Eve 6 - Horrorscope

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Horrorscope Tracklist:


Makes me feel like I'm a 20 year old again. Beginning to end, still an amazing album after all these years. I'm turning into the old man that says they just don't make music like they used to, but it's so very true!


I bought this CD the day it came out and to this day is still one of my all time favorites. I can play this album from start to finish and put it on repeat. Great album for snowboarding!


Each and Every song is so well written, all of them could have easily been hit singles. I've listened to this album so many times I bet ITunes might try to charge me again! But really, this album is pure genius...


"Horrorscope" is one of those albums that grabs you right out of the gate. When I first bought this back in 2000, I thought for sure it was going to launch Eve 6 into superstardom. Yeah, "Promise" was a decent hit and "Here's to the Nights" is a perennial Prom theme, but there is so much more to this album. "Amphetamines", "On The Roof Again", "Jet Pack", "Nocturnal", "NIghtmare" - all of these songs are sing along anthems and some of the catchiness alt rock ever laid down. This is one of my favorite albums of all time.


Promise is by far the best song on this cd and probably my favorite song period. I've always enjoyed their clever word play. Def an underrated band who doesn't get the recognition they deserve. Great buy. Their best cd. If you don't believe me listen to here's to the night and promise!


This CD is always going to scream "summer" to me. Every year I dust it off, and jam like I'm hearing it for the first time. Most CDs I've owned in my life have only had a handful of songs - if that - that I can enjoy year after year after year. But here I am 12 years later, and still in love with EVERY song on here. The music is fun, the lyrics and wordplay are delightful, and really, I just couldn't ask for anything better.


I listen to such a broad variety of music, and yet this cd is far and away my favorite. I've owned it twice in hard copy, and now in digital. I've probably listened to it 3000 times, and know every single word to the album. Turn this on when you start a long road trip, and I bet you lose your voice singing to it on repeat...

Sprint ST Rider

I would NOT recommend this album to anyone with exception to one song I do like: - Here's To The Night This is yet another example of a band providing 1-2 good songs on an album with the remainder being pure filler material.


I am sad that each and every one of the songs on this album is explit...


"Here's to the night" is a superb ballad that is perfect to have a brew with the boys...or a slow song to be cheesy with...take your pick


Great album like their other albums it has nice upbeat alternative sound to it


I love these guys, also check out third eye blind


This is only album in existence that I know each and every word to. I can sing along with this album from start to finish, that's how many times I've listened to it (200+ times). Eve 6 does things with words in its lyrics that I didn't even know were possible...just see "Promise" and "Bang" for a couple of prime examples. These guys are also extremely talented when it comes to writing music. They have some of the catchiest, most powerful hooks ever played and it's hard to pick just a few songs with memorable melodies - they're all great. I can't even pick one favorite song, each holds a special place in my heart. (Oh yeah, and the harmonies these guys sing are out of this world.) Seriously. This is the most unreserved recommendation for an album I've ever made, and this isn't even the kind of music I normally like (I'm more of a hip-hop/post-rock/electronic kind of guy). But Eve 6 have made a believer out of me.


This cd is great after ten years still listen to it monthly. I listen to mostly pop punk(Green Day, Blink-182,MxPx,...)And I would say this cd is the only none punk cd of that era that I bought and actually liked every song on the cd. Hard to pick a favorite song but would say "Girl Eyes" and "Jet Pack" are both awesome


I haven't listened to this one for a while and thought I would check the latest reviews. Good to see that even after almost 10 years this album is still getting the 5 stars it deserves.


this is the one eve 6 album to own. there were a bunch of reviews on it, but the seem to have vanished. here's to the night blew away all the other songs in popularity, but they are all pretty good. too bad these cats are gone...

what in the heck

I love eve 6 ie they're great ie word play is great ie no pun intended ie yes there was in fact a pun intended ie so is your face ie but not eve 6's face ie because they're great ie so am i anyway listen to Open road song, there are lots of puns it is "punny" ha ha ha anyway also listen to promise i promise not to lie you'll like it also listen to paper wings by rise against just because its awesome (ie so am i) and its on the burnout 3 sound track ie the best video game soundtrack EVER, ie this is not subliminal messaging telling you to love your government ie this is un-subliminal messaging telling you to love your government ie love your government ie ie "that is"


Eve 6 is WAY out of my element (I listen to metal/hard rock) but this album isnt too bad!


Most of the songs sound the same. Here's to the Night and Rescue are good.