Eve 6 - Eve 6

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Eve 6 Tracklist:


This isn't just one or two sweet tracks....the whole thing is pretty epic!


Great album and what really turned me on to Eve 6!!


I love all of this album and all the others but this one was the best. I still remember when I got it in 1998


One of my favorite albums of all time!! I know the whole album just about word for word!


Worst lyrics of all time. Ever.


Loved this album in while in high school. listned to it almost non stop. 10 years later I can still sing along with every song.


Totally reminds me of my high school days! Graduated in 2000...Great memories, great band, great songs!


Fantastic, fresh, and edgy!


<3 Inside Out!


Is it just me or do they sound a bit like Greenday every now and then? Great album though no complaints.


Good to great listen all the way thru.

Mike G the OG

how come itunes doesnt have the single that was on the movie "out cold." the single is called "anytime"

Fan of outcold

There is two songs that I like on this album one being inside out the other being anytime but now I have to go by the album at the store for like $10 for two songs because iTunes don't have anytime


I found out about this song when my dad put inside out on my ipod, now i relly like this band its a good buy.


why doesnt itunes have anytime its the song from the movie outcold its a great movie and song


Of course "Inside Out" is the song which made Eve 6 famous, but there is more to this album than just that song. "Leech", "Superhero Girl" and "Tongue Tied" are other great pieces made by them that bring this album together. If your wondering if this album will waste your well earned money, it wont. These songs will grow on you the more you listen to them.


hello? wheres their album out cold? could we get it please?


But the song Anytime by Eve 6 on I tunes! That is there best song and it is not on here! COME ON ITUNES!


Just found out about this band recently (guess I missed that train), but better late than never. This is a really quality album; good summer evening music. It's exactly the sort of thing I want from a mellow rock album. Oh, and they lyrics? Excellent. Definitely not one of those albums where you can predict the word they'll use to end the next line in the song if you know what I mean.


and who writes a review about a band they dont like just so they can be the first??

punk rocker 1000

this album is very very good these songs are classic eve6's best album released i like "How Much Longer", "Inside Out" , "Leech" , "Shower head" & "Open Road Song" worth the money for sure i wish they still made music


WTF!? why is Inside out 30cents more then everything else?? thats b******t iTunes and you know it


yeah um, why the hell is Inside Out $1.29? possibly because that's the only song anyone knows by this band? lol.


this isn't their greatest album but you should atleast buy it and give this band a chance


idk what Socccer was thinking. i love this album. I grew up listening to it. If you dont want to buy the whole album i would suggest Inside out, Leech, and the Open Road song, they are the best songs on the album.


Mixes real well with a great So- Cal collection. It's not popy like the horrorscope it's more mellow..


This Album is the Classic EVE6 album it is good.


This album may not be as solid as their other albums, but it is still good and includes the single that made the band famous in the 90s called inside out. If you don't buy the album, at least buy that song. A really great band, make sure you check out their other songs if you like inside out.


idk i wanted to be the first and i saw this band and i am sry i don't think they sound good, don't buy it