Lil Wyte - Drugs

℗ 2017 Real Talk Entertainment

Drugs Tracklist:



For those who think this is a new album, this is just a compilation of old songs from 2009-2011, this is not the new album. It is a little too short and has too many skits, but it's not his actual album so I see why. I don't even think Wyte released this, he never mentioned this on his twitter so I think it's just Real Talk releasing some old music he did years ago to make some money.


Usually love lil wyte but this is garbage...get back to basics bro and focus on your lyrics instead of overdoing it with these whack beats


Well... Wyte music. We're fully in the midst of the whack culture vulture rap era. If I could give this album 0 stars, I would.


And they're all junk.


I feel like lil wyte was a little lazy on this album. I'm a big wyte fan. Keep doing your thing Wyte!!

L Neezy

The homie ain't changed. Good job bro. 👍🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥 Bumpin this all day and night!!!



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