Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia

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Future Nostalgia Tracklist:


Amazing album. I'm so in LOVE!!❤️❤️


Everything about this album is amazing! The lyrics, production, her voice *chefs kiss* I’ve happily had it on repeat since March!


Generic mostly. Like she was trying to Make all bops. I didn’t feel connected to the artist.


This is amazing 😉🇺🇸


Prediction- best pop album, pop vocal, album of year. Production incredible. Super fun and infectious songs. Every one could be a chart topper. Great vibe. Will for sure be a classic. Makes me feel sassy and impish! 😈 Especially loving Hallucinate, pretty please, levitating, and Love again.


Es uno de los pocos álbumes que logran captar el boom de los 80 no puedo estar quieto en el sofa si suena una sólo canción de este álbum gracias Dua Lip por enorme joya musical❤️

harrie <33

every song on this album sounds the same... anyways stream calm for clear skin luv ✨🥰💖


Absolutely loved this album. Highlight of the year so far ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️

f o xroxrjoxomrjojomjrxomjxr

Dua did bad on her last album but this is good! Really like the 80s Vibe.


Love the 80s disco 🥰😍


One of the best pop albums in a long time ❤️


I’m not really a pop guy persay but holy crap this album is phenomenal.


I absolutely love every track!!!! Dance with it! Sing along with it! This is an album that makes you happy. Period


First of all to all of the credits if you don’t like this type of music just move on with your life The end of the day people who have good taste in music Will Buy the album is understandable if you don’t like this type of music there’s nothing like a 80s five album not to mention every song is a Banger to my good people Who have good taste in music congratulation and to The one who don’t I don’t know what to say about you give it a try you never you might just like this album (don’t knock it till you try it )




Honestly this album is one of my favs, if not THE favorite album so far this year!!! It needs to go platinum or so help me, she deserves all of the praise she’s getting for it!


Could of done better

logan dailey

i thought it was great


It’s unbelievable just how amazing this album’s flow, tone, and sound is. You can tell how much effort she put into her sophomore album, and I think it’s AOTY!


Queen lipa ✨


all the production is top notch and the album is exciting 11/11

tell a review baby

favorite: don’t start now


Dua Flip Flop... stop making music please 🙏🏼 Flop debuted #4 😭 a whole mess


This is a classic pop album. Well done


these songs are relatable and have such a great beat! 💖






I met her with her hit BE THE ONE. Definitely , this cd is in my library and the best part it doesn’t make me skip any song ( maybe one) . Very enjoyable and it doesn’t sound the same like most recent albums . Another new queen has been born👸👸👸


Why isn’t the song, “Future Nostalgia” more popular? It’s my favorite one


The growth she made on this album has really solidified her as one of the new main pop girls !!!!


**To those who are providing your input here: If you’re going to review this album in the negative it would help if your critique contained more artful language than “Ew” and “Trash”.** First let me start off by saying I’m not the biggest Dua Lipa fan or at least I wasn’t before this album. And while there are some nuances that carry over from her last album that can be cringing, this album is just more fun. From track 1 it’s her just having a good time and that’s what makes it enjoyable for me. Outside of the final track she sounds like she’s in a great place in life and this older guy wants to ride alongside her. The infectious uptempo of Hallucinate to the springy sampling of INXS’ Need You Tonight guitar rifts in Break My Heart are pure joy. You’ll be singing along in no time. Great sophomore album which can’t be said about many artists these days especially when most can only sell tracks while she’s selling albums.



Kelly 4 life

Every song (except maybe one) is really really good, over and over. Would recommend.


It gives me such a Madonna vibe I loveee it


I’m so proud of you!!!


Love this album. Dua Lipa always manages to speak to me so well with her lyrics. So much to relate to in her music.


Dua Lipa is really a superstar, i feel the energy every listening trough this album. I used to repeat mode on Levitating and Don't Start Now. Love it.


the music is delicious and dua did what she had to do. pretty please following right after levitating ahGhh...so mf good. THEN YOU HAVE GOOD IN BED AND IT CLOSES WITH BOYS WILL BE BOYS...yea...yea.

lil monster 4 evaaaa

Genuinely adore and appreciate this album. At first wasn’t a huge fan but after purchasing and listening to the album in full, its no doubt that it’s amazing. I’m officially a DUA LIPA FAN! Thanks for bringing back the 80’s and thank you in general for the amazing music. Cool is my favorite off the record! :-)


She just shut all the pop girls down excellent album


She is my favorite musician ever!

Ava Barry

I love it makes me move and dance! 😃

purple lover 101

she’s the chosen one


The first half of this album is excellent. I have nothing but praise for "Future Nostalgia," "Don't Start Now," and "Physical." However, with the exception of "Break My Heart," the second half is not nearly as good. I was listening to a 5/5 album, and then out of nowhere, it dropped to a 3/5, so it deserves an average score of 4/5.

Jennifer . V

Honestly this is the best pop album of 2020!! Love it ❤️❤️


Ladies are in the drivers seat! This queens new album is amazing and empowering. She has the strength to put out song like boys will be boys and dont start now even though they could get plenty of backlash. “Boys will be boys” talks about topics that need to be said and has a strong baseline that would be used to introduce warriors and soldiers. Her songs are showing that women are equal and will be just fine with or with out a man, but still represents how we are human with needs. Thank you dua lipa for representation women and giving them a voice!

Talking Gina Lover!

On the first listen I really only liked the bottom half of the album. After a few listens the top half grew on me. Boys will be boys is absolutely amazing and I didn’t expect it at all.


definitely expected better from her. self titled’s quality was way better. disappointed

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