Depeche Mode - Delta Machine (Deluxe)

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Delta Machine (Deluxe) Tracklist:

Mr. Drinks

This might be their weakest album....well, ever. "A Broken Frame"is probably worse, but there are nostalgic reasons to listen to get that early 80s synth goodness. This album starts off strong. "Welcome to My World" has a nice build to it and classic Depeche sexiness. "Angel" is solid, and "Heaven" is a great ballad. It probably would be even better if Martin sang lead on it. The rest of it feels like the same miss-mash that Sounds of the Universe had. Some interesting ideas and sounds, but nothing that adds up to a great song. And the production value seems pretty thin, even though Ben Hillier is on board again. They probably felt that the effects of Alan Wilder’s absence would diminish over time, but on the contrary…each album merely intensifies the creative void that he left. It’s a testament to him that even with some of the best producers in music working with them, they still cannot duplicate the sound that he created. It’s unfair to expect them to write another Music for the Masses or Violator. Those were part of the zeitgeist back then and they in many ways aren’t the same people they were back then, and neither are we. But I’m very happy that they continually put out quality music and are still as relevant as ever.


I discovered DM when Music for the Masses was first released, and I have been a fan since. My first DM concert was the Spectrum in Philly. Many reviews yearn for a return to that era of DM, maybe because of nostalgia. The thing is, if you compare their early works to now, you can see a progression (or regression for some fans), and how Vince Clark influenced their early works with pop-synth upbeat sounds, and after his departure the intro of Alan Wilder. Clearly we could hear Alan’s influence and how synth-pop sound was becoming more moody and layered. In my opinion, it was Alan Wilder’s influence that gave Depeche Mode their quintessential style. I believe Alan left the band because Martin and others wanted to take their style in a different direction, a more Rock sound and less synth. Well, I don’t see them returning to that paradigm - maybe if Alan Wilder were to collaborate on some music we might see it again. This much is true, DM has continued to evolve their style since there inception. If you yearn to return to the glory days of MFTM or Violator, I think you will be disappointed. Otherwise, when listening to this or any of DM’s new releases, put your headphones on and enjoy the ride. Where will they take us next? Also, looking forward to the day they are inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame - can’t believe they haven’t yet.


I have enjoyed so many albums, probably over 60 songs by Depeche Mode, but this record just doesn’t excite me. The opening track is great - after that it’s boring and lacks melody and contrast. But it’s not David’s fault. I wish they would make a dark pop album - just one more! Please.

T.M.H (Total Music Head)

I really wanted to think this is the greatest album they've ever released, but I've listened to it over and over again, but honestly... it's weak. Now saying it's weak doesn't make it horrible or bad. I think the music on this album is boring, and it doesn't feel exciting enough. And while songs like "Heaven" and "Broken" caught my attention for this album, the rest of the songs are pretty forgettable, but this album will sastify the true Depeche Mode fans like me. 'Delta Machine' isn't a bad album, but it's definitely not their best.


If you treasure the Depeche sound of the late '80's through early '90's, you will most likely enjoy Delta Machine. DM have managed to encapsulate much of the sound and energy that made those albums so important to electronic synth-pop. It's impressive how fresh Violator, and SOFAD still sound. DM were generally way ahead of the curve during that time, and on Delta Machine they've managed to make an album that fits handsomely alongside those albums and still manages to offer some new ideas that expand on the DM template. The way "Welcome To My World" begins and goes into the string section is an example of this along with how "Angel" goes into the most aggressive 3/4 meter drumming sound found in perhaps any song. While many didn't fully appreciate "Heaven" as an intro single, it is a wonderful song when heard in the natural album sequence. This song is interesting for many things, but most so because it manages to sound a lot like the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles - without sounding anything like The Beatles. "Heaven" also has strains of Portishead in the drums, but all the while the band manage to sound like SOFAD / Condemnation-era Depeche Mode. "Secret To The End" has a great sounding synth and guitar jam that sounds organic in its playing instead of being purely sequenced and quantized. I've never heard DM sound this confident in their ability to sound live. "Should Be Higher" is another album highlight that pushes DM into new territory. Dave Gahan pushes his vocal range unexpectedly and at first listen it's a bit of a shock that he's singing that high. After repeated playing his vocals sound really on point here, and it becomes evident that it's Gahan's singing that not only carries some of the albums strongest and weakest moments, it's also evident that he keeps getting better at interpreting the deeper emotions within the songs. Gahan has never sounded more urgent and invested in the message of the songs themselves as he does on Delta Machine. As for the overall sound, Delta Machine puts the synths upfront where they should be but utilizes some wonderful Blues guitar playing by chief songwriter Martin Gore. Again, this album is very confident sounding and Gore has never sounded better on guitar during the Blues and more Rock oriented sections of the songs. This albums strength is largely due to the fact that it sounds looser as if mostly played live without being overly quantized. Also, it should be mandatory that the sound engineer named Flood, mix all their albums. He just knows how to always make DM sound their best! Where Depeche Mode might be criticized is that despite sounding fantastic, the album succeeds almost too much at repeating what made Violator and SOFAD landmark albums for the band. During that time, Depeche's sound was very unique and ahead of really any music in pop or alternative and synth-pop in terms of its sound palate. In 2013, DM sounds fresh, current and urgent, but while still ahead of many, there's a lot of other great music that listeners have knowledge of that's forward thinking and futuristic sounding. Still, no one quite manages to sound like Depeche Mode while nearly all have tried at one point or another. While I'd like DM to take more chances, I can't really argue with the fact that they've managed to recapture the sounds and energy of what made them great during the height of their popularity. This is the best sounding DM album in a very long time.

