Cosmosquad - Acid Test

℗ 2007 Marmaduke Records

Acid Test Tracklist:


This one has been on my player non-stop since I bought it couple of years ago. A way heavier and prog printed than previous but non the less epic!

righetti warrior

Jeff Kollman is the real deal.... This music can't help but get your foot and then body moving, a great way to start the day off on your i pod and dont turn the volume down. With headphones you really can hear all the insturments doing their thing, and it's all polished and clean!

leo k

Not like their other releases this one has more of a modern feel and is heavier and a bit less approachable (for the casual listener) but I eat this stuff up. There is cohesiveness between the tracks unlike the other Csquad releases that makes this release more epic in quality. Jeff and the boys are awesome as usual.

TuBlave 4 Tone

Jeff Kollman/Cosmosquad is awesome! Talking about music oozing with tone! Jeff Kollman is the next up and coming guitarist. He fuses a multitude of styles together that will satisfy a wide audience base . . . . . rock on!