Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity (DJ Version)

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I absolutely love the original Broadway version, but seriously; why the hell would you use auto tune for Idina Menzel?!?!?


To me; the defying gravity with the 'Wicked' cast was the best- by far. In the new versions, Idina seems to be trying to hard and the music definitely doesn't fit the lyrics. If you want to buy this; I recommend you just stick with the original. Though, the 'Glee' version is pretty inpressive as well... IDINA MENZEL IS AN AMAZING SINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vivi72 not a good song


Swifty Fan

These songs don't seem to show her great vocals, and natural talent. Her voice and beatiful range is drowned out by hip-hop beats. I think it would be great for a club, but it just isn't the original.


All of these seem wrong somehow. Idina's voice sounds weak, and the beats are too complicated. It's a shame, as I was expecting this song to remix really well. Josh Harris probably did the best job though.


I saw Wicked on Broadway a few weeks ago and it was great! The live musical production and soundtrack is just light years better than these remixes. Don't get me wrong I do like some of the "Chelsea Boy" remixes, but they are a far cry from Idina's performance with Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked.


i absoutly LOVE Wicked!!! its my favorite musical, but this pop version of it is just horrible. it just sounds like someone whent back and threw in a beat! its so beautiful just by itself and in person, and the lyrics are beautiful. this pop version just destroyed it :P

Familiar Person

All the songs basically sound the same. It sounds much better the way it originally was. Why in the world would anyone change it? The music and techno are completely covering up Idina's beautiful voice. Buy Album? No thank you


What is this why are they doing a remix of an amazingg song all on it's own. I am a fan of the play I have the whole album so personally I am shocked DO NOT REMIX ANY MORE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE Idina fan and an even bigger Wicked fan, but I don't like these songs. They sound to weird from the original masterpiece, and I can barely understand what she is saying. I think it's so morphed and pop-ish that it takes away from the beauty of her voice. <:-\

My personal favorite remix out of this collection is "Funky Junction & Antony Reale Club Mix" - but all of them have a variance which I can appreciate and admire. The original song has always left me wanting MORE - and while the original song is set in a much different genre (obviously) remixes do have a place in this world for people who have the ability to appreciate and respect them. For those folks who cannot seem to understand..... well, be gone ... before someone drops a house on you too! ;)


My personal favorite remix of Idina's Defying Gravity is by Funky Junction. Love the club anthem feel complimented by her house vocals. I think this is better than the radio edit. Mike Andrews Dante's Cove Remix 2008 I T U N E S


OMG who gave her the idea a boystown remix of this was a great idea??? This was my favorite broadway song till I heard these remixes. Shoulda left it for the stage Idina, left it for the stage!!


the song "defying gravity" is an awesome song and even more amazing when it is sung live. I saw the play "Wicked" in london and it was absolutly breathtaking. but whats up with all this crap?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


i luv wicked! i've seen it twice and this album rox


This is strange. I like Broadway and I like Pop, but I don't like them together! The backbeat on all of them overtakes it and I cannot picture this at a club or a Broadway function, so I don't know what the aim for this was!


I'm a hard-core Wicked fan, and after seeing it three times, I'm figuring Idina alone is pretty good on the song. I wondered how they would remix them, having a strong story be turned into a club hit. Here's how: they did it badly.


This is such an amazing song. The broadway version is so emotional and amazing. And Idina's single was also breath-taking. But then...came the DJ's and remixers... All of these remixes are awful and completely ruin the message in the song. Instead of hearing Idina's lovely voice, or the amazing lyrics, you here horrible screeching and you open your eyes wider to make sure you are listening to Idina or Defying Gravity....then you sigh as you realize it has been remixed. All of these are disastrous and are horrible! The only 30 second sample I didn't barf to was Funky Junction remix. That one is the only one that shows Idina's beautiful voice. But that one is still horrible. I HATE this album with a passion. I would of given it negative five stars but I didn't because, A, that's not an option, and, B, anything by Idina (no matter how horrible) deserves at least one star more to the original opinion. Remixers...obviously you cannot remix any of Idina's songs...whether it's from plays or movies or her own...just leave it alone. Go remix something else. But LEAVE IDINA MENZEL ALONE!


It was an amazing song. Why did the DJs murder it?

