FUTURISTIC - Epiphany (feat. NF)

℗ 2017 We're The Future Records, LLC & NF appears courtesy of Capitol CMG Label Group

Epiphany (feat. NF) - Single Tracklist:

huge fan of NF Realmusic

Just because this song swears, doesn’t mean it’s bad. And even though I’m a Christian, I don’t care if one of them swears and for all of you that are sensitive to swearing I understand but just listen to the clean version.


Both these guys are great. I know the cursing is a big topic of conversation here, but NF isn’t the one who did it. NF stayed clean as he always does, and Futuristic cursed like he does a lot. As for NF collaborating with Futuristic, they share a common vision. NF didn’t do anything that jeopardized his mission. Both are being themselves. The beat isn’t the greatest, though, and overall it is kind of boring, but the lyrics are great. Amazing job to both these great artists!


Ya’ll are mad dumb for rating this song one star just because the main artist curses. Nf had no part of it and he was the highlight of this entire song. Just because he’s a Christian rapper don’t mean he gotta collab w Christians c’mon.


Why is nf with this guy well I don’t know nf if you are reading this you were my 🦸‍♂️ but now you are no better than all the other hip hop rap bands that cuss but for the people who want nf to change please pray with me 🙏🏻 “Dear lord please change nf’s heart ❤️ please just move it back to the way it was and don’t make this his beginning of a new career of rapping songs with cussing just let nathen see what he is getting into with all these words one song leads to albums and then more albums dear lord use nfs own lyrics like bullets and show him that he is worth so much more and if he is having any problems that causing him to do this show him that it is wrong show that rapping curse words is wrong” Amen 😪🤧please if you know nf pray and pray and if you know him on Instagram please tell him why are you doing this and yeah just pray and for all those 5 stars you will regret your choice and all the one stars keep praying 🙏🏻 five stars I am not calling you evil but please read the Bible once go to a church nearby just please don’t be one of those kids who curse and curse because people don’t wanna be around someone like that I will pray for all you and for nf❤️🙏🏻❤️👍


Buy if you have a blue mustache


A good gateway between NF and mainstream, but still real


Because he’s in a song with a rapper that curses? But NF ain’t cursing, so? Y’all know the song is good, passionate, meaning behind it, tells a story, and everyone’s gotta find something. Smh disappointed in the fans here. This is still REAL MUSIC.


I love this sm


But NF killed it 💪🏻🔥🎙

Elijah K. aka minidog

Y’all need to chill with the one star reviews Because NF is in a song that curses. 1) NF isn’t the primary artist in the song 2) NF doesn’t curse on the track 3) if NF didn’t want to be in a song that curses and wanted to record with a Christian artist, he wouldn’t have accepted Futuristic’s offer. I’m a Christian and I have a solution to all of you other Christians: GO LISTEN TO TE CLEAN VERSION MY GOSH Ok I’m done ranting. Good job u 2. Great track with lots of energy. Real Music

In to into

BRUH you people are sooooo sensitive it’s annoying. One guys typed a friggin PRAYER on the reviews like it would actually mean something. It’s even laughable that some people think that “curse” words are bad in the first place. If you’re too ignorant to take yourself out of that stupid mentality then just overlook it and see the message instead. Religious people these days🙄


This was amazing don’t listen to the haters NF u are amazing🙌🏼

Lets Go AC

Y y’all bash on him. He is Christian but he ain’t a “Christian Rapper.” COME ON!!😡 He’s so good I don’t get y'all jump on him. Let him work his own #realmusic bro


NF is one of my favorites and was so happy when I first heard this awhile ago. Had to put a review for it cuz I want them to do another feature!


For people giving this a one star just cause it has an E.. Cmon. There is music with great meaning with swear words in them. And for the people saying they are disappointed with NF, he didn’t swear guys😂😂. Who cares, it’s a great sounding song!!


I know your deeds that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you either one or the other! So since you are lukewarm, neither hot or cold, I am about to spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:15-16. Pick a side Nate. I felt like God wanted me to share that with you.


Dope colab

your white homie

Some of the reals getting together 🔥🔥🔥 And btw, NF doesn’t even cuss so just get the clean version😂

Rising Zeus

Absolutely insane. Lyrically astounding


NF’s music is always good plus Futuristic is pretty great


This song is incredible.Just mind blown on how crazy Futuristic delivered here as well as an awesome feature. Plus whoever made that beat is genius. 10 stars.


Don't just look at the title and immediately think NF, cursing. First of all, NF didn't cuss in the song. A lot of people are going to flip out when they see the explicit mark. But just listen to the music. Cussing may not be who he is but it's not his song. He's the guest in the song.

Sam J Bowmer

NF, why are you attaching yourself to an artist like this? Especially when there are so many great Christians you could collaborate with. I don't want to get legalistic but there is such a thing as blatant sin. Do better man.


NF went in and blew up this guys song! Always raising the bar!


This song is incredible. Ya'll need to stop complaining about the cussing tho. Most of the people doing it are NF fans, and he doesn't even cuss in it. There's no difference between the meanings of the word crap and the s-word, one of them is just more looked down upon for some reason. Be more concerned with the meaning of the words and the song in general than if the words are accepted by society or not. Enjoy the song, it's really meaningful and has a good message.

