Cole Swindell - Down Home Sessions IV - EP

℗ 2017 Warner Music Nashville LLC for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside the U.S.

Down Home Sessions IV - EP Tracklist:


The song this is how we role is a FGL song


Awesome music great voice thank you very much appreciate it all love you

Titan 1218

Cole swindell is pretty good singer and I would definitely buy this album. I think he is much better than Luke Bryan


Sounds amazing!! Love you Cole !

Sir D of AK

He sounds so much better when he’s singing actual country. Much better! His later music sounds like he’s been bought out by Nashville and singing a hybrid version country hip hop. Seems like true country is fading away. Sad days for true country fans.


I can't write/make my own hits so let's take some bad country songs and see if we can't make them any worse! This is perfect example of what's wrong with country today. I would give this a negative rating if it was possible, unless your a big Cole fan don't waste your time or $ w this garbage


its like a greatest hits ep of crap hits.


Given the fact he either wrote or co wrote all of these, I think personally they sound better with his voice than with anyone else's.


Great stuff. Don’t like many modern country artist but he knows how to capture your attention and go beyond the ear drum lol


I love these versions! Cole is an amazing songwriter!! I can't decide if I like the original versions or his version more!! Nice job once again Cole :)

stop the pop

Swindell wrote these songs for other artists and he’s released his versions of them. I’m glad he’s emerged as a solo artist and is gaining recognition for his talents. I personally prefer to hear songs sung by the songwriter as the connection to them just seems more authentic.


So much talent!!!!!!!! This guy rocks!!!! & yes this is his music!!!

Shon khan

It’s nice to finally hear Cole sing all of the music he wrote for the major country artists. Cole is so underrated and talented.


He a good singer, but theses songs he just basically ruined them... I feel like it was a disrespectful because FGL & Luke Bryan already made 3/5 of theses song famous

Cali's iPhone 6 Plus

One of my favorite artists


King of doing covers


I'm all for putting original versions of songs on an album but don't make them the only thing on the album. Cole is a brilliant songwriter and singer but he really needs to put out new stuff instead of recording songs he's already written. His version of "Roller Coaster" is definitely better than Luke's.


So much better than the originals


Funny how people claim to be country music fans and don’t even know Cole has written all these songs for other artists. He is on top of the country music game. He’s so talented and great in concert.


😂😂😂.... you people who keep saying write your own music!!! He did write these songs and if you prefer to hear the artist that sing the songs he wrote go listen to them! You don’t need to bash on someone just because you don’t know what you are talking about.


This is a great album of his. Definitely different than what he normally has done. These songs may have been sang and performed by other country artists. Although these songs are songs that Cole has written. He's the writer of these songs not them. It's never to late to learn or educate yourselves on who writes songs and as well as their own.



Country lover 1998

He wrote these songs you fools 😂😂😂


Ms. Country queen needs to be told she’s ignorant and cole wrote the songs for Luke 😬

Chicken Master Bryan

To all the people who don't know, Cole Swindell either wrote or had a part in writing all these songs on this EP so to everyone who says "write your own music" you might want to get your facts right.


It's crazy because I always hoped he'd do something like this. Roller Coaster sounds great! Can't wait to listen to the rest. 👍🏼

Junior Nguyen

He’s back and better then ever!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs :))))


LOL to the comment “come out with your own music”. Someone doesn’t know their country music, otherwise they would know that Cole wrote these songs. Technically this is his “own” music


Cole wrote all of these songs. He’s a singer-songwriter. He’s not taking other artists songs, he’s performing a version of the songs he wrote. Awesome artist, Looking forward to the release!

Aaron Devlin

Cole is amazing , he’s versions of these songs that he wrote for other artists are amazing ! He’s sing Roller coasters is Perfect !