Colter Wall - Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs

℗ 2020 La Honda Records marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs Tracklist:


Colter Wall absolutely crushes it on this album. The vocals are intense and authentic. His voice works wonders without editing. This is down home, grass roots, traditional country that pulls absolutely no punches. This is the country that will be inherited by the next generation - colter wall, Tyler Childers, and Cody Jinks, to name just a few, will carry those torches.

Andrew Harr

Nothing better than Colter Wall! This is a great album!

no nickname needed to express

Love this record- got it on a vinyl


Plain and simple. Real country. None of this Kane Brown pop country bull


Another great album as always with some new originals as well as great covers of some of the classics. It doesn’t get more real than this.


As always, a solid album that has its own unique feel, while also sticking on the traditionalist side of country country. This album has the haunting moments of his self titled, and takes you home like songs of the plains while sticking to its cowpoke theme.

south ms hunter

Could be the best album I’ve ever heard. You can’t fake real.


I just love his lyrics, his guitar playing and his voice. Takes me back to old times where music was music. Love from istanbul-Paris flight, as of now that is.


I just exhale, close my eyes and listen. Good country


That’s all.


...can’t get through the day without this kid bellowin in my ears..


The authenticity of this music lyrically and instrumentally is unbelievable. Thank you and bravo 👏🏽

Da Bird/•)>

This is one of the best produced albums from one of the most talented musicians today. Chills throughout the album

Austin Calloway

No matter who you are or where you come from. Colter Wall takes you home.


Finally I have cowpoke to listen to on my phone 😂 I love this song


This is amazing. I wish other country singers would follow in your foot steps.


Yes sir, this feller is legit. Just good old country music.


Yes yes yes

Dalton 98

This man is a breath of fresh air. I stumbled upon Colter 8 months ago. Best accidental discovery I’ve ever made!


Keep em coming


this man never disappoints! can't wait!

Cole swindell isn't that bad

Colter Wall > Luke Bryan

Nothern hillbilly

Like men should sound like. Cant wait for the album.

Pilot 999990000055555

Some of these songs I have heard him sing “live” on YouTube and I can’t wait to hear his recorded version. I know already it’s gonna be a helluva punchy album!!


If Colter Wall is on the album you know it’s going to be great.