Green Day - ¡Dos!

℗ 2012 Reprise Records

¡Dos! Tracklist:



Not a huge fan of Nightlife...

Jwall 59428

This album is overall great. I thought it was awesome. Stray Heart is my favorite by far. This album was released over 4 years ago so probably no one will see this review. But after years, it's still incredible.


Pretty good. But nightlife is a shame


Gee thanks itunes for letting me know that it was the cencored version! I WANT MY MONEY BACK. But no i wont get it. Dont get me wrong its a five star album WHEN ITS NOT CENCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, it's not interesting. This is horrible. A disgrace to Green Day. They have officially hurt their legacy with this trash.


I see two identical albums, so I pick the first one I see. And I realize that it's the censored album. iTunes or whoever uploaded the album did not make it clear.... And seriously, I've never seen Green Day make a censored version of an album! But whatever... I already spent $10 and I'm not spending $10 so I can hear them use the f-word. But overall, it's a great album, love it! But please make it obvious that this is the clean version!


I love it just as much as the rest of the took a while but now they're their old selfs again :) 👍👌


I give it five stars because sounds like a punk band should whatever they want to put out just be happy it's not other bands with a 2 second f(((ng jerk song . But don't get me wrong that's good too


We've heard better from green day. Personally I think UNO! Was much better DOS! Is just ok


iTunes on iPhone doesn't make this clear, but this is the censored version. LAME


they are still around and as good as ever.. gotta love em! green day for life!



Jake Ferrell

LOVE the album! Kinda sad cause I bought the censored version on accident :-/ a censored Green Day? Gross. Moral of the story: Read what you're buying.


Not good enough


Wow i love green day they are my favorite band. But this album is so bad. Way to "pop" for my taste. Were is MY GREEN DAY :(


The album is great but be careful when making your purchase. This is the clean version. Very disappointed :(




can't wait for this album

LawL Tiger

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Cant wait to see Green Day live this january going to be awesome!


If you can read this, you should have already preordered this.


When I heard this song on CSI: NY it made me cry. I've been listening to it ever since! Can't wait for ¡DOS!


Stray Heart is fantastic, I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!


¡Uno! is so awesome and i think that ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! will be too


Wake me up when October ends. Can't wait 4 ¡Dos! and the exclusive vinyls!!!!


iUno! was awesome cant wait for iDos! and iTre!


I love Green Day! They are the best band ever! I hope I can see them live. That would be the coolest thing ever!