Jay Money 7578

F#%K everyone casting doubts on this great Collab ... Great artists jumping on one track ... Great wordplay and flow on tracks ... Starting off slow then speeding up ... Cmon man ... Give credit when credit is due ... Keep doing your thing fellas ... Don't let no one stop your grind ... Now that's an Ephinany ... Yeah! Lol 👊🏽😎✌🏽️


You snowflakes, get a life. If you don't let me cursing go listen to beethoven


Why so many people upset with NF? His lyrics had truth and meaning. So he's in a song that has cuss words. Get over it. NF is being the light in the darkness.


Seriously. Really. I just read a review that was like the whining of a toddler. "Oh no! A bad word ! I'm might be leaving nf!" You guys are....just....argh. Doesn't the Bible say reach out to those in this world that need Jesus? Who knows.....maybe NF did this to share Jesus with another fellow rapper. If the price is being in a song with a word synonymous with poop I'll take it. We should agree with NF and hope maybe Futuristic takes a hint from NF and his lifestyle and say "hey, this guys chill. I wonder what's different about him?"


This song is amazing! By the way, for all of you quoting NF saying he didn't like cursing in his raps, nothing changed. This isn't his song. He's featured and in his part he didn't curse. He didn't write Futuristic's part. He wrote his own part. He stayed true to what he said. It's just that the other rapper has different standards. Amazing song nonetheless!


It's ridiculous how people are mad that the song curses 2 times. They're mad at NF, and he's not the one who even cursed.


The track is fire - please please don't listen to some of these foolish reveiws. You got a bunch of people who are hatting on the cussing because the song says Sh*t in it - are you serious people? NF is all about real music - what life do you live in that people don't cuss. NF is real in his faith and he's grounded - he doesn't strain at gnats like a lot of ya'll that are judging currently are. He doesn't isolate himself from the world - he's entrenched in it producing real music that people can relate to. If this is the type of following NF is getting then hes better of without them. NF keep keepin real and don't listen to the fans - I'm glad you put out this track cause Futuristic has incredible skill too.


I've seen two kinds of reviews on this song: People calling this song straight fire, and those who are "disappointed" in NF for collaborating with an artists who curses. Know this: Regardless of what your stance on cursing is, this song is smart. It is passionate and real. Futuristic expresses himself with a curse word here and there. NF clearly respects the passion that this guy puts into his music, so he's not going to turn down the opportunity to collaborate on an awesome track just to pandor to those who cry about the s word. Words are just words. They only have the power that we give them. I would encourage you to get over your bias and listen to this song for what it is. Passion, power, and emotion has never sounded so good.


This is a great song. Both killed it. I'm seeing so many one star reviews because of "cussing" and what not. NF wasn't a part of that. Also who cares? That's the way Futuristic writes. He had a good verse that talked about what he goes through and his struggles. Y'all need to calm down and listen beyond "bad words" to the actual message.


NF your part is amazing( obviously ) but why are you singing with guy who raps trash????? really what happened to keeping it real this guy is cusing it up so man whats the deal? aren't you against the average flow? come on man Keep it clean don’t you know, that even though you aren’t the one cusing being in that studio with him as he fusing, dude did you watch his other music videos? his insta is trash as he post images of girls i don’t want to see again, ever, BUT i clicked the link and saw the pic cus YOU was with him, you was with him i look up to you Nate keep it real i feel that i should call you out only God knows the resin why you didn’t speak up is about……… i had an epiphany that you may be trying to deal with some things and he asked for you to feat. and you just grabbed it but if you go to see something or buy something or help with something that contradicts scripture then why are you doin it come on man stay real with it, please


With nf in it it's lit


A song with NF came out without me knowing????? It's a good day


THIS SONG IS GREAT!!!! Please make a clean version!


For those who are ignorant NF didn't cuss that was futuristic he didn't write that part so you all are over reacting to nothing

M1ster Duck

Walked that path. Hated it. The less cuss words the better. Got really excited when I found out SoundCloud had a clean version but not iTunes yet, this songs lit cause of NF but why is the clean version not here yet? Please put it up


NF if featuring on Futuristics song. Futuristic can do what he wants. NF says HE personally isn't into the cussing (from his song notepad) meaning he doesn't like to say it. But he has tweeted that, he dislikes people who hate on people who use curse words. NF also tweeted "I make music for everyone... if you have any questions go pick up Therapy session and listen to track 2". In track 2 he says , "this music is not just for people who sit in the pews and pray at the churches". If you actually like NF and listened to his lyrics, i wouldn't have to explain this. Also Futuristic says, what, 2 curse words? And i believe both are "shi*". Get over yourselves and grow up.

Get em man

NF makes music for everyone. Stop pretending you're perfect and don't swear once and a while!! This song is too real for y'all.

--/Barles Charkley/--

For real? Disappointed in nf


Everything about this song is just amazing!🔥🔥 But the lyrics tho! Deep.. Have it on repeat!


Futuristic and NF definitely delivered.... sweet sound overall, beat, tone and lyrics were amazing!

Az gold

I love this song it gives me hope to go catch my dreams.🔥😀

TheLegend12 17

I love NF's songs with real choruses and when he sings it's amazing, but the pure 100% rap in this song is perfect. I don't know if real singing would make it better, because it honestly doesn't get much better than this. Been on repeat for hours now. I think I need to hear more of Futuristic. Keep it up both of you!


Great song NF doing what he does best!!🔥👏👀


I love the song, you too collab really well, but can there be a Clean version?

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