Zero 7 - EP3

℗ 2015 Zero 7 Partnership

EP3 Tracklist:


I just heard this and couldn't believe my ears.They returned full circle to what made them so great in the beginning.Soulful,deep melodies beneath the ambient elctronics.Chill out music you can listen to morning noon or night.It evokes just like the cover art city scapes and a haziness.The music is hypnotic.It's dark without falling into despair.If they can bring on a full length with Gonzales on board along with Sia then I am in! I lost interest in their music quite awhile ago but this has brought me back on board.

Mr. Blair Jr.

Since Home. This group I fell in love with. Keep on bringing good music.....


This is my favorite recent Zero 7 song, it takes me back to their first two albums. Makes me feel like I felt the first time I heard their first album, wanting more and asking, who are they? The build up in the song toward the end with their synthesizers is soooo great.

DJ Monet

These tracks highlight the growth in music capability and expression with electronic music. Zero 7 already was an innovator but these few tracks provide a whole new level of depth, texture, warmth and soulfulness. The first track seemed to have time wrapped from Thomas Dolby’s Flat Earth album but is in no way an 80’s wannabe. The Colour of Spring is, indeed, a remake of the poignant Talk Talk song and is fantastic. Looking forward to hearing more...

Bent Fan

This track brings us to a new and exciting realm of music. One full of intricate beauty and thought forwardness. Zero 7 has ventured new ground worthy of following. We have something here. Let us realize it continuously.


Last Light: Zero 7 at its best. Feels like when I first fell for them after hearing some cuts from Simple Things on Soma FM.


With just half of the EP out prior to full release mid April, I am in love with Zero 7 again! Both songs are gorgeously woven pieces of music with vocals that are rich and mesmerizing. Am excited to hear the rest of the EP and all the other projects the guys are working on (SLO).

Music Album of Zero 7:

Swimmers (feat. Jem Cooke) - Single
Swimmers feat. Jem Cooke - Single (2019)
Throw It All Away (feat. Sia) - Single
Throw It All Away feat. Sia - Single (2006)
Throw It All Away (feat. Sia) [Radio Edit] - Single
Throw It All Away feat. Sia [Radio Edit] - Single (2006)
Home (feat. Tina Dico) - Single
Home feat. Tina Dico - Single (2005)