Deep Sea Diver - Impossible Weight

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Impossible Weight Tracklist:


Fantastic from the heart follow-up to Secrets. I think it’s a same when I see people only buying the song Impossible Weight like the rest of the songs on the album are filler. Jessica doesn’t do filler. There isn’t a weak song in the bunch. Her songcraft is superb. Every time I listen to the album I notice something I hadn’t before. I love it! In these times of atrocious pop music it’s reassuring to know not everyone has lost their sense of what it means to be be true to a standard of excellence. This album proves that the greatness on display in Secrets wasn’t a fluke.


In a COVID world where everything sounds mask-muffled, it’s great to hear something clear and true that speaks to hearts suffering from social distance fatigue syndrome. “Don’t be afraid.”


The right album for these crazy times. Jessica and her band reppin’ the Seattle music scene and ready to break out big time. Peace.

I am John Macaws

Purchased the vinyl from bandcamp and i love all the songs from begining to end. One of my favorite tracks is Eyes Are Red (Don’t Be Afraid) Love the solo in the middle. Jessica can get down on guitar.


Amazing this is just what this year needed.