Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling

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The Unraveling Tracklist:

Gary the baddass

1. Rosemary With a Bible and a Gun 2. Armageddon’s Back In Town 3. Slow Ride Argument 4. Heroin Again 5. Awaiting Resurrection While i LOVE that they’re speaking up for what they believe in and i think every song is a masterpiece, if you dont want politics in your music (which i kinda understand), listen to the songs i listed above, they’re not as overtly political.


Somebody has to stand up to the hatred In this country right now. The Hate Genie got let out in 2016 and it’s time to bottle it back up and bury it. Move forward not backwards, to quote the Dexateens, ‘some things should not rise again’. The Truckers are still and always have been Great!




Love DBT. I am sorry that my viewpoint is not accepted by most of these reviewers, but I have to ask: You do know who put 'babies in cages,' right?


Wow ... gonna pass on this one.


The Drive-by Truckers of my past wrote great songs with stories of the common man. The blue collar southern family and their trial and tribulations. Great stuff. Now they champion illegal immigrants who take those same blue collar jobs away and seem to root against America. I could go on, but I don't know, maybe I misjudged them in the first place.

Save your information

When I purchase entertainment media I want to be entertained. If I want polical whining I will turn on CNN/MSNBC/FOX and it is free. Don't waste your time with this one, it is trash.


This album is better than the advance singles, which come across as preachy. But Cooley only contributed a couple songs. He is not normally as prolific as Hood, so he may not have written much else. That being said, his tracks, Grievance Merchants and Slow Ride Argument are easily the best tracks in The Unraveling. As far as Hood tracks, Awaiting Resurrection is the standout.


Meh. Where’s the rock? Where’s the grit? I like that their albums go in different directions and they don’t make the same album a dozen times like AC/DC...but I can do without this direction. The politics are a little too relentless on this one, too.


This album, the message and the music, truly reflect what so many of us feel these days. How can we explain 21st Century USA to our children? As usual the Truckers sing what I feel, and I am so grateful for them, and their fearless voice.


Let's be honest, neither Mike nor Patterson's vocals have ever been really good. But the music and stories made it work. Now they are just cliche riddled, cringe fests. Like listening to Hillary's worse pandering set to mediocre southern rock.


Great songs and great southern rock--not sure why all the snowflakes are booing it but they obviously weren't fans in the first place.


It’s too bad that anybody with no talent can throw garbage & anti-American themes into so called music & end up calling themselves “Country”. This is not what Country Music is all about..... just ask the Dixie Chicks!


Been a fan for years and the negative reviewers on here are entitled to their opinion, but its wrong. Album is fantastic and offers their commentary on the stupidity happening daily now in America. They've always had a liberal leaning and the idjets that are just now catching on are about a decade behind. "Thoughts & Prayers" is a great track, first one I've listened to multiple times on the album.


I've been listening to this band for many years and they just get better and better. They have a great musical sound and their songs always say something meaningful. I'll' be listening to this album several more times in the next couple of weeks. DBT have become one of my favorite bands. Keep the great new music coming!


How they were able to make a album worst than their previous is a great achievement. Kudos DBT you outdid yourself


Patterson and Cooley are still among the top songwriters in the country (along with their old co-hort, Jason Isbell)! Some "old, diehard fans" aren't liking their more political tone. I guess they just wanna get wasted and keep their heads buried in the sand. These are ugly times for all Americans! I love the way these guys fearlessly call attention to that and still rock hard! I saw them in concert last year along with Son Volt, and it was one of the best shows I've seen in recent times. Right up there with Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit! Keep on rockin'!

Ganache dictator

Glad to hear music that has great sound and content behind it. Im even happier that there is a band that’s willing and brave enough, especially in our current political climate, to put their feelings out there. Im sure that while some won’t like what they hear many more will.


Anti-American trash...


Now that America is Great Again, do not dare to speak the truth


More left wing crying. Stopped buying five or six years ago. Gave the previews a listen....pretty much the same songs recycled.


Keep politics and music separate! If you want to infuse your liberal ideology in your music your going to alienate half your music base!


