Green Day - Dookie

℗ 1994 Reprise Records

Dookie Tracklist:



Love Green Day especially now with the modern day songs kinda sucking

Fortnite rules! :)

“Dookie” is the most successful Green Day album. It has the most loved songs along with the album “American Idiot” and has 5 songs that were featured in “God’s Favorite Band,” the most of any of their albums. There is no way you haven’t heard “Basket Case” or “When I Come Around” because they are played on the radio literally all the time. Really can’t judge that. “Longview” has the greatest bass line you could probably ever hear. “She” also has an impressive bass line loved by me. Songs like “Burnout,” “Having A Blast” and “Sassafras Roots” are too underrated, and I really love them, but my favorite song on the album is “Welcome To Paradise,” which was a remade version from their previous album “Kerplunk,” but I have a different favorite song for that album which is “One Of My Lies.” So you should check this album out and buy it. It’s too good! 4/5.


Stands the test of time.


one of the worst bands ever



The Darko

Best album ever!!!


I’m an old punk fan - (actually an old hippie who went punk in the ‘70s). I’ve loved punk since I first heard it, and Green Day brought a refreshing new series of albums for me to listen to. I wasn’t into them at first, though I’d seen them on MTV, and started with American Idiot. My kids said “no, mom, you have to listen to Dookie”! With all 3 recommding this album, I had to get it. It’s got more of the raw punk sound than their later albums, which are polished and tending more towards pop punk and just pop rock. Anyone who loves punk will love this album.

Agent troll

Its crap


I love billie joe and green day this is one of my fav albums by them !! 🥰


I LOVE; Basket case Dookie Burnout Gooch Longview Gunn


You can listen to Dookie over and over again without getting sick of it, it’s that good.


So good


Green Day is my second favorite band, but one thing that I don’t like is that with iTunes Store and pandora say that fod (F*** off and die) is not explicit. It is explicit. Please change this so little kids don’t get mixed up and listen to songs with cuss words.

mr. Analyzer

Green Day has been my number one favorite band since I was five, when American idiot came out. This was the second album I ever got of their’s. Basket Case is probably my favorite song from this. I wish iTunes would release the Dookie Demos album.

Cats RULE 12EK

There’s not a bad song on this album. Highly recommend!! My personal favorite is Longview! :)


Great album! I recommend it to anyone who is a human being. Green Day rocks!


Total sheet

mincon guy

Even if I had the guts, I still was able to redeem my gift card for money and I finally have the song downloaded. Oh, and... LOL! I am like almost a teenager and my mom approved my balance for this and there! I am finally done for it all! But apple I still have a problem you will have to find on your main website before updating my iPhone! The problem can be found there! So anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH GREEN DAY FOR MAKING SUCH A SONG!


This album is amazing! Buy it right now. What else can I say?


Nice album, but I like American Idiot better.


a classic, 11/10 recommend :))


One of the best albums of the 90’s easily, you could listen to the album top to bottom over and over again and never get sick of it.


Dookie is almost twenty five effing years old. It can vote. It can buy alcohol, it should be thinking about health insurance. AND IT STILL ROCKS. If you don’t buy this album, you’re a fool.

Toph the Tap

Love this album. Long live Greenday!


First cassette, first band, first band crush... I used to fall asleep in high school with my headphones on to dookie, flipping the tape over to side B every 30min.


The album’s merits stand on their own. Only 70 reviews at the time of my rating... I guess we are getting old.


If you are a green day fan then the album summary they wrote will make you laugh since they said it was a 'pop punk' album and messed up song titles like by doing things like saying Long View and Emenius 'Sleeping'.


as an edgy 2000’s teen, i approve


Beautiful and great music and artist.

James Flanigan

Green Day is one of the best pop punk band of all time


My second favorite Green Day album (my first is American Idiot). The best songs are Basket Case, Welcome to Paradise, Longview, and She.

Beaver Catcher

This along with The Wall, Mothership, and Counting Crows, and Speak Now are one of the few albums where I like/love every single song on it. Brings back wonderful Middle/high school memories.


i'm only 13 and ik just about every word in every song on at least 3 albums. This band is my favorite of all time! I've even been to one of their concerts! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT ONLY THIS ALBUM BUT THE BAND IN GENERAL. ❤️❤️


Although I like Kerplunk a lot more, this is still solid. 5 stars!!!

Anonymous Drummer

One of the all time best albums by a band to be created.... would recommend for anyone who wants to try listening to Green Day, cause this will totally get u hooked. Some great songs in this album are all of them except She.... I don't like She, no offense to anyone who does like it, I just don't like it. I also recommend Nimrod, that's also a great album


Great music


This is their best record to date.


best green day album

Agario best game

Green Day is my favorite band and this is one my favorite albums my favorite from this album is chump and Longview


best album ever

Nathan Clouse13

Welcome to Paradise was from the movie


amazing, my favorite album by Green Day


“I'm feeling like a dog in heat"

got to go #2

I don't like many bands old albums, but this one is perfect. Has great songs like "When I Come Around", "Longview", "Basket Case", and my all time favorite Green Day song "Welcome to Paradise". If your a Green Day fan, you should totally buy.

Blue Seren McDaniel

Songwriting is a thing Billie was very good at. This is a perfect example of that.

super amazing great app

its pretty good 👌


The moment Green Day went went International

I Miss Grunge

Should have 5 stars, not 4


Even though i have been playing this disc for years and hear them on the radio, i know this was a smash album and holds the test of time today, with killer song after song. My challenge now: Can any band make a punk CD who tops it?

Ruby Hazlett

i began raiding my dad's cd collection a couple years ago and this was the first one i took, i thought, i like green day from all the songs my dad frequently play, i should listen to this, i'll probably like it. and now i'm here today obsessed with everything green day, but also i think it's because my last name is also Armstrong.