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Christian music is definitely not corny no mo! Excellent compilation of some of my favorites.


I love bethel, I love this album, I love Brian and jenn Johnson But I wish we could get an album that is not dominated by them, I want more Steffany, more William,and Hunter


For worship leaders or musicians out there, this is a great place to start for songs that work really well in a corporate setting.

Felipe the Fish

I am questioning the song choices a little bit, and why certain songs didn't make it on this album, but for the most part, this album is incredible! Bethel, once again you've done a great job. Just replace "Give Me Jesus" with "Chasing You" and put "Deep Cries Out" and "Freedom" on there somewhere, and it would be perfect!


As Bobby Strand and Mike Pope say "all the hits"


This is an epic album that includes many of the latest and greatest Bethel Music songs, as well as some favorite classics that some have never heard. If you're like me and enjoy filling your days with raw, authentic worship music that leads you into God's presence, then you'll like this album too.


Love this album because of the refreshing songs that seem to be so timeless. All of these songs are unique in their own way and I am extremely grateful for Bethel Music and what they release to the world!