Eric Church - Desperate Man

An EMI Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2018 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Desperate Man Tracklist:


One of the best!!!


Country is taking a dark turn. Millions of Americans are listening for their voice to be represented in country music, and are coming away empty. Rather than catering to strange Kane & FGL minorities, Church needs to listen & absorb modern country legends like Alabama, Cash, Hank Jr, Randy Travis, Garth Brooks and George Strait.


Awesome album. My favorite is probably Monsters or Desperate Man. I don’t know why there are so many haters.


This is by far my least favorite Eric Church album. So disappointed....

Zee Dogg

These are well written songs about life! My fave is Hippie Radio!


Can't understand the people on here who hated this album! Theres a lot of great song writting that tells a story and brings back some memories for alot of people. Hippie Radio is one for me reminds me of my teen years ,how I met my husband who Iam still with today! Love Eric Church he is solid!


Eric never has an album that will sound the same. I’m very disappointed in the rude reviews. Must not be real fans of Eric’s amazing voice and music skills. This album is very bluesy! And I love it! I’m not sure if people know what actual country music is suppose to sound like, but what’s on the top of charts isn’t country to me! Keep on keeping on Eric!! Great Record!


I like Eric Church’s growth from a shallow radio friendly country artist to a polished Americana styled country artist. I think this is the Eric Church he’s wanted to be all alone. The Outsiders, Mr. Misunderstood, and Desperate Man are definitely his best records and each record differs from its predecessor in a positive way while staying true to who Eric is. It’s very reminiscent to Sturgill Simpson’s varying sound from album to album. Keep up the great work Eric! You rock brother 🤘😝🤘.


Once again Mr. Church does his own thing and stays away from the newer “mainstream” country. A good mix of a bluesy sound and country mixed in here. Phenomenal album all the way around!

texas chainsaw addict

Solid country


Eric is one of the most talented artist in the world, open your mind and heart. He plays from experience, from his heart and from his fans heart. If a certain song does not touch one of your experience then connect to the music . I am disappointed in the reviewers. What is wrong with you ? Are you so bitter that you are closed off to any understanding of the levels that music can bring to your heart?


This is classic country pop trash at best. hey eric, get real man.


My dad is a huge EC fan and is playing monsters rn. He even made me name my puppy Chief. I thought this album was eh. Few good songs hate desperate man. Monsters,Hippie Radio,Some of it,


He’s on a whole different level


I have so many favorite songs on this album, it would be more efficient to list the ones that aren't! Eric Church always changes his sound with each album, and yet, each album is excellent. If anyone thinks his music sounds like the majority of what's on country music radio, they're bat-sh** crazy.


To hell with the haters, do what YOU WANT, FORGET THE FANS.

Zack is m's bro

It's an experimental album and I like it a lot.

me god yeah

He always comes out with something new, and has continued to make me happy, and others who like country music, and himself Eric church.

doge stupid

This is the best album he’s has made he has took over country music.


If y’all liked CHIEF, songs like Homeboy, and Drink A Little Drink, this ain’t the release for you. Or me. Very disappointing.


Voting down a song because he has a voice. Bunch of sour crybaby white boys. Off talent alone this album is great. Out of the box writing band chance taking.


Truly one of a kind, and that’s exceptional. Have yet to find a song of his I don’t like. I’m sure I’d try my best to be tolerant, but not sure I wanna know anyone who doesn’t like the Chief!


Great 👌🏼


All the one stars on here are people who are upset with Eric’s comments on guns or politics. Grow up. His music is still good. So what, he has a slightly different opinion than all you “country” people. Judge an artist by his music not his political views. I like Bruce Springsteen but he is a hardcore liberal. But I don’t care because he has great music.


pop music passing for country, the suburban country crowd will like this


If you don’t find joy in this music your a democratic commie who doesn’t know what music is and what it can do for your life. Keep on with it chief.

Cash Me Ousside How Bou Da

He’s now a one star country artist for being anti-NRA. Seen him in concert once, and this album is a duplication of that prior live performance failure.


Please quit rock and roll and go back to country music with songs like “sinners like me, Springsteen, and homeboy.” Those were prime Eric.


EFC is a legend in the making. Love the new album!


The Eric Church we all fell in love with us evolving as an artist. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. His music still carries similar attitude but but for me, I miss his old sound.


Bad gust bad

Johnny Tapias

I love this album. I really enjoy traditional country music and this album doesn't fall nicely into that category, but the songs are still great. And that's what's important - the songs. It's definelty got elements of blues and rock. Seems to me that Eric's always mixed music styles. Regardless of genre, the music is moving, heart-felt, and interesting. Clever stories and nice melodies. I'm happy to see such a strong collection of songs on an album this deep into Mr. Church's career.


Love the old Eric Church, this is by far the worst album he has put out. Very, very disappointed!!


He has gotten worse as the years go on. Pathetic


Desperate Man is one of my favorite songs. Good job Eric Church!


I bought Desperate man and Some of it. I think Eric is an amazing artist who gets bored with old style country songs. He has every right to test the boundaries of his musicianship. I can only imagine the late night jam sessions with his band when coming up with this new material. Im not sure where Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban & Thomas Rhett are going with their sound lately. Even Tim Seems to be straying away from country. Eric isnt straying, he is just pushing his limits. I think he is doing a good job in keeping the torch lit.

Hispanic and Lov'n Her

It’s a great album.


This is one Church's best albums! Drowning Man is my new favorite song!!!!


It took a few times of just letting it play while I did house work or driving and the album proved to be be just as brilliant as all of them. Absolutely love it!!! The lyrics in many of the songs are so capturing if you really sit down and listen. If you’re a true Eric lover you will love it too!


Music is terrible! On top of that, you're a sellout. Good luck selling albums to all the anti-gun haters you joined out there. You sir lost my respect and that of many others as well!


What album are people listening to giving these bad reviews?!? Monsters is one of my all time favorite tracks. Some of it. Heart like a wheel. The swampy lead single is awesome. Church is the man. Church. Combs. Stapleton. Real music.


He can make anything sound great

please stop this crap

This so called crap you call country music is a joke when do country songs rap with a beat from Britney Spears and the lyrics are horrible if you’re not crying over loosing a women your getting drunk on a pontoon with a sunburn going up down up down gawwwdd this is terrible I am forced to listen to this crap day after day at work but I got my dirt road cred and I’m going to get my outside on psh

Mike Bow

I like Eric’s change with music!! Keep on keepin” it real!! Love it


Great album. If you’re an Eric Church fan, you’ll understand this album and enjoy it.


One of my favorite albums of the year, and one of Eric’s best records. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years, and he’s still making great music.


If you prefer Eric Church’s earlier work from ‘Chief’ on back to ‘Sinners like Me’ you should enjoy this. I’m guessing all the negative reviews are coming from people who heard the title track and assumed the whole album was pop-country. Not the case at all. This album feels a lot like ‘Chief’ where the band seems to be taking more risks without worrying too much about popular opinion. I’m really digging the sound and lyrics of Solid, Heart like a Wheel and Higher Wire.


Maybe some of these pop star pretty boys will follow suit.


drowning man is by far the most underrated song from this album