Journey - Eclipse

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Eclipse Tracklist:


Enough said.


it sounds like a cover band of the current styx lineup. not nessacerly a good thing.


I agree...three reviews on this album is a mind scratcher. I have listened to the post Perry albums so much that I don't really give the past Journey much thought. Of course it has all been great music, but as noel62 alluded to there must be so many fans that can't get over Perry. MOVE ON! Arnel is firmly entrenched as the singer of this band and the music has really not missed a beat. Perry could not sing with this band today so enjoy what is in front of you because the music is dynamic, complex, and deep. There must be more to come. Great album and it opens many new channels for this band's craft.


Journey has always been a great band from the beginning with vocalist Gregg Rolie and even greater with the introduction of vocalist Steve Perry on the album “Infinity”. No lead singer has ever made the impact that Steve Perry has done for Journey, the most gifted vocalist I have ever listened too and he was so hard to replace when he retired from Journey. But with Steve Perry reluctant to rejoin Journey for his own personal reasons. Pretty much put these great musicians into limbo and wasting their great writing talents. Enter Arnel Pineda lead singer who’s vocals are not exactly the same as Steve Perry but are very much his own with this second album appearance called “Eclipse”. The first album “ Revelation” with Arnel Pineda was a young vocalist trying to sound like Steve Perry with results that sounded great but not his own style. The album “Eclipse” is the sound of a lead vocalist in control of his lead vocals for the band called Journey. Make no mistake this band has a future, with great music still to come. Whenever they are ready to showcase there talents once more. I have been a fan of Journey from the beginning and I have moved on with the band without Steve Perry and look forward to more great albums like this album “Eclipse” from Journey’s future. Great album give it a listen...


For the life of me, I can't understand why no one has reviewed this before me. I guess some people are too stuck in the past to realize genius when it comes in a different format than the expected. Schon and the boys pull up the anchor and set sail for the rocky seas, and make this an unforgettable journey. What a great album. It has a lot of depth, and is not fodder for filler. Great job Journey. I loved it!