Argyle S0cks

As a big musical theatre fan, I'm not going to lie, the idea of DJ remixes of such a beautiful song made me cringe. However, I will say that these mixes do a good job. Do I think they are as good as the original? No, but mainly because Idina's emotion is overshadowed by the beats, but that does not mean they are bad. And hey- now I can still listen to my showtunes while on the treadmill at the gym, right?


This is not Defying Gravity. Defying Gravity is a beautiful song. It is amazing when they sing it in person. These songs sound like something you would hear at a concert. They turned a beautiful song into something far from beautiful.


I love Idina and I think she's great, but she definitely did not ned to remix the already wonderful Defying Gravity-single. Her new album "I Stand" is MUCH better. Sorry Idina, this just isn't your best. Your song-writing skills are amazing, so I can't see why you're sticking to this one song that you didn't really write anyway. You're still awesome, this just isn't your best!


omg. this a terrible album and the beat in the back is just UGH


I'm sorry but the original song kicks all of these songs butts. They are all just weird upbeat versions of the great song but they just ruin it. The original was great this is just trash. Idina you are an amazing singer and u were amazing in Wicked and Rent.


I saw Idina live in Wicked on broadway! She has an amazing voice and makes this song send chills up your spine. Her and Ana Gasteyer are the two best singers on broadway!


Before you buy this, it's best to mention that this album contains reproductions of Defying Gravity that were intended to have an up-beat tempo, extra bass, and special audio effects. Based on some of the feedback left, it seems people thought the mentioned terms like 'Remix', 'Mix', or 'Club' meant something else. If you don't like techno or dance, don't buy this album and say Idina ruined or disgraced the deeper meaning of Defying Gravity. In fact, I think she's done musical theatre a favor by reaching out to a fan base that might otherwise not have any interest in our beloved genre. For the record, I enjoy both musical theatre and dance beats- Although Idina does an amazing job vocally, a couple of these remixes just doesn't seem to add much energy of this dynamic song. I do however, like Eddie Baez and Hani's interpritation. None the less, the album is quite entertaining and addicting. Idina Menzel's unique voice and style is perfect for club music and I for one would love to see her do more. It would be great to see (or hear) Idina fall in the ranks of Kristine W. or Tamia someday.

Los Guzmanes

Do NOT buy this song! It is one of the best songs in Wicked. To see it brought down to this level is shameful. I don't normally like Idina Menzel, (I saw her understudy, who was great, when I saw the show and I disliked her in Rent) and this album only affirmed how low she is in comparison to other actresses, like her co-star Kristen Chenoweth. It's horrible how she has destroyed the song. Do not buy it.


Seriously People. It is just a remix for people who want to vigorously dance to this song! I think people don't like it when their favorite old things get experimented with. Every remix of just about every song is immediately turned down because it is just a newer version of the old songs. Get over yourselves people, it is actually not that awful like you all claim it is.

say WHA??

If there was a zero star ranking, I would gladly put them. Defying Gravity is an amazing songs made amazingly bad by the club beats. The song is too powerful and too important to be made for a club. The beats degrade the song, and I wish that they would fly away.


all of these remix's stink. they all sond the same. the great part of this song was that you could feel the emotion from it, and it made you wish you could express emotion in that way.. these remix's take that away, making the song a pieces of crap. who ever likes these songs, don't know anything about music


It is so upsetting to see such a beautiful voice and such a beautiful song be smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. I could go on a rampage about the blatant exploitation of American musical theatre in today's society, but I think I'll save that for another day. Please, Warner Bros. and Idina, practice some magic and make this album disappear.

Miss Broadway

This remix deserves NO stars, but thats not an option. The one thing about broadway is, if you record it differently: NO REMIXES! This stuff sounds like total and Utter crap, and I am not afraid to say so! I am yelling at the screen, currently so loud, thank god your not here right now. I FEEL LIKE STRANGLING IDINA FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN! Grr....SHE KILLED STEVEN SCHWARTZES (sp?) MUSIC FOREVER!!!! If you acutally like this, go and listen to the original recorded single, or even better THE ACTUAL WICKED SONG!!!!!!


why do so many people complain about the REMIXES.. yes this is the song from wicked but Idina released the single ALONE! So none of the DJs were trying to butcher the plays song.. they were adding their own beats to a new single.. all mixes are good in different ways.. If you were looking for the original why did you even click on the versions that said (club mixes) at the end?? your own stupidity ..


