Avenged Sevenfold - Crossroads

â„— 2008 Warner Records Inc.

Crossroads - Single Tracklist:


Great song!


I love this song. It's so freaking good. If you like a7x, just buy it now. But, it isn't a non-album track. It's on Live In The LBC And Diamonds In The Rough. Let's get that album on iTunes, yes? 💜


Now they need to put diamonds in the rough in here!


Buy it. Awesome. The Lyrics, guitar, singing, everything. Awesome


Good song!! Keep it up A7X


Need Diamonds In The Rough album!!!

Sinister Death Bat

Not many A7X fans know about their LIVE IN LBC album. I know all their songs and learned them all for guitar with my band. I feel iTunes should put the album on here. They (iTunes) will make more money if they do, and A7X will get more fans and more purchases. Everyone will be happy. I live and breathe this band. A7X foREVer


This song is proof why iTunes needs to get the full Diamonds In The Rough album. I don't get how this song didn't make it to a regular album.

Majestic Snow Owl

This song is really sweet! Love the Rev's vocals!!! But iTunes please please PLEASE release diamonds in the rough.


I love it! This is absolutely fantastic, great job A7X.

hello am angle

Pretty good song, I'd say. It would be better if they released Diamonds in the Rough.


Best. Band. foREVer! ♥ enough said


I think this is one of there best CDs they need to release diamonds in the rough to iTunes


we should get all the A7X fans to write itunes demanding that they put Diamonds in the Rough on WHO'S WITH ME!!!!!!


Finally a song from Diamands in the Rough is here and one of the best songs from the album!!!!


THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST AVENGED SEVENFOLD SONGS OF ALL TIME!!!! They really need to put the album on here because its got some legendary songs on it like Dancing Dead and Girl I Know


I thought this wasn't on here huh I guess I was wrong and it's just a great song I wish they had the other songs off this album on here to though

TV fan : p

This song is amazing lyrically, riff wise, beat wise, and just overall great! Unfortunately, I, at least feel that this is the only good song besides Until the End on the whole Diamonds in the Rough album. So for those of you who are mad that ITunes doesn't have the whole album, you're not missing out on much! : )

Critical McClain

sick song... I just saw them in concert and they only played stuff off their last self titled album and City Of Evil album... are they going to come out with a new CD soon with this song on it? <3 Critical McClain

Shea Polen

good song!!!! i love it a lot!


Best band I've heard play live. I will see them anytime they're in my City.


this is a hardcore song, the lead singer goes crazy and flat ou tsings the whole time. Amazing!

The Solemn One

Nothing short of awesomeness, everyone raise your hands to Avenged Seveonfold, the gods of metal You also know what this means to right, NEW A7X ALBUM I AM SO PSYCHED It is more than almost easy for A7X to destroy every other band, BUY THIS THING NOW


ive been a fan of A7X since Waken the Fallen but City of Evil by far is my favorite album by them. it includes hard roots and insane rifts and guitar solos that always impress and astound me. the self titled album was alittle too soft on my terms but i still listen and love every song on that album and City of Evil. This song brings back the technicality and jaw-dropping abilities of A7X plus the usual disfunctional story most of the A7X songs tell hehe...


when are you getting the new full album???? Diamonds in the Rough???


this is one of a7x best songs, with great lyrics and a great beat


where is Diamonds in the Rough.

zacky vengeance is my lover (:

Avenged blows my mind. this is deff my favorite single. (: zacckkyyy <3

metal fan 000001

this is not a non album track it is on an album: LIVE IN THE LBC/DAIMONDS IN THE ROUGH. which itunes really should ad its awsome. so is the single: WALK. it is also awsome, even though its a cover(pantera). A7X 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


crossroads is epic, and sounds like city of evil. however, unlike some of the reviewers here, i really enjoyed their latest album. it showed that they had matured. in my opinion, city of evil and waking the fallen are just as good as their self-titled. I WANT TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO GET A7X'S NEW B-SIDES ALBUM CALLED "DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH". crossroads is on this album, along with some other b-sides and some live performances. diamonds in the rough is incredible. everyone who reads this review should get it. crossroad actually isnt even the best song on this album.




