Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity

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Defying Gravity - Single Tracklist:


Ok now let’s face it idina is like in her 40s and she has the most beautiful voice on earth! I love her so much! People are saying the Broadway is better but I love this one a little bit more! You honestly need to get this it never gets old! You will listen to it for hours I promise you!! Get this 1000000000000000000000000 percent recommend!


I am a Wicked fanatic, but I agree with another reviewer when they say that this version sounds like it went through a Disney channel synthesizer. Literally they took out every tie to Wicked in an attempt to make a hit 'single' and it just doesn't work. It sounds fake, forced, and it has this weird, eerie country/western vibe to it that is just plain wrong for the piece. I pity whoever reviewed this for Idina (hope to god she didn't) and said 'Yeah that sounds great!'


she's talented. it was my first time ever watching glee and they sang this song and I loved it and I had to listen to it


If i haven't watched glee i would ne'er know this song .... Love it


My competitive cheerleading teams name is Gravity. We used parts of this song in it and it justified us. What a wonderful song this is. I love it<3

Mariano C

Wicked was amazing, and this song is pure bliss.


Idina is so awesome!


This is one of the best songs ever and Idina is absolutely amazing, but unfortunately, this version is inferior to the Broadway arrangement. I would really like to see the broadway arrangement done with just the main song, leaving out the speaking interludes with Glinda.

La Musiqe

Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but I'd buy the Glee version. It has much more umph to it. But she was good with Lea in Poker Face.




I love Wicked and I love this version! I didn't know this was here! Idina has a strong and beautiful voice.


I absolutely LOVE this song! Idina Menzel is AMAZING! Idina Menzel's version of Defying Gravity is second only to the Wicked version. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved the play and now the album is on itunes!!! God Idina


This song is so much better than any of the other remixes she has done!!! All the others sounded too alike and nothing like they are supposed to be; but this song still keeps the mood of the song, while changing the feel of it all the same.


I love Idina, and Wicked, but this is too over-popped for me. I love the original, but this is okay.


How does she do it. Idina will always be the best elfeba there ever was and i think that this song just proves it. She has amazing vocals and this may be better then the original


idina, youre so awesome! you should play elphaba in the wicked movie :)


this might be even better than the one from the show. anoyone agree?!

Clairey the Blueberry

I love her, her voice, this song, and this show! I don't like the dance mix and stuff, but I'll get over it.


I love this song and I think it was so much better in the actual musical then on this single. This single is much pop like and just doesn't sound as good although it is very nice. Also is it just me or does she sound different in wicked?


This is a beautiful conversion from the original musical version. Waw...


this is an amazing song. do not pass it up


i like this remix better then the other ones she has made. this one stays true to the defying gravity i love from wicked, it keeps the same emotion, but idina puts her out spin on it. unlike her other remixes it doesn't sound like something from abercrombie & fitch


haha pun intended :] thank goodness that she put this sipn on Wicked anthem all of the other remixes totally killed it threw it agains the wall and killed it again just for good measure i love idina so much! Fanzel all the way long with my fellow ozians and rentheads :]

UDS Music

Idina is amazing, don't get me wrong, but... Its a great song ruined by a TERRIBLE Corporate Pop/Adult Contemporary arrangement. No drive, no punch, no "WOW" factor. It's a soulless, top-40 "Radio Friendly" (not to mention, poor sound quality) version completely devoid of the musical intensity and emotional pathos which made the Broadway version such a show stopper. The Broadway Cast Recording is far and away superior to this milquetoast version. Idina, you're a star! You deserve better than this!


It is a great version of the song but It really loses the songs original greatness from broadway. Idina has definetly done it again but it is DEFINETLY not the same Defying Gravity that I fell in love with 3 years ago.


I love Idina Menzel in every thing shes done. I've never seen Wicked but I know the music by heart, I own the movie RENT and (Although shes not singing in it) Enchanted. I know all the RENT music as well. I love 'Defying Gravity' Its one of my favorite songs from 'Wicked' right beside 'The Wizard and I' and 'For Good' thats also stars Kristen Chenoweth. I believe that this version of 'Defying Gravity' is even better with a pop twist to it! I love it!!


I thought this was a huge risk to take the anthem of Wicked and make it into her own pop version...but boy did she pull it off!!! I love Idina to the biggest extreme! I think her voice is beyond human capabilities!! She is amazing!! And so is this single!! I love Wicked....and Defying Gravity is one of my favorite songs ever! And know I have another reason to love Idina!! This version is so much better than the one in the play!! She took the song, and unraveled the little flaws it has, and then bundled it back up with her heart! This is sooo uplifiting and amazing! I listen to this song everyday!!! From the second I wake up to the moment I fall asleep!! And that's not a hyperbole either!!! She is so amazing!! Buy this song and you will fall in love with her!!!


