Taylor Swift - Cornelia Street (Live From Paris)

℗ 2020 Taylor Swift

Cornelia Street (Live From Paris) - Single Tracklist:


Beautifully written


All these live recordings are 100% better than the album version.


Amazing vocals

Magdalene B.

She sounds amazing and I love the acoustic spin on it💞

Ani Winter

So first off Taylor is so talented and always makes memories special. I went to her concert about 2 years ago for reputation and I can remember how clear her vocals were and how she genuinely truly cared about her fans. This recording makes me think about when I saw her and just gives me joy! No doubt about it Miss Swift never disappoints!!💗




Since the album came out, this has been my favorite song! But this, this just made me adore it SO much more!! The live version just wraps me up in a magical hug & gives me all the chills


I didn’t think it was possible to love Cornelia Street any more than the original.




It’s so much better live! 😍🤩✨

Becca Lustic

On the original Lover album, I tended to skip this song. It just wasn’t my favorite. But these LIVE VOCALS and ACOUSTIC GUITAR just HIT DIFFERENT. It is SO BEAUTIFUL and THOUGHT-PROVOKING. You can really hear her EMOTION in this song and also her RANGE. She has GROWN SO MUCH and her music CONTINUES to grow too. This is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE performances I’ve EVER HEARD from her. I am BLOWN AWAY! THIS SONG is what you SHOW to ALL the HATERS and the LIARS, and the DIRTY, DIRTY CHEATS IN THE WORLD that don’t think she’s good, because EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET DOWN TO THIS INCREDIBLE SONG. My god, it’s just brilliant. I can’t say ANYTHING negative about it. It’s ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. 💝

Hannah Cooke

The power behind taylor’s voice is incredible and simply breathtaking. This is DEFINITELY one of my fave accoustics she’s ever done!!


This sounds amazing. I can’t imagine listening live. I can’t wait to see her next concert! ❤️


I can listen to this acoustic version of this incredible self-written song over and over again!




I love this song so much! Taylor, now you know what the next single should be!


I got so many chills it’s so raw and real it’s just perfect and beautiful wow

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

love everything you do Taylor. 🥰💗

Pats Guy 871

searock please d!e your opinion is irrelevant


She is the most talented female artist of our generation


One of her best. That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend, id never walk Cornelia street again...


those vocals ...


On a continuing basis. For those haters out there who think she can't sing or she has no depth, listen to this song. I will admit, when Taylor was a teenager, she struggled singing live. I think most teens actually would at that point in time. But she got better and better as she grew up and matured. I will be honest, I didn't pay much attention to this song on "Lover." But, watching Taylor's concert in Paris last night, this version gave me chills. The whole concert was great. I prefer Taylor on the guitar and piano, that is where she truly shines and shows her artistry.


This song was great in the studio...and it’s even better live! Taylor never fails to amaze me!❤️🤩


This live version is sick! The vocals! I can’t believe she fed us like this. The flavor 😘


This is a whole lot better than original


10+ yrs in the business....still sounds like a 12yr old girl trying for high school choir???!!!!?????

Swift Stan

This was an amazing performance! Taylor Never Disappoints


This acoustic version breathes a whole new life into the song


i love cornelia street so much. it is such a masterpiece. listen to the lyrics and the feeling. i love taylor swift, so talented. 🥰🥰


acoustics are the best!


Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique Love this live recording!


Another self written masterpiece wbk she keeps making hits


This is a truly legendary performance. Just stunning and gorgeous and raw and powerful. Her vocals are so resonant and blend so well with her guitar. Thank you for this, Taylor Swift ❤️

Shopkins and Toys

Amazing, it’s Taylor


Taylor Swift not only displays master song writing skills, but a gentle, likable voice that makes the whole room hang onto every word and pray there’s more to come. This version of Cornelia Street has done just that.


Even better LIVE than the studio version!!!

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