Daughtry - Daughtry

โ„— 2006 19 Recordings Limited

Daughtry Tracklist:


I wish we could find this sound and soul again. Hopefully soon.


Thanks for my childhood, Chris! But boy you got ROBBED on American Idol, though. How in the world did voters just disrespect you like that??


My generation will always know him as the amazing singer who brought the amazing Toa Mahri to life!!!!!!!!!


One of my favorite albums of all time! Honestly, love it! Still after all this time.


Awesome music great voice I love it all no I have not lost my love in my heart and soul forever no one ever take it away from me anymore because I want to be loved by someone with a big heart and soul forever I still care about you always will do I always have forgive you always and forever before me I am in from keithville Louisiana


i'm a mom so i like this


Chris Daughtry is a great singerI liked him on American Idol and I like his music.

Joshuayates 102

I've loved this album since I was 6 years old my dad would play it for me and I love it so much


This album manages to appeal to almost everyone. It's both catchy and heavy at the same time. Love it!


I love the music "It's Never Do it" so good. I love these guys in the very beginning and I can't wait for more songs of them. (:




I just keep listening to it over and over.


Love everything about this album. Perfect lyrics sound and vocals all on point!


Pros: some good songs on here I heard on the radio Cons:Its Com-Rock and I can't take an American Idol finalist seriously And hey! I was right to because Chris went straight to pop rock after this album. Some songs here are great though for the Com-Rock, Pop Grunge sound and it's good they got the AirPlay but I just can't take these guys seriously because Chris got this from American Idol, you don't become a star like that you build from the ground up.


I still listen to this album today

Hello Iโ€™m Garrett

This record is amazing and was a breath of fresh air to the music industry. Although I'm not the biggest fan of their origin (I tend to not take artists that get famous through competitions seriously), the album is a modern classic. Another weird fact about this effort is that Chris Daughtry was the only official member at the time of recording so the instrumentals were done by other studio musicians. Anyway, this project sets a solid foundation for their signature electric guitar driven rock sound. My favorite songs are "Crashed", "What I Want" and "Breakdown".


I bought this album and it will only play with Wi-Fi. All i have is my phone! Help!


This is a GREAT album! It is one of the only albums that I actually like the vocals more than the music. Don't get me wrong, the music's good, too! (especially Slash's guest spot on "What I Want") Buy it! You won't regret it.

____cat jet



I don't know what to say 2 words Best album and I know this is a late review but still great

Nsa vs csa

Okay I bought this album and then I didn't give it to me

Phuc Ewe

love tis whole album!!!

Three bit reviews

Where all the albums are lowered in price by 20% or 30% because it's irritating having all the songs different prices. I checked the total is still higher than album price but they need to get their act together & temporarily lower prices.


Love their songs they are amazing!!


I listen to all genres of music so I went out on a limb with this one. This has to be one of the best albums Iโ€™ve heard in a while. Love it from start to finish.

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I just wish they'd stop trying to sound like pop in Baptized, but this is how they really are. Very good, voted for him on idol


Must but cd, best rock band ever!


i this is my faviorite album since they started then my second faviorite album is leave this town for now until the new album comes out then my review could posibly change


Ok I'll give him this, the man does have vocal talent. However, I do not enjoy his voice or his music and i find his songs to be kind of cheesy, but again he does have talent...I just didn't enjoy listening to this album.


I just want to say that, although this is the only album by Daughtry that I can stand, I absolutely love it. I dislike both of their later releases, but this first album really cuts through me, especially at such a crappy time in my life- ... This just, this album heals the wounds, the vocals are soothing, and it's much better than any of their later work.

Amanda Bonfante

He has such an amazing voice!! It's strong and beautiful yet gentle and raspy all at the same time๐Ÿ’“ I love how the people that don't win American Idol always end up better off than the winner. Weird but true.

Blab flame

There is a pretty good band and a great band which they are great.


Why do you have the song "sorry" as an album only song? I have been your fan from the beginning and bought your cd when it first came out which did not include that track. It must of been added after. Which is funny how its the only album only song. Now you want me to re-buy your entire cd just because I really want that song. I don't think that's right since it was left off of the original Daughtry CD. I love your music but I'm not about to repurchase a cd I already have for one song. :(. Disappointed fan.


In my opinion this is the best album they have done. Now, i also think their others are very good which lends to the fact that I think this is an AWESOME album. Five Stars for sure.


I'm a product of the 50's, yes a baby boomer, a heavy metal rock & roller and last & foremost a "hippie" whose raised a family, worked as a caregiver and recently in big business/high level corporate world- quite successfully I might add. We have a beautifully furnished and professionally decorated home inside as well as a prof 360โ€ข landscaped outside. U may have guessed I am a type A personality who puts in a 60 hr wk week. Daughtrys music touches me like no artist has moved me for at least 10 yrs except for 2 other bands but isolated songs, not entire albums. I know no matter what "filler songs" r on the rest of the album besides the hits. I know I'll like the entire sound trac as I did in the 70's & 80's of all my favorite bands (most of whom r still touring, making comebacks or charity concerts) because daughtry and band r that good 2 attract many generations now and many years 2 come. First band my daughter and I both actually liked-she's 25!!! First concert we've been 2 since the American Idol one on tour the year Daughtry was in it!! We've never gone 2 any other concerts other than Daughtry and Idol/Daughtry. My ring and answer tone on my cell is "Home"


Chris daughtry is one of my favorite artists. Alot of popular sings on this album. Good classic Rock. Love it!


Beings back memories of the old days...


Probably the only soft rock band i listen to,really great meanings behind their songs.


This is my fav on his album and it is perfect for my fav character from my fav show (vegeta towards bulma in dbz)


I personally am not a huge rock 'n' roll person (whether hard rock/light rock whatever!) just not a huge fan, but Daughtry is my exception!! These songs are fantastic and his voice is so amazing! I just can't put into words how good his voice is!!! Love him!


In my opinion it's one of the best not only from Chris Daughtry but from anyone! :-)


I don't listen to stuff like this at all but this is an amazing album and I love it So much and it is absolutely amazing. They did an amazing job with this album! :)


A bunch of great songs


Chris Daughtry is talented and everything, but I was debating on what albums to clear off my iPod cause there were some albums that I was really interested in. Disappointed in "Break the Spell" because it sounded the same and the weaker album from him (Outta My Head was good though) I deleted everything except the song where it involves Slash. I have come to hear that these songs are similar sounding, Daughtry is a cool band, the best singer to come from American Idol, but just another rocker that wants to have a good time. C+ To the guy under me, Try restarting your iPod, might or might not work. But it's worth a try.


I bought Daughtry and when I tap play nothing happens. Help?


Love these dudes


Love them.


This is one of his best albums with home and the other. One I suggest getting is September great song