Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated Side B

℗ 2020 Schoolboy/Interscope Records

Dedicated Side B Tracklist:


Even the “weaker” songs on the album are still great. Fake Mona Lisa, Comeback, and Solo are some of the best of her career.


I adore every song on this album. Carly Slay jepsen has blessed us with amazing music yet again.

doug funnie

Well, we’ve come a long way from the bombshell that was Emotion. Dedicated was 4 songs in to being another unbelievable classic, then it short-circuited rather thoroughly and unfortunately. “Pleasant” is the word for this, its side B. Many of the songs probably trump side A’s b-side (which is everything but the first four and “Too Much” in my opinion), but the only track here that approaches memorable is track 3. The rest is competent and her voice is always welcome though.


This is great! pure gold! Once again Carly has saved the POP music! Just what I needed in quarentine!


This project has absolutely been on repeat and is full of bangers. Carly has done it again!


Though I was admittedly a little skeptic at first, by the time I heard Summer Love I truly got the vibe of the album which is as it is described an album of actual B-sides/cuts of varying degrees. Thoroughly impressed. Some songs are more growers than others, but ultimately just as pleasurable of a listening experience as the original "Dedicated," the only thing missing being the title track itself hopeful to come at a later date.


So I’ll say this about this album: if you liked Emotions Side B better than Emotions itself, you’ll probably feel the same about this album. Jepsen seems to take more chances sound-wise on her main albums (which while artistically is noteworthy, doesn't always pan out well in the long run), but leaves her more even-keeled material for her Side B albums. Just like I listened to Emotions Side B on constant replay for several months, I can see the same with this album. It’s fun, easy to listen to, and has some interesting lyric twists. Good album for the summer play, driving, and dancing.


Every song of this album other artists would kill for!!! The perfect companion to Dedicated and a fabulous start to the summer album!!! This Love Isn’t Crazy, Stay Away, Summer Love, Comeback, and Solo and all bangers and Heartbeat, Felt This Way are great! A great album from start to finish!


people who give bad reviews probably only know the word "trash"




Nobody makes pop music like Carly Rae Jepsen. This album is absolutely excellent!! Having a hard time getting to the end because I keep playing the songs over and over.


We have been blessed and fed so well.


she is letend

noller kj

Talented and NPR said it was something needed. Give it a try at least though.


My queen can do no wrong!


Buy it


This has to be the worst over produced album of all time. And her voice is like a mice screaming bloody murder. FLOP


thank god


So I’ve had this on repeat since it was released, and my only critique is that I’m angry that she had the AUDACITY to market this brilliant collection of pop songs as b-sides. Literally any other pop artist would be lucky enough to record an album of songs this good. My hope is that it is received by the GP as the truly outstanding pop album it is. It deserves to be viewed as its own/stand-alone era in the CRJ timeline, and I believe we will look back on it as such. No one (and I do mean NO SINGLE CONTEMPORARY POP ARTIST) has the talent to craft such perfect pop melodies in this consistent of a fashion. No one. This Love Isn’t Crazy is the highlight here, along with Fake Mona Lisa, Solo—ok, the entire album is bliss. Thank you, CRJ for blessing us with this perfect collection of songs in the midst of these troubled times.

sasasas asa

It’s like she’s incapable of making bad music




This is in the running for album of the year for me. “Summer Love” and “Now I Don’t Hate California After All” are definitely my two favorites. However, EVERYTHING IS GOOD






Amazing as ALWAYS


Every single song is perfect. Every single word she sings is perfect. Every note and rhythm perfectly in place. PERFECT!

Hector Pimentel

Wow! You deserve a Grammy for this one!!!




Love all your albums. Keep recording that pop music still. The best.

ive mcfallin

carly saved the music industry last year with dedicated but this year she said screw it and instead saved the world with dedicated side b. that’s what i call queen tingz🥂


A beautiful b side to an already Grammy worthy album. One of pop musics most underrated artists.


Every single track is a certified BOP


Great album


Always putting out good music

Lowkey actually loved these songs and the og dedicated wasn’t it but trying to listen to this really was the best thing I ever did 🥳♥️


the QUEEN comin thru to save us in quarantine!!! I’ll be blasting these songs and having a party for one in my room 🥳✨🌸💫🎶

Dog lover!!!!(Kate)

This album is amazingly breathtaking. “Now I don’t hate California after all” emotionally screwed me up😭😭


All she does is release really good music, I’m surprised she’s not a bigger artist!

CRJ stan

Hey, Queen! Girl, you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I'd say I'm surprised, but I know who you are. I've seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud, and I love you.


CRJ does it again! The first track will instantly get you out of your seat and dancing. She is a master of bringing back 80s pop!


one of the best pop records this year! Her side B’s are always the best and it puts me in the best mood. She deserves so much!!


Her albums have been top notch since Emotion, and her B sides has only improved the era of that album. This B Sides is no different, so diverse and so amazing.


I just can’t believe it!


Felt this Way in particular is GORGEOUS


Pop queen


Carly Rae Jepsen has been known as pop music’s biggest underdog, and with Dedicated Side B she has proven that she can do no wrong. Side B comes after the mellowed vibes within Dedicated. However, Side B offers higher highs than its predecessor with many songs often sounding like they belong on her 2015 album E•MO•TION — Side B is a perfect mixture of both Dedicated and Emotion and will please both parties equally. Overall, Side B is a wonderfully crafted album that mixes in 70s,80s, and 90s stylistic choices perfectly.

Bug Maniac Tyler

Side B has a lot of songs that feel like they come from an earlier Carly Rae era! Definitely an enjoyable listen and a shake up from the sound we got with Dedicated!