Daryl Hall & John Oates - The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered)

℗ This compilation (P) 2001 Sony Music Entertainment

The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered) Tracklist:

sup person who is reading this

Sara smile is the best

Andree Boggess

Every single song on this album is amazing!!


Hall incredible soulful voice of a generation! Great tunes, hooks, lyrics and memories!


These songs are timeless!!!


Music to my ears?

nunya name bussiness

I’ve never heard of em


A sunny and enjoyable album, incredible songs

quincy 1 and a half

Being a teen in the 80’s was made even better by listening to these two gifted artists!! Now, at 52, I listen to them and am quickly transported back to my bedroom where my turntable was located on a wooden shelf stuck into the ends of two concrete blocks. ( that was the thing back then) There, I sat with my headphones over my ears and my Love’s Baby Soft sprayed on my pillow, and dreamt of a boy to sweep me off my feet one day. Hall and Oates still blasts from my turntable and now my IPhone. I listen to them as I dream of someone to come and do my laundry for me or just clean the house once a week for me ! You can’t do wrong with the classics and these two fellas are just that! They, along with their music, age like a fine wine. Wine? Well, sure, I’ll have some !


great collection

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Amazing album, but it does not contain “She’s Gone” which is my favorite song by them. Also “Rich Girl” is very quiet for some reason. A good album for an introduction to Hall & Oates

yeah bbbbooooooiiiii

I wish music now was like this



Livin in Mayberry

Honestly, I can't tell the difference in sound quality between the VH-1 I purchased a while back and this one and it is not worth the additional 10.99 to add the missing songs.


This album is one of the best albums out there!

Mia Rios

It's like all these years later and I just had to have it because all these amazing songs are in one album! Best purchase in a while and I don't do reviews


Awful, awful, super trebley sounding tracks. Thought it was just the previews, so I bought a couple. But no. Cannot listen to them.


Wait for me is my fav out of them all! I love you H&O!!!!!!



Daryl Hall and John Oates

I like the song back


These songs take you back to when music had feeling and songwriting was perfect. The music today can't compete this kind of music, you can hear the passion in these songs. One of the best albums ever


I love this greatest hits album! I've like hall and Oates since the 80's when my sister used to listen to them👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Where's that song? 😔


This is some straight fire i be bumping to joint


Daryl Hall & John Oates are AMAZING!!!!!!!?


This group was way before my time but I love their music. It's way better than this mess that my generation is listening to now.

uws coach

how can you leave out one of thr great tracks of all times?


Love Adult Education from GTA V


Got a b.j. In the 7th grade listening to the song out of touch, good memories. Never knew who sung it until today.


One of the best albums of the 80s , highly recommended


Along with their former RCA label mate singer-songwriter Grayson Hugh and singer/songwriter Christine Ohlman, Hall & Oates write and perform some of the best blue-eyed soul songs around. This collection is a great one!


Brings back a lot of great memories


I've loved Hall and Oates since I was a little girl. This album of their best songs is wonderful. Even if I only liked a few of these songs it would be worth it. This is a goldmine of music when it used to be good and worthy of wooing a woman! I miss the good ol days. I still bop my head to their music when I hear it and I'm out and about. Good stuff! Good stuff!

Wolf talks DBZ

Great album


Hall and Oats are incredible songwriters and artists. So underrated. Brilliant songs and melodies. Amazing vocals. The new artists of today should be making music like this (if they even could) LOVE these guys !


I own the original cd of this album and it was and is my all time fav album since day one. Don't trash something that u think u know everything about but don't.

I love the Sylvers

This is by far the best cd I have heard in a long time!! It was well worth $7.99


yust return back, few years, and remember wen you was a dancer boy. looooool. great.. love this music..rettally rod....

Tou Foodie

This is 70s flavor with no bad aftertaste. Your reeling back and transported back when music meant something, you felt something and we were something. So kids! Do your best cause you'll never top this duo. Chow baby.


I L-O-V-E Hall & Oates!!! This album is great!! I own it as a CD. What the is all this "get iTunes gift cards for free" crap!! I thought this was a section for reviews on the albums!! iTunes, why do u let this BS get through. It makes the site look like a cheap Craig's List. STOP IT!!!

bjg john

Hall and oates is always good

Bob M.

Last night, this album was $7.99. One of the pairs of singers on The Voice performed a Hall & Oats song during the show last night also. This morning, the record is $10.99. Coincidence? I think not.


One of the best groups of the '80s.

Bobbyburrell 2373

5time 5stars's!!!! BobbyBurrell!!


Fantastic collection of songs from this dynamite duo. This collection has all of the great radio hits and a few I actually have not heard. Great stuff!


Hall and Oates rock!! Nothin else I'd rather listen to on a warm summers eve sippin a cold one!!!


These songs take me back to a more simpler time in life. I love " Kiss on my List" that has always been my favorite! I love them all!




I'm not ashamed to say that hall and Oates are one of my favorite bands. And oh man, whenever the synth drops on "i can't go for that" you know I be gettin down! " Sara smile " is probably my favorite of theirs. But for some odd reason it makes me want to cry. All in all, this band has so many great hits and I love them.


I thought this would have been only a single.

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