Eric Church - Crazyland

An EMI Records Nashville Release; ℗ 2020 BigEC Records LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Crazyland - Single Tracklist:


I love Eric church and this song makes me love him more.


One of his best songs. Eric Church does a great job of storytelling.


There’s noting catchy or enjoyable about this song. I’m a huge Eric church fan. I can’t stand the new songs.


Wow Eric, you continue the downhill trend you started years ago. Enjoy the money. I’m sure you know this is trash music.


Can we have the new album already!?


Sorry, can’t support someone who jumped on the bandwagon and blamed the NRA for gun violence. FAKE COUNTRY

Country Guy4587

The new album and hopefully other singles are going to be epic


These lyrics are 🔥.. can’t wait to hear this new album in concert!


My favorite of the new songs so far! The lyrics are so good!


Great song from the chief, would love to hear more of this and less mother trucker..

Gunnifer Jenning

Love the lyrics, harmony and all incumbents of the symbolism in Crazyland. Another hit! Get it.

Decorated Angel

Great song! Eric Church never disappoints, and with all these singles releasing it’s got me pumped for a new album!


My favorite off this album so far!


A beautiful song, indeed.

Reg Man

This is what separates Eric Church from everyone else. Clever lyrics, a song that means something, and a great rhythm. Unbelievable music.


Eric Church stops the show again with a soulful tune with a new take on heartbreak. Love it!