Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live)

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Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live) Tracklist:


Will be taking this album to my grave


I usually don't write reviews for albums that I don't own, but I have to say that I hate the cover, with the fat light bulb man. I hate the title as well. It sounds like Pink Floyd trying too hard to be clever and mysterioso. This is my least favorite era of Pink Floyd. I will buy this album and really listen to it only if they ever decide to re-name it and change the cover. I am not nice.


The truth: I was a late-bloomer concerning Pink Floyd. Why? Ignorance. What changed? This video was gifted to me on VHS. I was home-bound (surgery) and decided I would try and understand the overall stellar reputation gained by Pink Floyd. Result? I was blown away! The abilities of this band to craft so many songs into lyrical, musical masterpieces betrays a shared genus amongst its members. Concerning the absence of Roger Waters: His contributions to this video were apparent. His absence from the concert itself being a personal decision doesn't take from his contributions. This video provides a profound and successful effort to record sound and images of a group of men and women that their on-stage presence be transferred to myself and other viewers. I was transfixed and deeply moved (as I hoped would happen) as the sounds and images melted away the mundane and provided a quickly-evolving , song to song, experience no other music video has yet achieved.


Best live performance by the band, head & shoulders above Pulse. Great show, great energy, great band at it's peak, even without Waters. And the concert video is even better than the cd recording since it's missing several songs from the video.

Mike Wolfson

I'm so gald to become THE Very First one to comment/rieview this album. This was the 1st of only two Offical Live albums of PF with the trio main band of David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Manson made after Roger Waters's subsequent departure for over nearly 20+ years from the band and you know what I really don't miss him at all. In fact, I glad to that the trio had carried on and still put out a outstandingly very good performances of their own and they have better sound, lyrics, and musicianship as this main trio lineup [kinda like Genesis, LOL. but, another group and story]. In all, this is an ideal must buy for everybody who been great fans of The Pink Floyd [even while as a trio like myself]. Also, I sure hope you try to track down to discover the whole Live Home Video version of this concert. I do recall watching that before hearing this album copy of the show. That is a really big treasure to watch for us Pink Floyd fans too.

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