Night Machine

Absolute garbage.


I’ve been listing to Depeche Mode since the 80’s and this is great album. You really need to listen to this album on a good system or headphones to get the album feel. Laptop speakers don’t do it justice. The first track is booming base song that hits the rights notes.The transitions in that song are awesome. I really enjoy singing along to Heaven, Angel, Broken, and others driving in my car with the music cranked. Happens All the Time is another classic song I repeat over and over again. Times are changing and so are bands. I can’t wait until the next one!!


I’ve been a huge Depeche Mode fan since day 1. I grew up close to these guys and I’ve proudly announced for more than 30 years “Depeche Mode, oh they’re my favorite band, I’ve got everything they have ever done…” I remain a loving an loyal fan of their earlier work, and I like Dave have had my brief sojourn through the drug addled world of techno clubs. For me though, DM were always so much more than that. I’ve always loved the synths, the abstract industrial sounds, even the dark melodies and lyrics. But above all for me DM had a soul. Their lyrics were poignant, raw and emotional. Their melodies haunting and their vocals though sometimes harsh, always warm. When I listen to this album, I feel like I’m back in a 2nd rate techno club at 7am on a Sunday morning. All the good music is done, all the fabulous people have gone and it’s just the sad, sweaty, addled patrons left listening to whatever cd the bartender could find because the DJ left hours ago. I long for the days of the brilliant instrumentals and enchanting melodies. The Bottom Line, Sons of Faith and Devotion, Music for the Masses, Violator, Ultra, all brilliant. There’s nothing here for me on this album, so for the first time ever, I’ll pass and hope beyond hope that they rediscover the song in their hearts.


Ok so I keep seeing these comments on how depeche mode "isn't good anymore", and I want to make a point that THEY ARE STILL AMAZING. delta machine is yet another great album that dm have released and i can see why Martin gore compared it to violator or Sofad, heaven is a great example of that. Delta machine has a dark, moody, electronic vibe to it that I really enjoy. Depeche mode never disappoints. And for everyone saying they wish they still sounded like they did during "black celebration" or "music for the masses", U know what? I'm happy they don't. It would be pretty boring if they made the same record every time right? Each depeche album is unique and brilliant in its own way, and so is delta machine.


Loved these guys!!!still have all my DM cassette tapes and seen them in concert... Love the new album and new songs... I will always be loyal to this band and their music is always amazing Thanks guys


Die hard Fan from day one! I'm going to keep this very constructive. They are trying too hard to stay in a race they don't have to be in. They don't need to put out albums, just quality singles!!! (Heaven could have pulled this off maybe a liitle harder and faster version). Legends should play their hits, after all most Depeche Mode fans fall in the 30's and 40's age range. If they still need to make money which a doubt, they have enough hits to play 5 concerts in a row and never repeat a song. Yes, I truly miss Alan as part of the group but they still put out some good ones with out him (It's no good was the only one to get real radio play). After that they put out a few that die hards would enjoy but not main stream. This one, Again they are my favorite band but I could not even download it. I agree that Violator was their pinnacle, no question but Music for the Masses i loved deserves a lot of credit for being the main songs played on the 101 Video and Tour. Songs of Faith and Devotion I think gets a bad wrap cause of the bands personal troubles but I liked it. They are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, no question. Hope they realize and play like that soon. I'd rather go to a best of concert than a promote a current album show. Take tip from Billy Joel, Pink Floyd or The Rolling Stones.