This song is just so amazing!!!!! It takes my breath away!!! You will not regret this purchase at all. The song is so uplifting as it is, this just takes it to the next level. Of course nothing could compare to the magic of the original


Indina Menzel's pure voice was the best in the musical and now the mix is almost as good as the origanal. It is great hearing what many concider the Wicked anthem as a younger more pop version of Defying Gravity.


Idina Menzel out did herself when she created this album! If you liked Defying Gravity from the Broadway Musical Wicked!, then you will definately like her version of it!


Idina, you are AMAZING! It would be a miracle if anyone could ever pull me away from my ipod when I'm listening to this song! And it's only for $0.99, when you could sell it for $99.00 and still sell copies. Everyone in my family loves this song ESPECIALLY ME! Even the remixes are great, which doesn't happen often. Absolutely amazing!


This is not a review about Wicked. Yes, it is an AMAZING musical, but this review is about this album. Idina's fantastic voice returns in a very powerful way. She is amazing. This song just makes you feel how you felt watching Wicked for the first time: Overwhelmed with emotion. And Idina can capture that in one simple song? Yes. That comes with TOTAL bragging rights. Whenever I hear hear voice, I hear Elphaba. I love Elphaba, and that is why I will continue to listen to Idina Menzel.


This song makes me cry. I love it! Idina will always be everyones "Elphaba"...and in this version she makes it her own. Wow Wow Wow.

Vanessa Hudgens Rox my Sox!

Wow. I didn't know someone could ruin a great song like "Defying Gravity". I love the original so much better. Look it up.


Though this isn't as good as it is in wicked ( which if you haven't seen look at) it is on my top 10 list of songs


the broadway version is more pure and showcases her voice better, it sounds like she's trying to be mariah carey (hate!!!!!) and she puts a major scoop onto near every word


i saw the play and it was really good. The song is really good too. After i sae the play i was singing it for at least a month or two.


This is a great song but Idina's voice is much stronger and powerful in the "Wicked" version. I suggest if you like the song you listen to the Wicked soundtrack and then decide which one you want to buy.


I love this version so much. Buy this and cherish it. Its a masterpeice,I love this.


she has such a great voice! and the way the music plays to the song is just spectacular. when I first heard this version I was tingling all over and felt soft inside. it's such a great feeling...and I only get it when i hear THIS song!

Je suis...

"Defying Gravity" is my favorite song from Wicked, and although the original is still the best, this is a great remix of it. I think that even if you have never seen Wicked you would still like this song.


I really don't like this version of Defying Gravity. I love Idina's voice (and her cool name) but this is just not what I expected from the great singer.


At first I was skeptical...after seeing Wicked (& LOVING IT) I was nervous to hear this single version. But if you listen to it for what it's worth (as Idina's single & not Elphaba's) it is a fabulous way to showcase her amazing voice! It's soft, heartfelt and a great sing along tune! Worth way more than 99 cents!!!

Gilmore Guru656

im sorry but this is awful, like you just dont mess with broadway. she sounds like a poor britney spears. i mean COME ON...she sounds stupid, this is just for money so shell be able to super size her menu at mcdonalds. asfksl jf ha ha. what is this? just ahh so horrible....

[email protected]

This is a person who can't mess up! pure genius


While the original "Defying Gravity" from the soundtrack is one of the best Broadway songs ever, this pop version is equally incredible in a completely different way. By removing the storyline from the song, the amazing Idina Menzel transforms it into a truly inspirational, mainstream song about breaking with society's limits and following your own instincts. Idina Menzel's voice is just perfect and brings a sense of confidence and determination to this powerful song. Something every teenage girl (like me) should listen to!


I figured this was one of those songs that was so perfect the way it is that if anyone ever attempted to change it in anyway, it would die immediatly. Obviously, because Idina was in the origional cast for Wicked, she knows what she's doing. This may end up being something you'll have to endure while sitting in your dentist's office, but it could have been a lot worse. I think the music is pretty and Idina can still sing beautifully, it could maybe stand to have a faster beat and more of a buildup as the origional did. But in the end, it is what it is, and it is nice.


I love everything that Idina does! I like the new twist she put on Defying Gravity! No one has performed this song quite like she does. I don't think anyone will either.


I think this song is vary insperational and it has a lot of meaning to the song and who ever wrote that song for wicked god bless you this song is so touching to me and vary insperational I love you idina.

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