Elle King - Love Stuff

℗ 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Love Stuff Tracklist:

Elle king jr

There so great I sing them in the shower


Whoever said it sounds annoying is soooo wrong. I especially love Exe’s & Oh’s.

Annie laBanc

I love “ex’s and ohs”

Raven Ashmore

I LOVE THESE SONGS! I sing along with all of them without even realizing it!

Whiskers Kitty Meow

Elle king has brought something new to the table and it is fabulous!! She is such an amazing artist and her voice is strong and passionate!! Ex’s and oh’s is in my top 10 favorite songs!! LOVE THIS GIRL

Hate Everything since 1983

If anyone doubts that Elle is a real talent, check out her episode of 'Live at Darryl's House' (the best music show on TV). She can sing, and she can play. How she managed this with her genetics, I'll never know, but she's the real deal.


I love alternative music, especially from her!

Crafty lady 016

KUDOS to Elle King. I usually don't like alternative music, but I'll make an exception for this one. Great song writing and great singing. I'm very surprised.

Kylie Sage

King's gritty and clever lyrics are brought to unforgettable life by her nuanced and fearless voice, which oozes personality and sincerity in every note. Her words simmer against a backdrop of hard rock, rockabilly, pop, blues, and folk, indefinable but irresistible. One of the great artists of our generation.


Best album ever. The lyrics are amazing her voice is something else i love the crispy smokey voice


This album is basically just some really good songs. It has some ones you can rock out to, and ones with more soul in them. A song for every playlist, except that wired one you make with only one song from the 80's that you can't get out of your head.


I can't stand listening to this. She sounds like an angry chihuahua


Not your everyday sound. Love the growl in her voice 💜

Steal kitty

This has a great beat and the words go with it amazingly great work!

Dennielle Mae

She got aaamazing voice!!! Love the album! ❤️😃


Wow Elle killed this album each song is better than the last


Every song on this album is an amazing mix of soothing calmness that still manages to to lift your mood. There isn't a bad song on this album, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I love the earthy jazz sound.


Still can't believe this girl is Rob Schneider's daughter!


Was pleasantly surprised! This is good music.


Good voice- check Good-NO- AWESOME SONGS- check Easy top ten album. My fave Americas Sweetheart!! Then Ex's & Oh's..... 😃😃😃😃


what a voice! i hope to see her in concert


This album is pure gold. I love the folk vibe that it has. "Kocaine Karolina" is my favorite along with "Ain't gonna drown, Americas Sweetheart". This album is completely raw in some songs and makes you feel like you can stand your ground in others. It's the perfect mixture. Can't wait for her second album!


She is an amazing artist. I can't stop listening to her. I love her songs!


I love her voice so much and her raw truth about the life she lives. She's not what people expect and that's what I love about her. Accept me or hate me. I can't stop playing her album.


You can't like it because you love it 😍😍😍😍😎


Ex's and Oh's got me here......Under the Influence KEPT ME !! Great style in a pop-soulful manner.


Some of her songs sound just like Amy Winehouse's did!!!


This is gimmicky. I was hopeful. Her "unique" voice becomes grating, quickly. The music is sub-par and lacks the originality to successfully accompany this style of singing. Smoke and mirrors, another mainstream dud that everyone is jumping on now and will forget in six months.


Amazing!!! I can't wait to hear what she does next!


Over played and annoying.

Deez nuts11



I almost always hate the live version of a song after hearing it so i am picky...her performance of American Sweetheart on Jimmy Fallon was spectacular compared to the recorded song...I hate listening to it now knowing how much better she was live! itunes .... PLEASE put up that live video for sale!!!


Ha she's Rob Shneiders daughter. Like what??


…would this music be characterized as “alternative”… LOL


Just discovered this album and artist. Fantastic stuff here. Why do we not hear more about her? Hear more of this album? Every track is awesome!




What else is there to say? It's Elle f**king King! Love her unique whiskey voice, her amazing unapologetic lyrics and her rock sense of style. Love love her soul. This music is incredible




This album is so perfect. I honestly am terrified that this artist will change her style to something that is more 'pleasing' to people these days. I fear that. I want more of this music. This music is pure. It's absolutely incredible. It's real. It's American, it's part of life, it's country and it is deep. I think Elle King can sing. She can sing my life away. This is rock. This is country. This is a combination and I absolutely love every song on this album. It's rare to find an album like that. I hope future albums of Elle King are just as satisfying. Great album to kayak to and I'm grateful that you made this. I hope you stay who you are and continue to produce amazing music as honest and perfect as this. Honestly one of my favorite albums and the songs have given me memories that I will never forget. Thank you.


Exs and Oh's is a great song. The others are decent. THE ONLY REASON I RATE THIS 5 STAR IS BECAUSE OF EXS AND OH'S.


EX's & OH's" kick a** song!!


Like the men in Ex's and Oh's, I listen and I never want to leave! Agree, her voice is like Adele and Janis Joplin, and your girl crush next door.


Normally I abhor pop music, it is unoriginal, thoughtless, capitalist and prevents real artists from having a chance at success. That being said, I love the song Ex's & Oh's and I love Elle King. She's very interesting, her music is catchy and her lyrics are original and thought provoking. Very good artist.


Voice is not good and the initial song is awful. Too boring is pop not alt.


I can't believe this is rob scheidner's daughter. she's totally rock n roll.


Atreyu - Ex's and Oh's. The much better original


Spectacular! Simply brilliant! Especially "America's Sweetheart!" All the songs are beautifully sung. What a voice!

App squid

I like it the first time.😆 Second.😅 Third.😄 Fourth.😀 Fifth.😊 Sixth.🙂 Seventh.😏 Eighth.😐 Ninth.😑 And I was DONE at tenth and so on!😶