Depeche Mode - The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2006 Sire Records. Marketed by Reprise Records, A Warner Music Group Company.

The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


How can u have a Greatest hits without policy of truth. Love these guys. Super weird it’s not on here.


I always listen to this music and would not pay $12 just for a subscription for listening to the only song $1 now we’re talking




This is the only big name band that I paid a lot of money to see them perform in Seattle and this is how it happened: I had heard that Dave Gahan had overdosed on drugs. Back then I wrongly thought this always meant death either on the way to the hospital or after arriving in the emergency room. Later I hear Precious and my reaction was, "Wow! This sounds like a really good new Depeche Mode song but I know it can't be since Dave Gahan died of a drug overdose so this must be a Depeche Mode imitator or Depeche Mode got a replacement singer that sounds a lot like Dave Gahan. Or, this is an outtake/reject from older albums and I wonder if the rest of the outtake album is as good as this song." Then I figure out/learn the truth. So, now I know that OD does not automatically mean death right afterwards. I saw them perform just for this song, Precious, alone but they have other likeable songs on that same album. I have seen other bands perform that had singles played on top 40 radio but it would have been at Bumpershoot type shows back when tickets were only $5 per person or some similar low price or before they hit mainstream music consciousness. I did buy a Coldplay ticket but sold it to someone on Craigslist. I ended up seeing them on PBS so now I can say I am glad I sold my ticket.


You know, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band.


The remixes are terrible. I loved the Enjoy the Silence remixes but these are really bad. Waste.


I wouldn't give these fools the time of day or my money for that matter. To this day I still think they are one of the worst bands ever. So many more bands doing synth stuff like this so much better. Don't waste your money.


Awesome song. Best I've heard


Precious, People are People and Strangelove are just the most Amazing Songs! I am thrilled to add them to my Ipod today :-)

Тигр 65656

Great people, great music!

Hello My Name Is Art Mooney

Personal Jesus is the bomb.!!


Way back when Gahan, Gore, Fletcher, Wilder and Clarke popped out of the womb I was Depeche Mode's first and foremost biggest fan. I had eaten a lot and people didn't really care if you had a few extra pounds then. But I could see that glimmer in their baby eyes that they would go on to produce music I would take to my grave and would take a mountain of Bruce Lee's to pry my own powerful magic tiger death grip from. So much for the beginning. So here we are now. The band split, at least that's how I felt when Wilder left, and things have changed a lot. We have quite a bit of catalogue or so it seems depending on your perspective. If you're one of those guys who like things strictly by the album version then you are really only looking at what, 8 records tops? If you're one of those freaks who think one more added beat to one slight phrase in any of their songs constitutes a new song then stop what you're doing and start working on the largest music catalogue known to man. I'm not that former guy. I LOVE the originals. I'm not saying the remixes are bad in any way. I'm particularly fond of the 'Enya' mix of 'Sea of Sin', but I'll take a live version of any of their songs over some lengthy remix any day. I don't like 100 extra repetitions of a chord, verse, chorus or any overdubbing by the latest 'hip' whoever that isn't one of the original band members. Maybe if Vince Clarke did a remix I'd give it a listen, otherwise keep YOUR GRUBBY REMIXING PAWS OFF MY MODE!!!!! So why am I here? One reason alone: 'Enjoy the Silence'. Like any longtime fan I have all this stuff aside from new remixes but what I don't have and have always wanted was a slim version of Enjoy the Silence. Yeah, I get the 'crucified' bit is artsy and whatnot, but when it gets to that point the real song is over (in my opinion) and we're just hearing transition. Good for full album listening but when I've got a single in a mix on my iPod I don't want the extra 1:20 seconds or so eating my time. I can get to the grocery store, drop off the dry cleaning, get the car washed, get in a quick workout and have time for lunch with that extra minute plus. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. I've lived with the 6+ minute version for half a life time but the future is here today. A car flew by my window! Mind you, I live near a race track and things get hairy. Anyway, got the track, I'm a happy boy, thanks DM's record company (because anyone with brains knows DM had little or nothing to do with this milking of DM fan dollars). So, to the complainers here's a clue, blue. Get your tail to the local library, pick up a copy of any Depeche Mode you can grab, burn it to your system and you'll have all this stuff for free. "Catching up with" "Black Celebration" "Music for the Masses" and "Violator" will get you quite a bit of mileage. The singles sets aren't bad either. You won't get EVERYTHING that way but you'll have plenty enough. After you rip them off wholesale do the band a favor and spend a buck for a single here and there on iTunes. They've definitely earned it.