Ok I enjoyed this album much better than "Sounds of the universe" this is almost like a sequel to "playing the angel". Martin said a lot of this album sounds like Violator or SoF&D. I don't hear it except for like 2 songs. Let's break it down now... Tracks: 1,5,9,15,16,17 sounds like songs that go perfectly in "Sounds of the Universe" album. Track: 2 is probably the only track that could have fit nicely in the "SoF&D" album. Tracks: 3,4,7,16,14 sound like further excerpts from "playing the angel" album. Track: 6 & 10 are the only songs on here that sound like a homage to "Violator". Track: 5 sounds like it were ripped out of "exciter" or 8 being an exclusive B-side to Martins Counterfeit2 albums. Track: 13 sounds like an attempt by Dave to add one of his solo albums tracks onto Delta. Now I will say it again...PAIN...I enjoyed this album, very much more so than the last release but this should not be considered close to violator or SoF&D as once quoted. But closer to playing the angel and sounds of the universe. I will always enjoy and keep buying all DM's albums cause that's what a fan does. If you are still upset they don't put out another album like the 2 mentioned and condemn them for it and not want to buy their albums then you have no business listening to their music or calling yourselves devotees. They are still great and growing and showing us another venture and what's in their minds today, and with Alan or not it is impossible to capture the essence of what they once were due to what's going on now in music and technology, their mentality today, producers they are working with now, times and context of life now, the 80's is gone and will surely be missed. If they did put out songs similar to their past wouldn't people still critique and say DM are no longer original or say they are trying to recapture what they were? Depeche means exactly what they are doing...changing it up, introducing something new, hurried fashion of what's happening today with them. Each album is special and different. Stop complaining it's not like violator. Nothing will ever be. Heck I just hope on their next album they they try to put out the genius of Black celebration and Some great reward & music for the masses sound wise and lyrically! That was their prime! But Alan had a big role in that sound. They have been talking again and are in good terms (even though Alan put up for auction many of his memorabilia when in DM) so maybe who knows in the future when they are bored there is a chance they will call eachother up and be in talks to work together again. :) viva la mode!


I love DM like many of you but the songs are slow and too just lacking what makes them great live... Guitar, drums... Sort of evolving their previous work, and I'm afraid I won't add this one to my collection...and like many of you my collection is long and deep. Watch their hits live and enjoy what can still make them great. Evolutions. Don't hear it here.


DM once again you have taken me to a different place with your music. I enjoy that you continuously try to sound differently with every album you've released. I'm happy to say it sounds like you had fun with this one. Thank you for raising the bar and showing us you're not afraid of change. -Your Fan (vm)


Good but not best of Depeche mode...


This is a great album! But I personally enjoy there previous music better. Still really enjoy this album though!


I wasn't really a fan until I had played Injustice: Gods Among Us. They had Angel playing during the credit roll, and it's one of the greatest songs I've heard lately.

The NickCostello Jam

This is not a band that has aged gracefully in terms of their music. This is just embarrassing!


Before I begin, I'd like to take the opportunity to say that while I am a Depeche Mode fan, I'm not a "die hard" fan like those you've heard from. I started following them about five years ago after listening to "Songs of Faith & Devotion." I was hooked henceforth. What brought me to Depeche Mode in the first place was their powerful lyrics and dark rythmic synthpop. It was something I could just relate and dance to. Delta Machine, while their lyrics seem just as powerful as their older material... the rythem was simply not there for me with the exception of a handful of songs (Heaven, Soothe My Soul, & Welcome to My World). Overall, I'm glad I purchased the album... it is good. Yet, the direction they took developed a "hit and miss" feel.


I love DM 1980-1997 eras but every release since then has been under-produced and lacking any real darkness, mystery or atmosphere. Delta Machine is no exception. These albums just sound like Martin's demos. Until they actually get a real producer who understands electronic music and can offer some depth - R.I.P. Depeche

Hank's Girl

I love this album and it's been played so many times! My twin daughters love this album as well. They are 1 year old, and no matter how cranky or crabby they are, we play "Heaven" and they stop fussing and crying instantly. They love watching the videos for these songs as well. It just never leaves the CD player. My fiancé also enjoys this album too, and it's not the typical genre he listens to. The whole family loves it! Thank you Depeche Mode for bringing more music I love into my life!! Also I notice a lot of fans criticizing the album because it does not sound like previous albums. Why should it? To me they have always had a unique style and sound. I love how they come out with new and different music. Wouldn't it be boring if they just kept coming out with new stuff that sounded the same all the time? The album is fantastic and I can't say it enough!

