracefully With songs like "Santa's Coming for Us", "Puppies are Forever", "Candy Cane Lane", "Underneath the Mistletoe", "Ho Ho Ho" & "Underneath the Christmas Lights", this Awesome all original collection brings a new twist on how the holidays will sound like this year Merry Christmas Sia


So many BOPs omg


She wrote this in 2 weeks lord😂

Papa colie

It's. Nice


100% better than Gwen Stefani’s album! Great job Sia. Love the music!!!! ❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️



*Nickname Entered*

Not my favorite album, but these songs are fun, catchy, great for the holidays 🎄 A little repetitive, but definitely on my Christmas playlist 👏 👏 👏 great job Sia!

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