White rabbit jade

One of the most amazing bands every <3


Excelent production


This album is a total waste of 20 dollars. The first review is right this is electronic. If you want a good song by this artist, then buy policy of truth, that's a good song ... Not this.

Dad's acc0unt

Jw iTunes y put this in alternative when its only great song is like if pop and electronic had a messed up kid so don't buy this ever even if ur a fan just buy the song


For all you idiots who are complaining about certain songs you wanted on there but are not. Did you not see the vol. 1 at the end of the title of the album. There is still a lot of songs to cover, there is still some unfinished business. Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke are making a few remixes for there old band. That album will soon be released early in 2011.

Xola Funk

Love DM.


Although TRUE devoted DM fans have all these songs in various forms/mixes/bootlegs; it is great to introduce anyone to DM and show a crossover of all the great music they have written over the years. Also check out Martin L. Gore solo albums.


The songs sound cool better than that hip hop rap crap

Shorts is nawt gooood!!!!

My friend reccomended Shake the Disease so I heard the dem and HATED it!!!! Waste of ur money

Joshua Love

Are you kidding me with this CD? Where is Blasphemous Rumors? Black Celebration? Little 15? The songs on this CD tell only half the story. Depeche is so much better than this collection recongnizes. Don't waste your time!


All their songs sound the same! Why so many versions of the same song! Heck, one version is more than enough!


I love this album!


more best of(or worst of) depoop camode? stop it already your sell by date has already passed.

John Bozarth

Now I know that a lot of the people that bought this album felt jipped, but that was because they already had all the songs. Since I'm new to Depeche Mode and this is the first album of them I've ever bought, I love it. The songs are great and I'll definetly be buying more of the Mode.


Who is going to buy this? Anyone who would want it probably has these songs. This is trying to reach out to potential fans born after some of their greatest albums were release. And why did they not include any tracks from Black Celebration? (But Not Tonight, New Dress, Black Celebration, Question of Time, Somebody)???? Totally unacceptable, especially for a volume 1.


However subjective, this really is an odd assemblage of "best of" Depeche Mode songs to begin with. The inclusion of the "apply every possible audio filter at once" singles - destroying nearly perfect original song arrangements - shave off another star. Maybe I should have held out for the [EXPLICIT] version of this disc. ;-)


Today I bought the CD for $20 because it included a DVD with EVERY DM video produced plus a 30 minute movie with interviews of everyone ever associated with the band (even Vince and Wilder). The music is worth it regardless, but personally I think the videos are a better deal than 4 remixes. Now I have 256k versions of the songs and all the videos on my iPod. Not too shabby.


now i am a depeche mode fan but not of it all some songs i love and some im just like whoa! but in any case i couldnt see putting that out for sum mixes do they even sound good? cause thats all i'd be paying for!


At first, I planned not to buy this album because I was really bummed that Black Celebration, namely Stripped, wasn't going to be on it. I changed my mind when I heard Martyr. Depeche is completely individual. They do what inspires them and motivates them. These releases do not come from the band; they come from the record label. It's not about money with this band; it never was. They are not an 80's band that is trying to scrape together a few hits so they can tour on their past. They are a band that has revolutionized the music industry and a band that has pioneered the electropop/synth movement. It is too bad they are not yet inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; but that is just another testament to their individuality. They do not need recognition from the mainstream to succeed. They have gotten along just fine without it. This album is a recognition of their greatness for over 25 years. Why not enjoy it, instead of complaining about remixes?


