Prince - Crystal Ball

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Crystal Ball Tracklist:

Hector V. The One

I've been into Prince since he first appeared on the scene,went to many concerts and i appreciated his many talents and like everyone was sad to learn of his untimely passing.Now about this cd set,I purchased it when it came out as we would by anything Prince before we heard any of the singles,it came in a round plexiglass case and there are Four(4) disc they're titled Bootleg 1,Bootleg 2,Bootleg 3,and the fourth disc is titled The Truth.To bad iTunes doesn’t have this fourth disc of music and there were a limited number produced,if memory serves me correctly only the round cases contained four disc and the square cases contained three.Peace Hector V. The One


This 3-Disc album was necessary for Prince to make. Disc 1 went from beautiful and peaceful, to more serious on Disc 2, to rugged, rough and hyped on Disc 3. Prince had many emotions on this collection. But on “Cloreen Bacon Skin”, there was no need for it to be 15 minutes. They should make a radio edit for that song, and Days Of Wild is one of my favorite songs. But either way, the entire album was great! I really enjoyed the album!

Ms. Gunn

It’s a great compilation of fantastic songs written/recorded over a number of years.

djdeclan sings


Gryphon MacThoy

Think of most of this as Experimental. Many gems. Several fascinators. One or two meh.

Currer Bachman

Crystal Ball is a compostion that displays Prince's musical talents over time. From his early career to the mid-90's Crystal Ball shows how Prince experimented with genres, sounds, voices, and instruments with an unnatural sucess rate. It contains songs that make you wanna dance like "Acknowledge Me" and songs that make you wanna cry such as "Goodbye". To be completely honest it might be a crime that PRince cut some of these tracks from albums in the first place.

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