Idina...why? Seriously, I love Defying Gravity and Idinia Menzel. But this just ruins it all. What I love about Wicked and Broadway in general is that the voice you're hearing is pure and real. And these remixes just put a ton of junk onto a voice that doesn't need electronic enhancement.


Idina is amazing at singing this song. The remixed versions are also amazing. I think it would be great if she did this with more songs from Wicked.


This is a beautiful song lyrically but these dance versions don't do Idina or the song justice. There are the makings of a really great club song so what's the problem? Take a tip from Deborah Cox on "Easy as Life" - go back into the studio and rearrange the song. It's as though the DJ's just got the vocals and mixed in a beat. Can't anyone pretty much do that these days? Another suggestion - give it to Peter Rauhofer, Ralphi Rosario or Tony Moran to remix...never heard of these DJ's except for Tracy Young. Better luck next time Idina just remember your gays are still there supporting you on and off Broadway!


This is the worst attempt to re-create one of the most uplifting, moving pieces in Wicked. Without a doubt, Idina Menzel has an incredible voice but the remix beats destroy all intents and purposes of the song and butchers her voice and the musicianship of the work.


This was actually really well done, even my brother (who HATES broadway) agreed that this sounds good. Remakes don't ruin ANYTHING, they add a new freshness to the songs we've listened to 5 million times already. I liked the 3rd one best...

B-Way Buddy

They took one of the most beautiful, inspirational, and amazing songs ever and completely butchered it in all of these remixes.


Awful. Terrible. I cannot believe they ruined such a beautiful song. Leave Broadway alone!


I loved the show Wicked when I saw it in New York. I loved the music! Especially "Defying Gravity." But, all the remixes ruin the song! It's such a beauiful song on it's own, it doesn't need all this remix stuff. Just leave the song as it is!!!!!


Absolutely Worth it !!!!


Maybe it hasn't occurred to all of you guys who said, "It's not a dance song!" that some people, like me, love dance music. And for us, these remixes satisfy. Tracy Young turns out the best mix of uplifting dance. Eddie Baez' mix is much more dramatic (almost overly so), complete with a piano breakdown. Funky Junction's mix will probably appeal to a more mainstream audience, with it's dance pop sound. Hani's mix is more of a dub and uses the original song's most powerful point, and it really works. Josh Harris could have done better, but it's still a nice, danceable track. Purists need to open their eyes and see that these remixes are a good thing. I didn't like the original, so now I'm able to contribute to Idina's career by purchasing club mixes of her song. After all, without Idina's permission these mixes wouldn't have happened.


Don't expect the remixes to be true to the original broadway Wicked - they are by nature, different but wonderful and I am thrilled I got 'em. Looking for more in this broadway-dance remix genre. Cheers!


They absolutely killed Defying Gravity. Sure, I'm into the techno. teched up crap. But I love Wicked & you don't take a song like Defying Gravity and Tech it out. I hate them for doing this. Defying Gravity is my inspiration for singing. And this kills it all. I can't even explain. I HATE THIS ALBUM WITH A BURNING FIREY PASSION!!!!!


It's up to this century. Get the blue one.


obviously the original from the musical Wicked is better, but these five re-mixes...not too shabby. I personally wouldn't recommend the Funky Juction one because they mix it so that when she sings "and you can bring me down", it repeats WAY too many times....sounds like a screwed up CD...the rest I believe are fine. =) Not too bad...


Some theaters critics thought that Wicked was an overproduced mediocre show, by the numbers plot. Still, many, many people have gone to see the show and fallen in love with it. The remix might not be nominated for a grammy, but it's still a good new way and fun way to listen to the song. Hey, maybe someone that has not seen Wicked or has any interest on the show, might hear this song, go and see the show and also enjoy. Relax, turn up the volume and just dance for Oz sake!


this sounds like a corny version of something that would play in Abercrombie and Fitch. Ew


...are all of the remixes the same...? I mean, I LOVE the original song and musical, but these versions just, don't do much for me...

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