Corey Taylor - CMFT

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CMFT Tracklist:


But I really like it. Find it fun and refreshing.


Nice work Corey


It’s not the greatest thing ever, I only liked the music video because Nergal was in it but it’s not the best I’m sorry Corey


I can’t believed he made something more garbage than Stone Sour and Slipknot

Sein feinn

The man is doing what he wants, he’s been so successful that he takes chances and doesn’t care...... for all you haters that talk garbage because it’s not the same as Slipknot or anything else he’s done , your not true fans to begin with, I’m not saying you have to like this new step for him, but to attack him is ridiculous, jealousy!!


Can’t wait for the new album 🤘

soad cra-z kid

Anything any member of Slipknot or Stone Sour does is awesome. Nowhere else are you going to find a vocalist who can scream like a sadistic psychotic lunatic and then sound like Jesus when he sings. especially with an acoustic guitar.


It’s gonna be a “no” from me



double pedaling monster

Man I love from ashes to new and linkin park with the rap and rock together but my brother stick to ur guns cus you are already a bad ass vocalist

Guardian Elite

I love the first two songs! I cannot wait for the rest of the album to be released! F**k everyone who has been giving this album a one star rating. Maybe you should listen to the songs on YouTube before you actually purchase the songs on iTunes. If you listen to the songs and do not like them, then do not buy them!


What the hell is Corey trying to do. Not even close to decent.


Even though I am a big Corey Taylor fan. I don't find this too appealing so far. Tech was the best part of that song.

Madfinger games

Don’t know why everyone hates this this is awesome

Alien 47



Heard first single on Sirius. Horrible. How? Why? What? Did no one proof hear this?

Frank da tank 187

Who is this music for?


Time to hand over the "Johnny Bravo" outfit and return to Slipknot or Stone Sour. I commend Corey for stepping out of a mold.........but stepping into one? This sounds like over produced, soulless corporate pop rock.

KC Ryan

Moronic and classless.


I think it sounds awesome can't wait for it to release! Definitely buying!


I could have swore that I just watched Corey just talk about how he thought pop music was mindless and water downed with no talent behind it.... that’s exactly what this sounds like. It sounds like Vanilla Ice is trying to make a comeback.


This is mediocre at best....nickelback watch out, you may have a new contender.


Why people hating? He is showing his different styles. Love it!!!


What...? The person who said this sounds like Kid Rock and Fred Durst’s baby is right! Total crap in my opinion. Sorry 😳

Prince OP


i dont get it anymore

corey why are you doing this to us


“That’s a no from me dawg.”


Not in a million years


He’s gotta continue to make money somehow so I guess this is how that’s gonna happen. A different approach is definitely the focus here. Liked or not liked Corey still gets paid.


This guy never disappoints



AnneXin - Chris

Don't know what's up with the negative reviews. CMFT is trying to evolve with the music. Love the mix of styles, genres and sounds. I remember reading something that Tayor was influenced back in the day by rap, so I'm glad to hear the style being used in his music(coming from a metal head here). In my opinion, don't stop. Love it and can't wait to hear more!


Just because he’s in Slipknot doesn’t mean EVERYTHING he has to release has to be metal and hardcore.


This is why rock is dead


This is awful.... period


CMFT Must be Stopped sounds like if Kid Rock and Fred Durst had a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome


Well if you insist, Corey.


I absolutely love the singles. Anyone that knows Corey, knows he wanted to make something different from Slipknot and stone sour. He’s an artist with materials that he wants to use but can’t for neither bands. I personally cants wait to hear the rest of the album.


Can’t wait to hear the rest of it


These first 2 songs are terrible!!!


Wow. Really bad song. What happened lol


Just saying , with no disrespect. This is bubblegum rock , if your use to hard hitting in your face rock and roll , this isn’t it. If your looking for something along the lines of slipknot, or Metallica , or maybe even stonesour,This is far from it . Give triviums new album a try . OR! OR! Go out on a limb and check out architects latest album holy hell


Corey has to be my favorite vocalist in my opinion! And this is so cool! Me and my girlfriend heard the two songs together and thought they were sick! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!!

S. Down

...But it doesn’t make it good or interesting. Still a fan. But this just isn’t good music. I’m all for branching. He could make a pop record, and I’d be excited. But like I said; this just isn’t good music


From the two singles I’ve heard so far, I’d give this zero stars. It’s straight up garbage. Basically sounds like Stone Sour (the only decent SS albums are both House of Gold and Bones records). Stick to Slipknot, cause it’s the only music you make that’s any good. Passing hard on this.


Hopefully the other songs are better not a fan of these two tracks. Shocking coming from Corey.


2 songs and neither of them are good. Which is disappointing with a Tech Nine Collab.


Ugh, this is horrible! I thought the last Stone Sour was hard to listen through, this so far is worse!

brady r creasy

I like these songs im super stoked for the new album

Dude crew

A totally different side of Corey Taylor