The Marquise

A lot of DM fans seem to hate it with a passion, and with it a lot of DM stuff that's come out in the last ten to fifteen years. *shrug* I love it. It's crawling, dirty, sleazy delta blues in places and classic in others, and Heaven and Should Be Higher are both musically flawless in my opinion. But then, I like stuff off of Exciter, so what do I know.


I love DM and listen to many of their albums and remixes all the time. Ultra was one of their best in my mind, but Delta Machine was a disappointment to me. It is lacking the melodies. Most songs, with the exception of Heaven, mostly consist of bass and vocals that don't add up to any memorable harmony or melody. Hopefully the next album will have more of an original DM character.


First off, until I heard "Angel" in the end credits of Injustice: Gods Among Us, I was not a fan. But! That song hit me so hard that I've decided to check out their entire stint as a band, the old and the new. Depeche Mode has a new fan and thats what this is all about; bringing new people to an old band. This album is awesome.




One of the best album purchases in the last five years. After seeing them on their Delta Machine Tour, I was listening to this album more religiously.


This album is awesome, being a long time Depeche Mode fan they surprise me every time. Saw them in concert in San Diego and they blew me away, the new album sounds better live I think. Also best song on this album has to be Should Be Higher.


All of the people on here who are claiming that this album is brilliant or "DM's best yet" are only giving glowing reviews because DM is their favorite band. Come on, let's be honest..... As a whole, this album is very, very AVERAGE and also a bit boring and monotonous. The only listenable songs are Goodbye, Angel, Should Be Higher, and Soft Touch/Raw Nerve, but even these so-called "best" songs of the album still pale in comparison to DM's earlier work. Heaven sounds like a very rough demo that they accidentally released before it was ready, and Soothe My Soul has a catchy tune, but the synths are very bland (much like a lot of the other songs on the album). It definitely doesn't merit its comparisons to Personal Jesus! Similar to Sounds of the Universe, most of the songs on Delta Machine sound the same and are greatly lacking in DEPTH. Don't even get me started on the b-sides....those are actually even worse! The only one that I do like is All That's Mine. The rest are just plain bad, though, and all their titles sound identical. On the bright side, Delta Machine isn't as bad as Ultra and Exciter...


I am so sad it has come to this. I have been a HUGE DM fan since SAS. Martin got lazy. The songwriting is sub par on the last 2 albums. Not even songwriting. Mostly glitch noise that lacks melodic interest. The sad part is this was a GREAT band. Every album was packed with emotion and brilliant song crafting that was so unique to DM but no more. It is garbage that lacks feel. Dave's voice is still strong but with no true melody or structure to sing over it sounds monotone at best. I think this band is rushing to release an album just to make money and tour. Sad. Perhaps Alan Wilder needs to come back and save this once great band.

DM Baby!

I'll admit when I first bought the album, I wasn't too impressed. But after seeing the songs performed live, I am hooked! Best in years!


Thank you Depeche Mode for pushing yourselves to give us something different but that is still you. I get chills listening to some of the songs. What Martin does with the music and David with his voice works like a soothing love place for me. I love this new album. I hope more is to come. The Delta Machine show rocked. I nearly lost my voice....


For all the DM haters who keep repeating the whole Alan Wilder nonsense are just crazy. Depeche Mode has become so successful even after him, I mean, look at Ultra and how much of a hit that album was! And Playing the Angel, even SOTU. But this album outdoes SOTU soo much and its definitely a hybrid of Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion. I feel it, see it, and its a DM classic renaissance defintitely.


I consider myself a diehard DM fan. I own every album they have release for the last thirty years. Yet, I think I'm going to pass on this one. It seems that Martin has reach the bottom of his musical ingenuity and the band is just releasing this album to make a buck. I just don't see the joy and the passion that made their songs so great. Sorry Andrew, Martin and David. I love you guys but I just don't love this album.


just do a tour covering music through SOFAD....I truly miss Alan ... Please come back!!!!


