Santana - Corazón (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2014 RCA Records & Sony Music Latin




I like the two sides of Santana. His older style and the new style with current artist collaborations. He is full of talent, artistry and has upbeat rhythms on this album! Buen trabajo!


Overall great songs and no fillers. As always another great album worthy of purchasing. A good cover of Tito Puente’s original tune, "Oye como Va" that although, too rapish for such a classic, it hits the mark by keeping it alive and passing it for the new generations. Well done for a living legend. I remember me being 8 years old in 1979 when my uncle gave me as a gift Santana Double Album Titled Moonflower released in 1977. For his jazz art I recommend Caravanserai is the fourth studio album by Santana released in October 1972.


if i had to find fault it would be that it was perhaps over produced. Having said that each of the songs are exceptional Santana music. He’s one of the great ones.


Dear Carlos Santana,look I've been a huge fan of yours ever since I was 8 now I am 51 all your early work is amazing.You brought a whole new sound to music.Ive been a true fan of yours I love and have all your albums up until"Supernatural"I know you made 9 Grammys out of that album and you still think if you make an album like that you'll get more recognition...We'll it's not right I have to say this album is not you at all.You've lost yourself this "Pop"work doesn't suit you...I heard this would be your last album but to me your real last album was "Shape Shifter"you can't give your career this ending of an album it's not right all these songs are songs for the New generation.Your trying to gain the attention of the newer younger people when you should be really just do this out of your own true work.Maybe you love this album and I'm not saying its horrible but your missing the big picture your giving the last album it's supposed to be a "Santana"album not a "Santana Featuring other artist"I won't consider this an album of yours I can't your last true album to me would be "Shape Shifter".


How cool is it to be able to still get fresh new recordings from someone so talented


I thought it was a fantastic album with all the instruments that Santana usually has. I love the fast paced songs for dancing, especially the first 4. Really amazing blend of artists and melody.


How many times is Santana going to try to regurgitate the same tired formula of Supernatural? One has to wonder who is Santana trying to pander to when he has Pitbull ruining one of his biggest and most revered hits ("Oye 2014"). It's one thing to appeal to a younger audience, it is something completely different to kill your credibility point blank by selling out and having a bunch of disposable pop artists in your record. Not to mention that 80% of this is not even original material, but completely unnecessary covers of songs that were not that great to begin with. I know Santana is a great musician, and I love his old recordings, and Supernatural had some great gems in it, but this is just a blatant attempt to cash in on the flavor of the month. Carlos, take some time off, and reconnect with you jazz/blues roots. Believe me, by doing this you are not gaining any new fans, and you are losing the ones you have. This sir, is complete garbage!


Every cut is a boring piece of garbage. So sad there is not guitar work from this former virtuoso

Best game evaaaaaaa!!!!!

Saw santana on his Corazón tour in Nashville and it was the greatest thing I've ever seen. He's the legend. This album is perfection, every song.



Happy Fan From Ithaca NY

All those haters have no idea what a great cd this is for Santana. I love every song on this cd and it showcases his guitar playing and exploring his latin roots. Those that cannot grasp this cd is living in the past, a artist must grow and take chances. Way to go Santana.


I thought the bloom came off this rose after his second attempt at crossing over, Shaman, failed to wow audiences. But two more times Carlos has gone to the well to try to capture that Supernatural magic. But it just ain't happening. This album has a couple of good songs, mainly the first two, but true Santana fans don't want to hear this kind of album. It runs counter to everything we loved about Santana in the first place. And the problem with these poppy Santana albums is, too much Santana. If you're going to let guest artists sing on your album, stop playing every two seconds over them. But please, do us a favor and stop with these crossover albums. Enough already.


Dear Mr. Santana. I’m sure you worked hard on this album. I respect you. But, listen up: I know and love all your music all the way back from your very first album up until Supernatural. You have produced a stunning amount of excellent music and influenced countless people along the way. I am a musician too. I am one of your biggest fans and have been to many of your concerts and met you several times. But this album is just make-believe Santana. Your beautiful new cover art is a faux-expression of the truly innovative artist you once were. The cover is misleading. I feel like we have lost you into comfort and complacency. This music is not fresh and bright any more. It is cool, air-conditioned blandness that has just a little bit of your fire mixed in. Hey, fine. Keep on doing what you want, but for the rest of us who know who you really are, and what you are truly capable of: come on, knock our socks off. Cut an album that’s outside of the box. Collaborate with unknown jazz and rock artists. Make some rough-edged music for a change. I’m sorry to say this new album sounds old immediately. I expect much greater things of you sir.


