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Cole Swindell Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I love this album this is country and don’t let anyone tell you different


Awesome music great voice I appreciate y’all love it and love you 😍 because you have to in god eyes


This cd has all the makings of a great new age country album. You can play the whole cd in your truck without skipping a song. I wish your newest cd You Should Be Here was half as good as this one.


I absolutely love this album and looking forward to the next one!! Keep up the good work Cole 😘


Love love love!😍❤️


Great album

Joe the cheese

I love all of these songs

Wade Hampton

Luke Bryan isn't good, therefore someone trying their hardest to be like him is going to be trash. I've never heard songs sung with less charisma than Mr. Swindell. Let Me See Ya Girlis probably one of the worst songs I've ever heard. Lastly take that dumb Southern hat off.


He's amazing! Awesome In concert!! 😍


A Dozen Roses & A Six-Pack is the best song on this album along with Ain't Worth The Whiskey


Love every one of these songs from top to bottom. I hope they get more recognition on the radio!

Shawn McCue

A lot of really good songs on here but… down home boys in the last song just sounds too old. I really like chilling it but, Luke Bryan to CIGNA. You should make a remix with him. I really like brought to you by beer, hope you get lonely tonight and you ain't worth the whiskey. Overall, it's a pretty good album.


By far one of the best albums that I have bought in a long time. Some of the slower songs took awhile to grow on me, but now this is on repeat everytime I get in the car. I can relate to a dozen roses and a six pack so well. Love it. Can't wait for new stuff!


May not be old country but it's amazing music and catchy

Meaghan T.

Everyone wants to say how horrible this cd is then that's fine. But unfortunately nobody's opinion really matters because he has a great voice and his music has great messages. He's rolling in money, more money than anyone that rated his cd 1 star.. I love every word and every message in a song no matter the beat, music is the universes message to people when it's quiet. So I give 5 stars to super talented Cole Swindell!!


This guy is amazing. We got to see him live at the Buckeye Superfest. No doubt, this guy is going to be a super star. Love this album.


Not a fan of this. I like a lot of pop/bro-country songs, but these... not feeling em. I liked "Chillin' It" when it came out. The rest, at least, in my opinion, is kinda filler. Like the songs between the actual good songs on an album, except for these are all filler songs. No good ones. "Chillin' It", "Hope You Get Lonely Tonight", "Let Me See Ya Girl", and "Ain't Worth the Whiskey" may have all charted decently high on the country charts, but I don't see how. The album's okay, but definitely nothing good, great, or spectacular.


One of my favorite albums!


Cole Swindell is quickly becoming one of my all time favs! His sound is more like the older country, and I LOVE HIM!! As long as he keeps cranking out the great music, I'll keep buying anything he releases!! L♥️VE Him‼️‼️‼️💙💚💛💜

Apryl Noles

I've seen him in concert in which he was only an opening act! He had the crowd so pumped and was so interactive with everyone! Definitely hasn't forgot where he came from! Love his music!


It's the same old lyrics in the same old tune on every song blah blah blah

Darlene KY

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this album!!!!! I waited to buy it until after seeing Cole in person at concert after a bull riding event. Great concert, I made a friend go with me. I told her this is a chance to see someone that is going to far in country music in a small venue. He will be back to Cincinnati this summer and we aleady have our tickets to see the show again. Great songs and great performance!


Cole, you have good music. These city kids trying to get you down bud, I'm buying your next CD when it comes out

Vino the Great bambino

This is the best album ever!


From the second I heard chillin it when it was first released, I instantly became a fan! This guy has a clear voice and puts on a great live show! This guy really enjoys what he does and it shows on stage. The album is really good! Hey Y'all is now one of my favorites after seeing the opener to his show!


Cole Swindell is the hottest new artist in country music! He's a fraternity brother of Luke Bryan's from Georgia Southern and he plays like he's a season vet. Great album and even better live.


I don't understand why people are hating on Cole. He writes his own music compared to the "pop or r&b" artists that have all of their music written for them. Way to go Cole. I look forward to hearing great music from him in the future! Also, TERRIFIC album!

Tha Slam



luke is a ok singer but great songwriter and performer. Cole actually has a great voice and this entire album is really really good! i usually dont buy new artist albums but he was worth it!

John wall!!

I've seen Cole live with Jason Aldean and for those of you saying he has no talent...YOU'RE WRONG!!! This dude puts on as entertaining of a show as Kenny Chesney and is going to be huge. Great job Cole keep writing these awesome songs!


Love every song on this album. Catchy, upbeat & modern country. I've seen Cole in concert several times & he sounds even better live. Such a nice guy that truly loves his fans!!! Don't miss this one!

Limelight Music Reviews

Everyone please watch Spectrum Pulse regularly to get good music

Big dog bill bob

This album has some great songs on it, heck with all the people hating on it, they probably don't even listen to country music anyway.


First of all, people keep talking about Cole being another pop country artist. Do your research people!!! This man wrote half if not more of the songs Luke Bryan sings. It should sound similar!!! People giving it a one star rating...tone deaf trolls...


Reused lyrical material and a tiny sense of country and get you a chart topper nowadays. I mean, I was willing to look past the fact it's pop country but I could only find one song I even liked. Sorry Cole but you are better than this.


I've listened to this on the iTunes Radio and it's such a stupid song. I wouldn't waste my money on this song


If you actually here the lyrics in country you still have that country feeling of drinking beer, girls and partying etc, if you don't like modern country then either leave and stop hating on the reviews or leave and listen to the old style country. Cole Swindle is a good singer and should not be hated on just because the music doesn't sound like country


Loving the whole album


I love cole Swindel!! Because he is entertainer

Miss b8b8+

Love all his stuff, and his voice!


Love love love this album!! Best new country artist by far!!! So relatable and fun!! Amazing mix of new country and classic story telling!!


Love it!!!


Stop hating on him. He's really good. Just stop complaining and enjoy his music. It's worth it.


Great song writer!


More crap from Nashville and people who don’t have a clue what country music is… Would rate this as NO STARS IF THAT WAS POSSIBLE!!!!


Love Cole Swindell! Great song writer.. Even better performer. I love his music and as a combat veteran of Iraq... I love his support for my fellow brothers in arms.

Get rite

All the songs are amazing. Seen him in concert and now I'm hooked


Went to his concert last night 'twas amazing.hope u get lonely tonight.chillin' n u ain't worth a whiskey ohh yea.

Nicole Jay Fox

So I have a bad habit of downloading music. But this song is sooo good that I decided I wanted to show my support and purchase it. I absolutely love Cole Swindell's music <3