I find it funny that there are people saying "keep your politics out of your music." The Truckers Have ALWAYS Been Political. They may have been more subtle about it before, but if you never noticed that they were left-wing, you were never really a fan. This album is great.


Another tomgue lashing record. Amazing how somgs like these are never written when a democrat is in office?


DBT is a great band but I don’t want to hear SJW songs. babies in cages?!!?? Really??!! Child separation happens everyday and not just at the border. So disappointed. We wanted to go see them in Chapel Hill in February for my 40th birthday. Guess I will pass. I still can rock my other albums. Oh well

Andie Kerr

An absolute masterpiece and I expected nothing less. Powerful band, powerful music, powerful things to say. Nicely done!


This is a free country and they can put out whatever kinda music they feel is appropriate and play it from the heart! You can disagree or agree with there approach but In the U.S you can love or worship who you want even if its a dictator loving overlord!


A lot of the right wing fascists will not like this album, but there are plenty of safe spaces and Ted Nugent for them to pout to.


..about whatever you want! Music is inherently political and the Truckers have never shied away from a good fight. This album is no different, and I love it! Proud to call them my favorite band.


We need this type of purpose rock and roll more than ever.


I think this band purposefully rebelled against their own sound as some point. I understand getting tired of being labelled “southern rock” and wanting to try out something new, but they barely even sound the same anymore. And they have always been political, that’s true. But their lyrics used to be smart and catchy instead of sounding like they were copied and pasted from various newspaper headlines. Ditching their iconic cover art is just another indication of them moving on from their glory days. Unfortunately a lot of their fans have moved on too. It’s too bad...


Same junk as last album,


WTH is this? Don’t give two flying f&$&ks about politics and weaklings. Truckers? Ha Ha grab some cocoa and a blanket, find a safe space and play with your crayons. This shouldn’t even be in the rock genre.

Poirot, H

Guess it’s no longer great to be alive

Desert music man

Sorry for those who can't handle the truth but judging by some of the negative responses they must be doing something right and hitting a nerve. Politics has never been excluded from popular art. If you can't understand that go listen to Ted Nugent or the other lightweights crap Trump supporters follow. Meanwhile I'll stick with American patriots like the DBT.

star bar guy ATL

Songs like, Steve McQueen, is what made me love these guys but Last few years I have had to move on and this album sealed that deal for me. Sorry guys I don’t want to listen to political songs from what was a southern rock band.


These guys stopped being relevant (outside Pats head) the day after jadon left. The songs and sentiments are uninspired and trite.


I thought all the knuckle draggers swore off the Truckers after "American Band"... What are you still doing listening?

77's fan

I remember when the Truckers sang about things other than left wing dribble. You know, back when they rocked and cared about music and their fans. At this point, they are just writing Bernie Sanders campaign songs and sucking up to the elite.


This band is politaclly left. If you don't like that type of rock music, you need to look elsewhere. That being said, the first track is great. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.


Not crazy bout the 1st single, but Slow Ride Argument kicks bunkass . Hope they release it tomorrow. Seen these guys several times, have about every release they've done. Big deal, have an opinion, spread if you want. Just hear all sides involved. Voted for Trump in 16 and will do it again in 20, no matter what the lyrics say. Still gonna enjoy one of the best rock bands going today. Appreciate the work these guys have done the past 20 + years!


Was Excited to see that they may have left the politics out or at least put more thought into layering any messages instead of sounding like a blatant left wing infomercial. I was wrong.


Love this band and glad they are still releasing great new music after so many years. Also glad they aren’t shying away from sharing their opinion on what’s going on in the world right now. If your upset that this band sings songs that matter and are trying to make a difference in this world you can stick with listening to kid rock.


Baby in a cage, wow I wonder what this song is about. Cuckold drive truckers

F. Baggins

Some reviewers want good music without overt opinions, well I say screw that.I suspect an album with a song”babies in cages” will have something to say. Thank God for opinions, writers that write, and loud music. Loud without something to say is a waste of time.


Self righteousness is not art