This is a good CD. But its not the..ole school burin Carlos Santana. There is none of that on this CD. Rather, this is more Latino. Nothing wrong with that. I just think Carlos is at his best when he's rockin and Jazzin. blazin with his guitars with the percussion, bass and organ behind him. Thats the real Carlos. The songs here are good. Just not my style completely.

Uncle Squid

He's still doing the whole - "different singer for each song, and then I play as often as possible through every song, and stamp my name on it because I AM SANTANA!" Long gone are the days when "Santana" was a good, cohesive band, with a great singer, and the lack of Chester Thompson cripples Santana.

asap chucky

why do they let this d-bag fart on all the tracks?


Sure, Carlos is taking a different approach on this album. That’s a good thing. Carlos is not afraid to try new things, and frankly he’s established enough commercially where he can afford to do this. Some people should get over the fact that this album isn’t Amigos or Moonflower. He’s done that already and it’s old hat. Who’s wants to do the same thing today that they’ve already done 30 years ago? Carlos is always evolving, but at least he plays the old stuff at his concerts!


Really great. Awesome ska songs. I dig it man, I totally dig it.


One of the best Albums of the year. Santana couldn't get back to his roots in a better way. Thumbs up for Saideira with Samuel Rosa, Iron Lion Zion and Indy. There's a hit in every song in the Album. Good to see Santana at his best.


Pop with answering guitar lines, terrible rendition in Portuguese. Just not Santana. Album lacks soul, direction, instead it's a commercial effort.

El Perron5

Eres el mejor Carlos!!!


He may be the most overrated guitarist ever.


Just love this new album!! I heard the song amor correspondido in his concert in nov. here in Vegas n totally fell in love with that song. Awesome album!! A must have!! I went to stores at 1am n was told they would have it anytime after 7am but even better on iTunes now. Thanks Santana 4 such an awesome album!!


Querido Santana. Esto nova pa'l baile. No se salva mucho de este album. No insistas mas con la idea "supernatural". Ya eso no funciona.

The boy from Chicago

I really want to download this album already,Carlos Santana brings back memories of my parents when i was just a little this day i still listen to him,very proud of being a fan.keep making that music Santana…..que viva Carlos Santana y Mejico!!!


I just finished listening to the first five released songs of the new Santana album (Corazon) and I enjoyed Indy (feat. Miguel) the most and anything Carlos does I enjoy but it's not what my heart and soul is crying out for like when I put on an album like SANTANA,ABRAXAS,MOONFLOWER Or Amigos.Somewhere along the way Carlos started making these Theme albums featuring other singers and stopped being the band SANTANA .Carlos your true fans from back in the day need to hear you play what we heard when we first saw you at Woodstock,we need Santana music that makes your heart and soul soar to the heavens. We love you brother . John Talavera


Love this artist so much, always have and his collaborations with others continue to spread the love. Sadly, the haters out there just don’t get it. Rock on Carlos!

Ignacio Pelayo

I'm so excited for this to release and I agree he should and most likely will come out with a album with his band one more Rob Thomas lets go Santana ! For ever

Old Time Santana Fan

I thought I read that this album was going to be him reuniting with the original band that made the first 4 albums together. I sure hope he is still planning on doing that.

Milton H.

He is a true artist I love his music his passion. I'm 21 and I own all his albums and still to this day I can't forget his music. Really he should earn a Grammy award

Krispy G.

I loved this updated version of "La Flaca" and I have high hopes that this upcoming album will not disappoint!


I never really liked this side of Santana. I did like Smooth and a few others, but they rarely work that well and I dislike much of his pop stuff with the answering guitar lines. If you want real Santana where he actually plays go listen to Moonflower or something. Or give me something like his last album and I'd really embrace it.


Can't wait to get this album. Carlos rocks!!

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