Martyr completely rules. Black Celebration fans...Don't worry. I'm sure Volume II will have your songs. Hopefully, they will put Tora Tora Tora! on Volume II as well. Oh well, a girl can dream.....


who may like some DM here and there, but don't go out and buy every album. And not a single soul will be happy with the tracks that are picked. Of course Best Ofs are for money making. Its the holiday season! How many times are they going to repackage Moby or New Order hits? its called the music BUSINESS. lighten up a bit

Ian E.

I don't know why all these reviewers are giving low ratings based on the fact that these songs have mostly been released already. All that matters is the MUSIC, which is 6 Star. YES, the serious fans like myself have heard all this before, but that doesn't mean you give it low ratings. GEESH. Repackaging is a way to reach new fans so I have no problem with the fact that it will turn on more people to the wonder that is DM.


to complain about this to.....admit....that you never knew...nor will will you ever...enjoy the silence......the best...


How many Best Of's does a band need? They've missed A Broken Frame here as well.


As a single disc intro to Depeche Mode for those not familiar, this album works fine, although the collection (and the public) would have been better served by replacing the added remixes with more familiar "Policy of Truth", "Love In Itself", "Behind the Wheel", "Blasphemous Rumours", or "Stripped" or (*insert another title here*)...or maybe some other new tracks? A curious music fan is FAR better served by "The Singles" collections - "80>85" and the double disc "86>98". Sure, it doesn't cover the "Exciter" or "Playing the Angel" eras (which "Best of" does), but still serves as a more complete collection of hits. Still...alternative/electronic/nuwave music gets no better than this. And the new single is classic DM. This is a good intro for the uninitiated. Those in-the-know should just get the one track.


I have all of these songs except the last four. Hey DM, why are you forcing your loyal fans to pay $20 instead of $4?! Very uncool. I won't be paying a penny this time around.


Depeche Mode's "Greatest Hits" without Policy of Truth? PASS.


This CD compliation of "The Best Of Depeche Mode' would be great for those who didn't know what great songs Depeche Mode as had in their 25+ years of music making. However for hardcore DM fans tow great songs "Blashemous Rumors" and "Policy Of Truth' are not included in this set. (Could there be a Volume Two in the works ??). Advice for new DM fans, check out "The Singles 81>85", and "The Singles 85>98" for the rest of the best.


Just buy won't be disappointed..what are you waiting for !


I'll give this album four stars simply because its a Depeche Mode album. However, this compilation conveniently skips over the "Black Celebration" album and contains too much "Personal Jesus." The rest of the album does a decent job of summing up DM's best work. If you own DM's entire catalog, just purchase "Martyr" and move on.


After 25 years I'll be the first to scream that DM should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But seeing the first "Best Of" Collection I am somewhat surprised at the track selection. For any of us who were over the age of 14 when Black Celebration came out, was it not the most seminal record of the decade? I expect to see more "Best Of" collections in the new year, and hopefully each one has a new single. "Martyr" here is a welcome addition, and the superbly-edited nostalgic video reminds me all over again why I love these guys so much. Enjoy the music!


Don't get me wrong this is filled with great songs from Depeche Mode's entire career,all classics. Being a long time fan this offers nothing I already have in my collection, A great way for new fans to jump on the bandwagon though.Typical iTunes the remixes at the end, I would purchase are album only, for shame.


If you're a 'Mode' fan you'll have all of these already. The only thing I wanted off of this was the remixes and you have to buy the whole 'job lot' to get them, which for me, is a huge waste of a 20.


The tracks here are some of Depeche Mode's best work, but so much is left out. The price being charged for this collection is rather obscene, and the "bonus" remixes with this version are SO, so poor it baffles me as to why the band allowed them to see the light of day. The 2nd "Never Let Me Down Again" is also a remix, by the way. My advice is, if you are looking for a starter kid to DM, get the less expensive version of this collection or, better, yet, buy Violator. If you are a collector looking to get this because "Ooh! New remixes!" I was right there with you, and I feel stung now. I'd say: resist the urge.

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