Cole Swindell - Down Home Sessions I - EP

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Down Home Sessions I - EP Tracklist:


Great songs


i love cole swindell's smash hits "chillin' it"and "hope you get lonely tonight"though i think" boomerang" is better. Even though it's not your every day twangy country crap. It's actually alot better and he's very much like his friend who we all know, luke bryan,who he penned songs u cole,keep makin' country pop happen,bro.


For several years now, Cole has proved that he is an amazing songwriter. These songs continue to prove that he can sing his songs as good as he can write them! Amazing songwriter, singer, and performer. Sounds the same- if not better, in person as he does on the recorded tracks. He's as genuine as they come! Looking forward to many more albums to come!

Vino the Great bambino

Cole is the man!

Tha Slam



I’ve been a fan of this man since before his album came out last February. He has done so much in the past year I am so incredibly proud of him. He has instantly come to be in my top five favorite artists and his music and has helped me so much! He is such an inspiration and I cannot wait to see where he goes next!


I have loved cole since day one and love the new songs just as much!!! :)

Bonus Beer Bob

This material is even better than the full length cd.. Saw the live show in Indy last week and Cole should be keeping the songs he has written for other to himself..

Kp minion

Great stuff!!! Can't wait to see him again!!


Pretty good music, but why the really skinny jeans and backwards hat. Dude, get a good album cover, and please don't wear that tight of jeans again.


Cole is amazing, and I knew I was not going to be disappointed in this EP. Cole does not disappoint, and those of you who don't like the way country music sounds can get over yourselves, country music ain't what it use to be. It's not a curtain singer/or band fault. They all are just trying to have fun and make money


He's a good talent.


Not only does this guy sing nothing but his hits he writes them for most country artists out there that you would have never known. This guy is talented!


Not as great as his first album (i don't think you can beat the first one), but it's still awesome and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

tejas tj

More over produced BS from Nashville. The kids got a good voice just wish he wasn't another genre killer. As for the cover, I laughed and shook my head. Excluding The King, I believe Gary Allen is one of the last country singers that produces new music that we'll be graced with on popular country radio. Country music is suppose to take your heart and do something with it like Gary Stewart or George Jones does. This music is an act, it's fake and it flys in the face of country music. Country music is suppose to be a song about real life, which isn't pretty and very painful at times. Listen to KHYI 95.3 FM THE RANGE. It's real music supported by the people. These guys are real country artist. Don't fall for this Nashville joke.


Love this EP so much. Boomerang is genius!! Hope it can be his next single!!! Cole is perfection!!


Cole Swindell dope


Wouldn't expect anything less! His debut album was amazing and so is this EP! So glad he releases boomerang and ready. Such a talented singer and song writer. And just a good genuine guy!


Cookie cutter music


I'm really liking all of these songs. You didn't disappoint me. I can relate to them all, Boomerang is the bomb!


More auto tuned, fake country twang no talent bs. Garbage.


Cole is a phenomenal musician and artist. New material is awesome like his debut album. Stays true to his sound and his roots!


cole is beyond talented and his music is phenomenal and it's only getting better. love him so much


Don't know why it took me this long to download it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


The Way You're Lovin' Me Now is AWESOME!! As soon as I knew this was releasing I preordered knowing it would be a must have!! Congrats Cole on another GREAT album.


Bought this EP based on how much I liked his self titled album. I was hoping for something new and exiting, but it sounds like a bunch of left over songs that didn't make his first album.

Brian Keith Turner

Worst album cover ever! It looks like an 8th grader did this while playing with photoshop.


Awesome EP!!!! Nice job Cole!!!! :D

Peyton K.

Cole is plain awesome! He is so talented in so many ways! Writes his own (amazing) songs and his voice is awesome! I saw both him and luke in concert in September and they are both unbelievably fantastic live!!! 100% would recommend!

Rocky McBoa

Let me tell y'all what, this right here is simply amazing. I'm talking better than two crawfish mating making another crawfish. Cole done did it again. I can't stop playing it.. I wake up, it's on.. Take a shower, it's on and I'm singing.. Putting a dip in or cracking a beer, it's on and my heads nodding. This is a must buy. Better than sweet tea on a hot Georgia summer day (and it's hard to be better than that). I'd give this thing 6 stars quicker than Peyton Manning can say "hike" if I could but I can only give it 5. He already won every award at next years CMAs with this right here. Hats off to you Mr. Swindell, keep up the good work! 'Murica!!


Obsessed with his new songs! Can't wait to see him in concert!!!


So his first album didn't have a bad song on it. He writes his own stuff and makes it looks easier and easier. This dude is the complete package and is a must buy for this EP and any of his future work. Flawless.


This guy is the real deal, y'all. He's an awesome, wholesome artist and this album proves it to still be true. Love this entire EP!


Everything I hoped for and more. There's a reason why I buy every song he releases.


All of his songs are great


Love you Cole! This EP is the best!! Listening to it non-stop!!

Summer time girl =]

Cole is such an amazing singer & song writer. He never disappoints. He's incredible! So go ahead and buy the whole album. It's worth it!


Cole's music always fascinates me! I am so excited about this one!


He is awesome. Love his music. Awesome singer and person. Super Nice


These songs are incredible!! Cole released his debut album and it's just that. An album. It showed that he's a new country voice with great writing but it didn't showcase everything. "Workin on Me" is a song that I was introduced to when I was trying to figure out who Cole Swindell was. It's a great song about the feeling of "everything you do just gets me goin.... baby it's driving me crazy" ... "Ready" is classic Cole. Fun, Great writing. and "Boomerang" different than pretty much anything you've probably heard and it's incredible. Heard the song and I couldn't stay away and I couldn't stop thinking about it. (for years) Perfectly written. Love everything about it. Get's into you and doesn't leave - just like the song. Worth every penny.

Jenna Jo 31

He is one of the best performers I've seen and I have yet to see anybody that's better! And I've seen just about all of them Jenna -WV


COLE ROCKS! He has a great sound and so many awesome songs!


I already know this is going to be great! I can't wait!