Journey - Escape (Remastered Bonus Track Version)

โ„— 1981, 1992, 2005, 2006 Sony Music Entertainment

Escape (Remastered Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


Steve Perry was A music talent, I can say this is a Great album of all time. Donโ€™t stop believe is the key song. Well the 1980โ€™s album of them all


Literally just Don't stop believin


Hands down, best Album of all time!


These guys are super legends and this music will never fail.


Bye bye for life


Like most of Journey's work, This album is such a classic! I love it!

Girl on the Moon

Until you've heard it on vinyl, you haven't heard it, but I will take this for now. This album was pure perfection, and still is in my mind.

Proud Southern Belle

Journey is one of the greatest rock bands ever. Escape sent them into the stratosphere! I remember when this album was released and the Atari game as well. Every song doesn't disappoint and deserves to be played at full volume, especially the title track! And Open Arms, as far as rock ballads go, is as good as it gets. Escape is the place to start if you're new to Journey.


I like what I heard.

$ Md. Fazle Rabbi $

Their very best ever. Of all time.


That voice is incredible trough years,maybe now with high notes,not the same,but he's amazing no matter what not compare with anybody,but I like the other singer too.lovely man, I read the synopsis and 1er.chapter of his book,very addictive and interesting 5Stars for the book.


A excellent album of rockin hits with singer Steve Perry sounding awesome! The whole band is in excellent form too! Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Ž


Just buy it. If you like classic rock you will fall in love with this album I PROMISE YOU


Sorry to all Steve fans but I love the new sound

Mtn. Home slice

...apparently that sniveling singer, on almost EVERY Journey song I've ever heard! What a bunch of sissies. This has to be the most testosteronely challenged band in existence.


I played this album over and over as a young adult. i have always loved Steve Perryโ€™s voice one of the best. It brings back such memories.


I love this album so much, fantastic lyrics, great vocals...amazing


A leap forward from the Gregg Rolie days, all songs are classic. The vocals on "Still They Ride" may be some of the vocals ever recorded.. period. Remind me why they aren't in the RnR H O F?


This is a great classic rock album to have in your collection. I highly reccomend you buy and listen to all 10 (or now it's 14) songs. They all deserve to be played, and if you want a good start to your rock collection, buy this, Evolution, their self titled album and Frontiers and you're ready to go. Don't Stop Believin never gets old!


Up until this point Journey really didn't have a signature song. Sure they had, Lights or Anyway You Want It but they didn't have "that song". Between 1980-1981 the keyboardist and founder of journey Greg Rollie left the band, this lead to the recruitment of Baby's keyboardist Jonathan Cain. When Cain joined Steve Perry and him began working on some sounds for the new album. While the worked on the song Cain plays this melody on a piano. Which later became their biggest song of 1981, Open Arm. Escape became a milestone in Journey's carrier in the 80s. Such songs as Don't Stop Believin' and Who's Cryin' Now are also on the album. If you love great music. Escape is for you


Outstanding album. Hard to believe that Neil Schon hated "Open Arms" at first!


This is awesome. I squeal everytime I hear this! (Yes I'm a fangirl) It came out in the 80's though. Oh well. I WON'T STOP BELIEVIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is quite possibly one of the best albums of all time, so naturally, it's by Journey. While Don't Stop Believin' is a great track, it overshadows the brilliance of some other songs like Escape, Keep On Runnin', and Stone In Love, each of which are some of the best rock songs out there. And the only ballad that can beat Open Arms is their other song Faithfully. Anyone who says Journey is bad is wrong - Journey will always be the best of the best!




Anything coming from Sony past releases will be Steve Perry, all recordings and live tracks, not the new singer. Journey music now with the new singer has nothing to do with Sony/Columbia/Legacy Recordings. The band's legacy music is with Sony, but not this current line up. No releases from Sony will have Arnel on it.

listener I

A lot have asked if this is Escape with vocals replaced by Arnel. I believe this is a limited release of the original, with original re-mastered tracks. I don't know about the live tracks, I'm thinking those may be Arnel, but the original recordings are Steve. You can hear the nuances of Steve's voice, that little rasp at the top of his range, Arnel's great and all is good, but Steve has certain qualities that you can't mistake, because he's Steve and Arnel's, Arnel, that's not saying one is better than the other, it's only saying that, even when the style is very much alike, there are differences in the way singers approach their craft. God Bless and at least, I-tunes got this one right by putting it into the right place, Journey is a rock band, not a pop band, although they had many singles and hits, that doesn't negate who this band is as a whole.

Mark Torda

Why does this album say it was released in 2006? Is this a re-make where Arnel Pineda is now the vocalist?


While this album skyrocketted Journey into the top of the pile, it was also the album that started the demise of the band. Jonathon Cain may have had good songwriting skills, but his personality drove the Babys apart and it would eventually destroy Journey.


I used to play the Journey Escape game on the Atari 2600 back in the day. Great game and great album!!


Correct me if i'm wrong, but this album came out in 1984 ot 2006


Ahhhhh...memories of when there record groupos were actually writing, playing and making music. Great album, my favorite of all time-any band. Nice range on this album. You cant go wrong getting this. I dont know what happened between these guys, but when they put music was pure rock and roll.


This album takes me back to when I was 14 years old. Lot's of classic Journey tracks on here!!!!


Why isn't this album more popular? People should buy the original thing instead of getting all the greatest hits collections. escape launched them to fame! It makes me depressed.


I'm 17 and I grew up on journey and all 70's and 80's


This is the album that shot Journey into superstardom. Everyone of course knows Don't Stop Believin' from Glee, The Sopranos etc but it was not the biggest hit off this record that year. That belonged to the ballad Open Arms. The ballad was the first of many top 40 hits with new keyboard player Jonathan Cain (his first album). Then there's Who's Cryin Now with guitarist Neal Schon's famous solo where the band including Steve Perry told Neal to stop overplaying and play the most simple solo he could think of. He did sarcastically and it become one of the most emulated solos in soft rock history and one of his best. This album rocks as well with Stone In Love and the title track Escape to name a couple. The two standout tracks in my opinion are Still They Ride and Mother Father. If you like Journey and great classic rockโ€ฆ just buy this album. You will discover like the rest of us older folks.. that there's much more to this band than Don't Stop Believin.


Well a ton of my friends love this song.. (don't stop believing) I love it to but i thought more people would have baught it.. Hmm well great song!!!!!