Good song i like the old A7x style And the guitar is awseome


Where's Dimonds in the rought>? They need it it's there best album!

A7X Bat King

and it sounds alot like how they did scream and critical acclaim how their songs go through definite choruses bridges and set verses they've changed, their still pretty awesome their guitar work for the new albums is incredible but the drum work is just...well it's not avenged Sevenfold. i'm saying they're just using the rev for a "background' kind of set up. kinda like when you start a band and you need drums but you dont want it to be about the drummer. but other than that their new album is more chorusy and melodous than screaming pain and death. the guitar in some songs is less heavier than in city of evil or in waking the fallen. their new album is called DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: LIVE IN THE LBC somone ask itunes if the would add it pls.


this is in the top five songs of theres no in the top third it goes 1.Bat country 2.sieze the day 3.beast of harlet 4.Afterlife and then crossroads its really good

555 to the 666

back wen they had unholyconfetions and that was their hit they were great, but they went waaaaay too mainstream and emoish sounding. they remind me of the police, but sinister gates is still a sick guitarist. if u agree they went mainstream click yes.

stephanie plague_*A7X*

not exactly great im just SOOO excited to see that they seem to be going more towards their old sound!!! i thought they were just gonna keep getting less and less heavy, therefor less and less good. but hopefully their next album will be a little more like this, a little more screaming?? :D i hope

Lost Irish Soul

Great song! If you buy their "Live at the LBC" DVD you get a bonus CD with a bunch of unreleased stiff including this. It's diffenately worth it!


wheres the live in lbc and diamonds in the rough on itunes


this song is awesome and everything but itunes need to put on A7X's newest album just because its a cd/dvd doesn't mean u can't put on the cd come on itunes!! but over all this song is amazing 5 out 5


This song is on their Live in LBC and Dimonds in the Rough cd...it is awesome!!!! Go buy the whole Album even though its not on itunes yet go to the store or something.... This song was one of the recored songs for their self title album but it got cut...there were more songs that got cut and they are all on Live in LBC and Dimonds in the Rough CD.....they are great and sound awesome still A7X roX

Joe Q.

This song is one of my favorites! I wish it was on their newest album "Avenged Sevenfold", but either way, I still have the song on my iPod. Buy this song it is wicked awesome!

Mrs. Haner

mmm. i love avenged sevenfold. this song is amazingg x] it reminds me of city of evil....but it really shows what they can accomplish. they guitar rythym is different then others. they way the way he his putting the beat of his vocals doesnt really match the song. but that what makes it amazingg :]]]] this song should go in a7x history

Mad Pyro

I'm not sure why this one didn't make it on their self-titled album, but it rocks. It's a lot like their older stuff if you're into that, so I highly recommend it.


Personally after hearing this I think they should have included it on the Avenged Sevenfold album. Its not too heavy and reminds me of City of Evil. Good song.


I agree with what some people are saying how they like the old a7x. I like the new album wich is different from the other album's but this is like the old a7x and not like their new album wich some people liked and some people did'nt. But I think that a7x is a7x their just doing 2 different types of music.

Creep1ng D3th

My friend introduced me to Avenged Sevenfold, and I gotta say, they got some pretty nice stuff. (Little Piece of Heaven is freaky stuff though) This is a good one.


So yea this is closer to the older stuff from A7X Which was so much better. The new Self Titled album was horible. the first two albums are the way to go if you are looking to get A7X music


simply awsome enough said btw this song is going to be in a7x's new cd/dvd Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough CD/DVD going to be sold everywhere september 16 2008


this is WAY better than any song on their newest album... this kinda goes back to their roots but with less screaming