If the boys from the Mode heard this album for the first time, mediocrity would be the highest compliment that could be paid it. They would pass it by after giving it the once over. Yes, there were some nearly worthy efforts, but Depeche would be give themselves a D- if they were objective. Perhaps, they will recall this album for their fans and take the failure as a lesson learned on what a weak effort earns. At best, the is Exciter Redux! Sorry guys! But where's the heart and soul of DM? Please come back!!


I'm a long time fan but I haven't purchased a DM album since Exciter and I was nervous when I first listed to Delta Machine. This really is a bit of a departure, very moody and sparse. I appreciate that they're trying different stuff and there are several good and a few great tracks. Some of the weaker material is right the in the middle of the album but it starts and ends very strong. Good to see them back with a sold album!!

raine cloud

I found the album to be different but great:)


DM is one of my favorite bands. But this album is just the worst. There is no hook. There is no power. There is nothing about this album that makes me want to dance, or punch the air. It is watered down screen saver music. There is no sex in this album. There is no rock. And come on.. how many times do we have to hear the word "SOUL" in an album? It's the only world they can rhyme anymore? I loved Playing the Angel, and SOTU, but this is a far departure.. Hope they can get it back!

Dani Veng

I've been pretty vocal with hatred for this album, however last night I gave it one more shot. And all the subtleties that were there were noticed. I finally saw what they were trying to do with this album. I was reminded why Depeche Mode do what they do. It finally clicked for me, it's a brilliant album. The atmospheres that were created were lush and just fit.


This band never gets old!


True DM fans love them no matter what. Everyone is so quick to dismiss their new music because they don't understand it. DM has paved the way for others artist to even be relevant today. Stop hating on DM!!


Best songs if you DO NOT want to buy the whole album, Heaven, Happens All The Time, Welcome To My World. These are must buy songs if any. In my opinion these are the best songs on this album and are the songs that saved this album, for me anyway. It's the only reason I gave it a 4 star rating. I will always love DM, even when they are not at their best, there is always something to love in every album; some more than others but that's the way it goes. Writing music is harder than it seems. Writing good music anyway. I guess "good music" is subjective. Depends on your taste. For me, the aforementioned songs are what made this album a true DM album. Enjoy!


No doubt this is one of the best Depeche Mode albums to date. A lot of hard work went into the tracking and writing of this record as well as production. "Delta Machine," holds it own in arrangement, conveying of emotion, and a fresh progressive approach to the songwriting. Thank you Depeche Mode for another awesome record !


Just disappointed.

Not A Fan of New FB

There were only two songs on this album that I would consider buying, Soft Touch & Soothe My Soul. The rest, while they still sound Depeche'ish, were a little too different from the music and singing that made me fall in love with Depeche. Not enough songs on this album with a strong, memorable beat, and the vocals on a lot of them fail to engage me. Depeche sounds different, for the worse. Go back to your 80s and 90s roots, Depeche! I know you can do better! This album doesn't do you justice!


It would have been better For DM to quit after Violator, because the past few albums have been terrible. This album is their greatest failure and that is saying it as nicely as a long time fan can say. Don't waste your time on this bland album.


I've listened to this album twice and can't take it anymore. It's the worst album since Exciter and by god they need to beg and plead with Alan to come back because this band is incomplete without him. Save your money...


Okay. Seriously get over it people he's not coming back. If you don't like their music without him, then stop listening. Jeez. I thought this album was absolutely fantastic, I surely was not disappointed and it was worth the wait. I love how they are always trying new things and going outside of the box. That's what makes them unique and special. I can defiantly hear the "Violator" sound to it for sure, it's clearly evident in the first piece "Welcome to my World" with the background vocals. As a nineteen year old I am very particular about my music and I absolutely love this band. Can't wait for the concert in September.


Really ppl?! DM RULES. This album has so much meaning behind it.. the lyrics are awesome. Long time DM fan since 1985.. Best album in years.


I have been a fan of Depeche Mode and Martin Gore since from Vinyl, Cassette, Disc, and now MP3. Just like Audio media technology this band has evolved. I can relate too so many life experiences to past albums and songs. From my first crush, my first lost love; Depeche Mode was there for me. I am very excited this album is out and can't imagine my music passion without them ( I ask myself will this be their last album?) Music has changed a lot over the years and think some bands and individuals should look up to DP as mentors in the Industry. Great Effort - BZ

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