FUTURISTIC - Epiphany (feat. NF)

℗ 2017 We're The Future Records, LLC & NF appears courtesy of Capitol Records

Epiphany (feat. NF) - Single Tracklist:


I’ve loved this song since it came out but I haven’t been able to find the clean version. I’m so glad I found it. It’s an amazing song with an amazing beat.


This isn’t hip hop rap this is hip hop crap 💩 and dumb nf is working this piece of poop 💩 literally


This isn't nf

i love you sooooooo much taylo

Glad to see these too collab


Thank you so much for the clean version! This song is a masterpiece


"I'm here to make music that matters" gives me chills every time! Keep it up, and thank you for the clean version. I want kids to be able to scroll through my music, and now i can have this masterpiece in my library with a peace of mind... SO GOOD!!

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