Prince - Emancipation

℗ 1996 NPG Records, Inc. Manufactured and Distributed by Legacy Recordings

Emancipation Tracklist:


Awesomeness at its finest


This collection chronicles his freedom from WB....SALUTE!

djdeclan sings

My Favorite Prince Album


I’m truly excited to see these Prince albums released online for the world to experience, but the only setback is, which albums are explicit and which are clean? None have the labeling meaning some of the songs could be missing the word for word lyrics Prince wrote himself. Also some of the album covers were rendered from their original formats. For instance, “Crystal Ball” doesn’t have the iconic “O{+>” in the bottom right corner that Prince had before he changed his name back. These albums were from a prolific period in Prince’s career and honestly they should be treated with way more respect I think. Otherwise, enjoy though.

Gryphon MacThoy

This is my favorite Prince album. Parts of it are rendered tragic due to the death of his child with Mayte. Beautiful.


36 songs over the course of 3 discs seems like a recipe for disaster, but Prince manages to crank out a diverse and interesting collection of songs, at a very personal time in his life (recent marriage, and father-to be). 36 songs with no bad tracks is quite an impressive feat.


Thank you, thank you ITunes for finally adding this masterpiece of an album. I’ve been waiting for so long for the rest of Prince’s albums to added to your platform and I’m so excited the day is finally here!!


One of my favorites from Prince! Every song is amazing, how he stays consistent over 36 songs and 3 hours, I don’t know. This proves why he’s musical genius.


One of my most fav albums by Prince! Especially love the 2nd disc of it cause it’s full of ballads and slow sensual songs!


If you love Prince, u will love this collection of music - had to order the CD's twice because I wore them out. To have them accessible via iTunes now is a godsend. Thanks guys!!

Currer Bachman

Emancipation is an album of celebration. A celebration of where Prince was in his life, free from his record deal and newly wed. So much love and joy was poured into this album. It contains many songs that had they been distributed through a major label would now be considered classics such as “Jam Of The Year” or “The Love We Make”. The 3 hours worth of material may seem daunting at first but I encourage anyone to give it a try, you’ll find a new perspective not only into Prince’s life but maybe even into yours.

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